Sunday, October 08, 2006

Holy cow!

Of the 300-plus photos I took during my recent Russia trip, here is the one picture I am most proud of. It's far from perfect technically, but the look on the boy's face as he gazes in wonder at the riches all around him is just priceless, don't you agree? This was a stolen shot, because picture-taking wasn't allowed inside the Kremlin's Assumption Cathedral.

(Note: © copyright by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, as the photo forms part of my travel story, "Inside the Kremlin Walls," published 10.8.2006. Read the story here.)

PLUS: Read my report on the first-ever Flavors of the Philippines Food Festival in Moscow here.


benj said...

I really wish I couldve taken in Moscow back then. I was totally ambivalent and it's a good bet that I'll never opt to go back anyway. Oh well. Lucky you. hehe

gibbs cadiz said...

naku, benj, if u have a choice between moscow or any of the ancient european cities and some modern destination that would always be there, choose the former. na-war casualty na lang ang medieval yugoslav cities like dubrovnik, di pa natin napuntahan. :)


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