Monday, October 23, 2006

Life in the form of a soap bubble

Award-winning playwright Nicolas Pichay, on living with and battling the scourge of cancer:

"Twice confronted by death’s proximity, I woke up to a world transformed into an inimitable, precious, and fragile place—what poet Rolando Tinio aptly described as a “crystal universe”—where everything takes on the nature of a very shiny, rainbow gilded breakable soap bubble. Colors are brighter, hugs are warmer. Each day burns itself into vivid, sensoramic technicolor memories. I become ecstatic one moment and then sad the next. You might have once been familiar with this feeling—the first time you fell in love. Could this be the reason why the French refer to an orgasm as petite mort, a small death?"

Read the rest of his stirring, unsparing words in Frank Cimatu's blog.

PLUS: My brief review of Mr. Pichay's trio of monologues,
"Tres Ataques de Corazon," staged at the 2nd Virgin Labfest last July 2006, here.


snglguy said...

Hi Gibbs, thought I'd try out commenting on this post and whaddaya know, it worked! :-D

gibbs cadiz said...

glad you finally made it, snglguy! :) now, comment away! :)

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