Tuesday, October 03, 2006

On a clear day you can see forever (well, almost)

The metro looks better without billboards, agree or disagree? Comment away!


ade said...

Yes it does.

Also, there was this retarded column over at another newspaper that argues that:

"never mind if billboards are garish and they kill lives; the important thing is that they keep Manila from looking like a dead city".

I mean, there's nothing more retarded than that. Billboards don't breathe life into the metropolis. And having a vibrant-looking city isn't worth losing lives.

Swipe said...

Now only if there was a typhoon strong enough to take down the framework for the billboards.

Mr. Poe said...

now where will I look when I'm stuck in traffic with all the billboards gone? I can't use my Sam Milby gay jokes any more. Anyway link you up because in your words, "you write well..."

Anonymous said...

The Metro seems cleaner and brighter without those damned billboards! But something tells me that capitalism and commercialism will rear their sometimes-ugly heads soon enough. Our respite from the attack of the billboards will probably be shortlived!

Abaniko said...

Disagree. Without the billboards, the city becomes boring. Alang karakter.

McVie said...

There are billboards all over the world. I think the problem with Manila--nay, the Philippines--is that we cannot REGULATE most things properly, including the billboards.

beektur said...

i agree with abaniko. billboards are good -- even necessary -- elements of an urban landscape the way trees and rivers are part of a rural landscape. (lately, billboards are starting to sprout in fields too). the problem with any dynamic urban area such as manila, new york or bangkok is urban planning. like any human-made landscape, it needs management. but with the knotted daily traffic below, the pollution all around, the garbages everywhere, traffic, (and million other problems besieging the city of man) who has the enery and the time to manage billboards? ;)

cyberpunk said...

I don't like those billboards. They make the cities look kind of suffocated. Reminds me of "bleak-future" cyberpunk movies. Besides, a lot of cities in other countries don't have billboards, but they still have character and are very modern.

R. O. said...

billboards are as fugly as your laitera tita's bilbils. period

karlo said...

Disagree. For me, a cityscape worth looking at will either:

a) have me entertained with nice architecture and landscapes


b) have me entertained with both crappy and clever billboard ads.

I think its option 'b' for Manila.

R. O. said...

okay, a crappy billboard can be entertaining, too. you're right. but not when they can get me decapitated. that's the main issue now.

jetski said...

i dont like billboards and as a matter of household policy i have made it a point never to buy any product or service that's advertised on those billboards.

see its us consumers who have the power to take them down. spread the word.. don't buy any product advertised on the billboards

Nostalgia Manila said...

Bollocks! Away with them daft things. The city will soon look cramped and you'll feel claustrophobic and wouldn't know where your panic attacks are coming from. Am against any form of OVER-ADVERTISING. There's already too much advertising everywhere. You've got to see the sky form any point of view. The main reason why New Yorkers are mental is because they don't ever see the bloody horizon! I def know what I'm talking about as I've lived here fer 10 years! Can do away with them any day. Linked you to my blog mate! Cheers!

Abaniko said...

So Jetski, all of you in the household are not subscribed to any cellular service, don't wear any clothes, eat noodles, drink coffee, and watch TV?

jetski said...

umm, there are actually a lot of brands who do not advertise on those billboards. go visit the grocery sometime, checkout the clothes in tiangge or divisoria and maybe try watching IPTV or use sopcast :-)

Abaniko said...

Jetski, :D

McVie said...

If the issue right now is that there are billboards that can decapitate, then we should figure out how to make sure our city structures don't become life-threatening objects during a strong storm.

Billboards aren't the only ones that could decapitate during a strong typhoon--did you guys see those electric posts which toppled one after the other at the height of the storm? If those posts fell on a school bus full of children, do you think we'd be hearing cries of "Ban all electric posts!" today?

That goes back to what I said earlier about proper regulation and management of our urban landscape, including billboards, electric posts, buildings, etc.

watson said...

Hmmm... a billboard here and there, but not everywhere. And they should follow safety guidelines!

garytarugo said...

mas maganda nga kung konti lang ang billboards sa edsa. nakakatakot yung mga yun eh.

gibbs cadiz said...

hi guys! thank you all for your comments. just came back from typhoon-devastated bicol, more about it in a subsequent post. re billboards, am actually somewhere in the middle. i think billboards can be a good presence in the cityscape, but there are better ways to display them than the haphazard, totally incoherent way we have right now. other cities abroad have a more streamlined, rational way with billboards. you see them in strategic places, placed in such a way that they provide good mileage to their products while at the same time not being a blight to the vista. there is nothing of that sort here, that's why, while i agree that billboards add character to a city and banning them altogether may not be a good idea (there ARE witty, funny, welcome outdoor signs -- but then there are also those like the hideous HANG TEN billboards in katipunan), regulating them (especially the safety aspect of the scaffoldings) should also be considered. for me, the aesthetic value of billboards is actually a weak, weak argument. i mean, we're in such a shitty state, indeed, if our city derives its CHARACTER from billboards. :) some others have a better idea. why not more trees instead of billboards? to that i say, eh-men! :)

Alma Ritchel said...

hi, blog hopping here...nice blog!

Rico said...

Rats gibbs, you took the words out of my mouth! You make good points, and sometimes the problem isn't simply just black and white. Many times the solution is a spectacular shade of grey, the best of both black and white.

Abaniko said...

The metro looks better without billboards, agree or disagree?

Isn't this a simple question of aesthetics?

But if you want a more profound discourse on billboards, I can always expound on my ideas and even connect the unavoidable presence of billboards to poverty and education and criminality and why Kris Aquino is the host of "Deal Or No Deal."

But I'm already sleepy. Next time, then. ;)

Sef said...

Billboards pose no benefits.

As a source of information? No, it is not credible.

As a form of art? No, people do not need art that endangers the them.

Adds character to a city? Well, maybe, but that bad cluttered commercialized doesn't-care-about-the-people kind of character that we all do not want to be associated with.

I am for its ban.

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