Monday, October 30, 2006

Rep's 'The Sound of Music,' circa 1980

The Batasan Hills are alive with the sound of Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel's music.

Lame pun. Can't help it, though. You see, that's Risa Hontiveros right there in the picture, third from left, decades before she became the fiery Akbayan party-list representative in Congress. Just 14 years old in 1980, she played one of Captain Von Trapp's seven children in Repertory Philippines' stellar production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "The Sound of Music," directed by the late Bibot Amador.

Consider the other cast members: (from left) Menchu Lauchengco (now Yulo, then 17 and playing Liesl), Raymond Lauchengco (14, honing his chops for "Bagets" and "Farewell" a few years down the road), Javier Arriaga (12), Monique Wilson (10), Lea Salonga (9), and Angela Adams (5).

Baby Barredo was Maria, Chito Ponce Enrile was Captain Von Trapp, Celia Diaz Laurel was the Baroness Schraeder, Freddy Santos was Max Detweiler, Irma Potenciano was the Mother Abbess and Audie Gemora was Rolf (the love-struck young Nazi who duets with Liesl on "I Am Sixteen").

Amazing, isn't it?

Rep is restaging "The Sound of Music" on Nov. 11-Dec. 17 at Onstage Theater, Greenbelt 1, this time with Monique Wilson and Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo alternating as Maria, Audie Gemora as Captain Von Trapp (taking turns with Michael Williams), and Cherie Gil as the Baroness, under Baby Barredo's direction. Call 8870710/8919999.


"Monique, Menchu and the sound of Maria." Read it here.

Call her Superwoman. Nearly simultaneously with "The Sound of Music," Monique Wilson also headlines the New Voice Company's production of Eve Ensler's "The Good Body." Jerome Ang writes about it in "They Feel the Body Electric." Read it here.

Remember the famous opening shots? The peaks, forests and valleys of the Alps, the spires and gables of Salzburg, then the camera zooming in on a girl tramping up a meadow... How can I forget? "The Sound of Music" was the first movie I saw! I was six years old. Courtesy of YouTube, here's what I'm talking about (note: © copyright by 20th Century Fox). Enjoy!

Up next: Q&A with Ms. Wilson and Ms. Lauchengco-Yulo!


cathy_bythesea said...

Hi Gibbs, Cathy Babao Guballa here! Read your article this morning and yes, this is one play that I'm definitely going to see with the whole family - soon! Thanks for telling us about it. By the way, will link your site to mine -

Nicole's Mama said...

Hi, Gibbs!

Great article! I do have an addition to make:

- Gianina Revilla, (then 7 years old) alternated in the role of Gretl with Angela Adams. I don't know where she is now either.

- The Rep production where Menchu, Monique and I were part of the Von Trapp family was in 1980, nearly 26 years ago (oh how time flies!).

That's it! Great site, by the way! I visit almost everyday.

Lea =)

snglguy said...

Yup, I still remember them all, and looking at that picture brought back memories of my college years. I was in my second year in architecture school then. BTW, wasn't Chinggoy Alonzo in that play too?

Nicole's Mama said...

No, Chinggoy Alonso wasn't in that production.

gibbs cadiz said...

hi CATHY, thanks for the post! i'll add your blog too. :)

hi LEA, thank you and an honor to have you here! wow, you caught my mistake. yep, it's 26 or so years. argh, numbers! :)

SNGLGUY, for a while your question stumped me, because chinggoy alonzo's name didn't crop up in my research. but who better to answer it than LEA SALONGA herself, right there answering your question. :)

Toto said...

Hey Gibbs. I remember that photo. It brings back many memories. Now, I really miss Rep. I saw these guys grow up on stage: Lea, Monique, Raymond, Michael, etc. I miss them all: Junix, Juno, Enchang, Celia, Baby, Joy , Bibot, Miguel, Menchu, Cocoy, Freddie, Gina Wilson, Mikey Virata, Jamie Wilson.etc. I remember Gilbert Remulla (yes, the congressman) as an awkward teenager singing and dancing in The Pirates of Penzance. Or Cita Astals (yes, the Manila councilor) baring her top for several minutes on a well-lighted stage (I'm not sure now about the play.Was it Passion?) I remember Bibot and Baby's daughter, Charlie (I'm not sure if I spell it right). How is she? Is she an actress now? She used to do walk-on parts when she was a toddler. I think I remember her as Tiny Tim in Scrooge (Or was it her?)The list is endless. I wish I were there.

benj said...

now THAT is power and influence.

Your researching skillls are so impeccable im almost persuaded into watching musicals. hehehe.

and wow, lea salonga posts in your blog. wowowow. hi lea. hehe

Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

Hi Gibbs. Whooa! Suddenly, recent history comes alive through your blog. Didn't have the money to see these shows, not to mention the distance between Naga and Manila, but these people are household names I grew up with.

Thanks for bringing back the memories.

oliver said...

Haha, cool pic. Strange seeing them so young... :)

snglguy said...

Nicole's mama> Ooops, my mistake. My memory fails me these days. :-)

wendell said...

gibbs!! great post. i remember being enthralled with rep productions when i was younger. i remember keeping articles about rep productions of annie, a chorus line, south pacific, and the sound of music. the photo above also appeared in rod reyes' celebrity magazine and eggie duran apostol's mr. and ms magazine (not on the cover but as part of an article). i even remember watching the cast of sound of music on eddie ilarde's student canteen! that same year, lea sang "tomorrow" during the 1980 miss asia pageant at the poolside of the philippine village hotel with the candidates that year and the children of nayon ng kabataan. eartha kitt and basil valdez were the other guests that night. winner was lorraine mcgrady of australia. runner-up was filipina singer rosemarie de vera (lito zulueta's one-time favorite). hilarious indeed.

gibbs cadiz said...

hi TOTO, yep, those were the glory days! :)

benj, do give musicals a try! :)

ey willy, same here! was in sorsogon then and just read about these people in the papers. :)

ey oliver, thanks for posting. :)

snglguy, that goes for you, too. :)

wendell, are the articles you clipped still intact? let's unearth them and post them here and in your blog! i'd be very interested to read them. :)

wendell said...

they're all in manila. they are in boxes in my bodega. hopefully the termites hadn't eaten them. ill be wrapping up my studies here in australia in a few months' time. will return to my teaching in diliman by june 2007. will retrieve my baul!


Marie said...

Wow, what a great picture! :) Just stumbled on your site while doing some research on the play... I'm part of the ensemble for the current production (one of the nuns) :) Looking forward to more reviews and interesting posts :)

jhay said...

It's a beautiful production, I do hope to see it. I just remembered that Lea Salonga was part of this when she was young. Amazing, just amazing.

gibbs cadiz said...

wendell, see ya pagbalik mo!

marie, you're part of the ensemble! great! looking forward to watching you! :)

hi jhay, thanks for dropping by. do support philippine theater! :)

c5 said...

Wow! It was really nice to see old pics. I've always liked and appreciated Lea even back to her Tomorrow days. It was also nice to see Gerard successful in his musical directing. Back when they were kids I remember Gerard in his chubby eyeglassed stature. The first music CD I bought was that of Miss Saigon...because of Lea. I admire her talent, dedication, and control.

You can be bitchy PRIVATELY, Lea, I really would not care, nor do I have any inkling if you are or not. Just continue to be the good role model for our women and girls. I'm sure most look up to you.

I love your simplicity behind the full-blown talent.

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