Friday, October 20, 2006

Why I hate PLDT

It's Day 6 of my newly-restored DSL functioning flawlessly. I'm allowing myself the chance to feel a bit more upbeat. But then I remember what I went through to get the damn thing back, and my spine stiffens, my face crumples into a scowl, and I'm angry again. Yes, I still hate PLDT.

The storm had nothing to do with it. One day after Milenyo, power had been restored in our part of the neighborhood, and I happily surfed away in the next few days. Then I went to Bicol to visit my Pop, who'd just survived his own brush with the typhoon. When I came back, the DSL was on the blink. Error 678, it said over and over. The remote server or computer or whatever did not respond, dial again, careful about your blood pressure (I made that up).

I called 172 every day to report the breakdown and request help. At first I was the patient customer. Sir, we'll do a remote testing then get back to you. Sure. Sir, na-coordinate na ho namin sa technical, sila na ho ang bahala, they'll get in touch with you. Sure. Sir, naka-endorse na ho ito sa technical namin, they're working on it. Sure.

Fourth day and I had yet to hear from anyone. Unfortunately for PLDT DSL's poor frontliners, I don't sigh and shrug my shoulders when I feel I'm being stiffed. (After all, try delaying paying your bill and see how fast those guys would cut your line. Like, poof! Complain, and they say, but sir, your monthly bill already states a warning, yadda yadda.)

I don't keep quiet, I raise hell. I began yelling at the staff, and when that didn't do for my peace of mind and my comatose DSL, I insisted on talking to their supervisor.

Sir, sorry, na-coordinate na ho namin 'to (if I had a peso for every time I heard the word "coordinate," I'd have a brand-new iPod by now), wala ho ang team lead namin, he's engaged on the other line, naka-break ho. None of the excuses worked. Put him on the phone! Tell him I'll fuckin' wait! I WAS Peter Finch in "Network." "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!"

Screw propriety and fairness and good faith. PLDT jerks us off, its staff better be ready to hear shit from us.

The supervisors sounded a tad more sympathetic, but no less inept. Twice I got promised that somebody would call me to give feedback on my complaint. Twice there was no call. And because I was almost always out of the house, I told them to call me on my cell phone. Every time, the staff had to take down my number. What, PLDT can't store one freakin' phone number in its system?

That's not all. I wouldn't hear from them, only for my mother to tell me when I got back home, o tumawag sa landline, sabi ko nga tawagan ka sa cell phone mo.

Oh, the lousiness.

To let them know how serious I was, I had them recite their full names. I took them down with the threat to march to the nearest PLDT Customer Center and file a formal complaint. Of course I wasn't the first one to make this threat, so they happily obliged me. One said, sige sir, promise ko sa inyo, I'll make sure the next team lead calls you up at 9 a.m. tomorrow (an hour when newspaper guys like me are dead, but I was willing to ditch my sleep to see this through) to let you know if technicians are on their way.

No call, of course. By next day I was berating the guy on the phone. Ay, pasensiya na po, sir, nakaligtaan ko, I was busy with other clients kasi yesterday.

(Sounds of me here keeling over and frothing in the mouth.)

Don't even get me started on the horrors of my pre-DSL dial-up account with PLDT.

It took 9 days for a technician to find his way to my place in Pasong Tamo, Makati, merely a skip away from PLDT's corporate headquarters on Ayala Avenue, and fix my line. When I asked if I would be given a rebate for the days I couldn't use the service, the 172 guy said, tawag ho kayo sa 171, sila ho sa rebate.

Last year, the Management Association of the Philippines chose PLDT's Manny Pangilinan as its "Management Man of the Year," supposedly for turning PLDT's fortunes around and making it the country's most profitable company.

I'm no witch or mangkukulam, but I kinda wish I am when I say these words: Unless and until PLDT gives its customers the kind of decent service they deserve ('wag na lang excellent, that's downright hallucination), may Mr. Pangilinan and his fat-assed minions never get a good night's rest.


cecile said...

thanks for this post. I was being offered a free MyDSL subscription, but I think I'll stick to the paid Globelines. Their service is OK.

watson said...

Gibbs, ang puso, ang puso mo!

Incidentally, I also stay at Pasong Tamo in Makati. Who knows, maybe we have seen each other already at Walter Mart without even knowing it!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. Hayblad ka naman masyado. Check mo bagong post ni cofibean. Bilis! Kakaaliw yung csr ng PLDT.

Anonymous said...

sheesh.. proble ko rin 'tong bayantel dsl na 'to..

Alvin said...

I can totally relate to this. My other line here (which I usually use for Internet access) at home is still out of order, thanks to Milenyo. For the next two weeks I kept calling 171/173 to follow-up, and all the agent could do was apologize and apologize. Bwiset talaga.

Gypsy said...

You took the words right out of my mouth! All these big companies are only efficient in churning out ads/TV commercials and billing us with their expenses. But services? What's that? Ang kapal talaga.

cyberpunk said...

oo nakakainis talaga ang pldt pag merong problema...meron din akong pldt hate post somewhere sa blog ko dati kasi ang tagal maayos ng problema kahit na kapitbahay mo na yung mismong pldt office...

kainis nga yan, ang galing-galing sa marketing tapos ang pangit ng serbisyo...buti nga marami na syang competitors kundi pati application aabutin ka ng siyam-siyam...

