Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Go watch PETA's 'Don_Q'

Because PETA's ongoing production of "Don_Q" is on its last weekend this Oct.21-22, and because any newspaper review I do of this show would have to wait for the Monday Arts/Culture section, or one day after it has closed--which is like locking the coop after the chickens have all squawked out--let me use this space to urge everyone reading my blog to call PETA (7256244/7218604/0917-5394707/0918-9068083) and do everything short of voting for Borgy Manotoc as Manila mayor to wangle a ticket to the show.

"Don_Q" is that good. Director Chris Millado and his frisky band of teen actors have devised a brilliant riff on Cervantes' "Don Quixote" by improvising on its basic structure and bringing it to the youthful world of anime, chatting, WarCraft and Friendster. Quixote's quest for sanity, compassion and idealism in a world gone dreary now finds fresh resonance in an age where young people go online to construct alternate universes, slay imaginary foes, play out outre roles and stories to make sense of the unanchored, fragmentary nature of modern life.

It takes some patience to get into the strange, stylized world conjured by "Don_Q," but once you're in, expect to be mesmerized. And get this: the play is largely improvised, with the actors nimbly weaving and bobbing their way through each other's spontaneous lines. It's a strong showcase of PETA's upcoming thespians, and a great reassurance that, if these actors are the future of the industry, we can breathe more easily for Philippine theater.

Go. I'm down on my knees. (Bad metaphor.)


Rey said...

You're actually winning souls for the play there... but for the "down on my knees" thing.

This seems to be a good thing to watch. I'd be very curious to see how a Cervantes classic whose exploits has been told to me by my grandfather in such an animated way at bedtime be translate into something that would appeal to the generation Y audience.
Good luck. All of you certainly need it.

Ymir said...

im an anime fan and the picture you've posted sparked my interest. ^_^

gibbs cadiz said...

thanks for the comments, rey and ymir!

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