Rasheed's World said...

I can totally relate to you hating PLDt for their shitty service.
Here in Saudi Arabia its been the same thing with the Saudi Telecom Company. It still is the sole landline provider, but ever since we got a second mobile phone provider, STC's services have improved immensely.
I think all large companies love screwing up the lives of customers, as they know that we have little choices in switching to another company.
And hey Watson: I used to shop at Walter Mart all the time when I used to live in Cityland on Pasong Tamo in 2001. Were you living in Makati then?

bingskee said...

so, totoo pala ang tsismis he he pldt sucks!

pero ingatan ang puso baka nakapardible lang yan he he

lewis said...

after reading it, i'm hating PLDT too...

galing mo talaga Kuya...

fionski said...

I'm no witch or mangkukulam, but I kinda wish I am when I say these words: Unless and until PLDT gives its customers the kind of decent service they deserve ('wag na lang excellent, that's downright hallucination), may Mr. Pangilinan and his fat-assed minions never get a good night's rest.

Who says Pangilinan and his fat-assed minons care at all? Hehehe. If they did they would have offered rebates to their customers and informed all their employees on what to do in this situation.
Kawawa ang mga end users at mga frontliners ng PLDT.

Cois said...

Ei, Gibbs...
Will link you up once I get around figuring out how.
Great site, by the way.
And yes, rebate!!!

gibbs cadiz said...

ey CECILE, sticking to globelines is a smart idea. :)

ey WATSON, i stay on the other side of pasong tamo, near shopwise. but yes, i do go (mini)malling at waltermart, and watch movies there. :)

ANONYMOUS and ANONYMOUS, thanks for the comments. :)

ALVIN, bwiset talaga, hehe. :)

GYPSY, sad 'no? :)

CYBERPUNK, sinabi mo pa. :)

RASHEED, thanks for the comments and the link! much obliged. :)

BINGSKEE and LEWIS, thanks too! :)

FIONSKI, thanks for the visit and the comments. :)

gibbs cadiz said...

COIS, ayos lang, newbie din ako, so we're both enjoying the new experience. thanks for the kind words. :)

Corsarius said...

hinay lang, gibbs! ;) though i think i'd act the same way if that happened to me...i get pissed off rather quickly, hehe.

your experience is just terrifying. i've just subscribed to bayantel dsl, and though i've had some dsl speed problems, it has been a relatively smooth experience. (btw, i blogged about in on crimson crux.)

Jules said...

nakakagigil talaga sila... argh! argh! stressball! stressball!

Anonymous said...

This place called the third world Philippines makes my blood boil because of monopolistic crapazoids like PLDT! I think Gibbs pales in comparison to the fahrenheits that my blood reaches when dealing with shitty Filipino Customer Service Crappers.

PLDT...Pucking Long Distance Telephone!!! What a waste of time and energy. Too bad there are no other phone companies that can compete with them!!!

Anyway, I better stop my comments here before I burst into flames!

vincedejesus said...

Hay naku Gibbs.

I had the same experience! My internet was on the blink for two weeks. They blamed the storm but I told them it happened even before the freakin' Milenyo. I call them 20 million times a day but I can never get through. To cut the long story short, everything you went through happened to me WORD PER WORD - pati ang pang-aaway sa customer service. Pero ang pagkakaiba nga lang ay hindi PLDT ang server ko kundi SKY CABLE.

In the end, I went to their main office and created a scene to get the attention I was asking for weeks. Now my internet connection is back to normal and they gave me a two-week rebate sa subscription.

But man, kulang pa ang rebate sa dami ng gamot na ininom ko para sa high-blood.

gibbs cadiz said...

hey corsarius, jules, anonymous and vince, thanks for the comments. wow, dami pala natin, haha! :) vince, me ia-ask permission ako sayo re zsa zsa zaturnnah soundtrack. :) ladies and gentlemen, vince de jesus here happens to be the composer-lyricist of the famed zsa zsa zaturnnah musical! :)

Sef said...

I know people also have problems with SmartBro such as Ederic ( I guess we do not have a choice do we?

vincedejesus said...

Yes, Gibbs?
What about Zsazsa soundtrack?

Did you enjoy the movie?


benj said...

If what you mean is that THE FAT PEOPLE are the reasons why the world is so chaotic and problematic nowadays, I'm on board!

Stop the fat people! They're the reason why many are starving in Africa.

Anonymous said...

PLDT sucks! No question!

Anonymous said...

I had exactly the same experience with PLDT. PLDT sucks big time!!!!!!!!!

koala said...

hay naku ganyan talaga. iba ang customer service agents nila sa taga-restore at iba rin taga-cut ng line. they "coordinate" things that gets more delayed by the minute.

nakakaawa man ang mga call center agents sa pagtanggap ng reklamo, sana maintindihan din ng management ang kakulangan nila sa serbisyo.

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