Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Auditions for 'High School Musical'

For the Asian premiere of the stage adaptation of Disney's "High School Musical," opening in February at the SM Megamall Theatre, open auditions will be held for lead and ensemble roles on Saturday, November 25, at 3rd floor Gonzaga Fine Arts Theatre (G306), Gonzaga Building, Ateneo de Manila University, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Those auditioning must be 13 years old and above, and must be able to dance, sing and act. Prepare two Broadway songs and a 2x2 photo. Please contact Andrei at 0915-8894779 for more information.

The creative team is headed by director Chari Arespacochaga, who recently directed the Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning drama "Doubt" starring Cherie Gil and was assistant director for Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" starring KC Concepcion and Karel Marquez for Atlantis Productions. She also directed "Footloose! The Musical" and "Merrily We Roll Along" for Blue Repertory. Also in the creative team are choreographer Daniel Cabrera and musical director Felix Rivera. Disney's "High School Musical" is being presented by Blue Repertory, in cooperation with Cebu-based producer Hendri Go of Little Boy Productions.

Tickets will go on sale in January at all Ticketworld outlets. Interested sponsors, show and block buyers may contact Hendri at 0917-8155794 or Jill at 0919-3608974.


AnneMac said...

As juvenile as it is, I am a HUGE fan of HSM!!! Imagine my thrill when my friend from Stages, Inc. emailed me that they're holding auditions for the local staging!!!

I really hope they get good (if not better) performers!

I can't wait!!!

gibbs cadiz said...

anne, i saw the movie, and i've no doubt our performers can do better. :)

Oliver Oliveros said...

This particular auditions is for Ateneo Blue Repertory not for STAGES.

=) Oliver

AnneMac said...

Oliver!!! Ay, oo nga! All better for a fan like me! Can watch different versions! Gee, I watched all the stagings of Rent here! And HSM is just so close to it as my most fave musical.

Gibbs: Yeah, admittedly, we can do so much better. Especially for Troy's part :D

LaNa said...

I loved that movie! I really loved zac and vanessa pairing and sharpay (cute name eh!)being such a drama queen.. Hope Ateneos Blue Repertory can do a great job! We are also having something similar in our school.. only its a concert.. sometime in febraury.. :)

mahar said...

Dear Mr. Cadiz,

Please remove your logo of High School Musical from this post immediately. Ateneo Blue Repertory has been advised by Music Theater International and Disney to use proper promotional materials, which does not include the logo which you are using for this post.

They have already notified us regarding your website. We can provide you with the official logo when it comes this December.

Apologies, but we must comply with the rules given us by Music Theater International and Disney. Otherwise, rest assured they will assert their legal right and take action against us.

Mahar Abrera Mangahas
Blue Repertory

gibbs cadiz said...

dear mr. mangahas,

thank you for your message. however, let me clarify. i did not put that logo there on my own. it was on the advice and guidance of mr. hendri go, who is co-producing your production of 'high school musical.' he requested my help to disseminate news about your upcoming auditions, that's why it's here on my blog. i am aware of disney's stipulation to use only pre-approved marketing materials, because mr. go has REQUESTED ME TO USE THE PRESENT LOGO instead of the first one i placed here (the one showing the lead stars of the movie) which i promptly took down when he said it was the wrong image to use (an image, by the way, that he also provided me). he assured me when he gave the present logo that this is already the right image. so which is which? i suggest you and mr. go thresh this out, because i just provided space in my blog to try to help your group. in the meantime, i shall take down the logo, and i shall also talk to mr. go. in the event it is established that what i did use up to today was indeed the correct logo for your promotions, may i make the small suggestion that you visit my blog once again and post a final clarification from your part regarding this matter, just to make it clear to visitors of this blog that the image in question was, in fact, used with express permission from someone in your group. thank you.

gibbs cadiz

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Cadiz,

I apologize if this has caused you any inconvenience. There was an error on my part as there was information saying that we'd get the proper logos for dissemination later on.

This was a case of overzealousness of my part as we've had to monitor other groups use of the (improper) logo and Disney and MTI did warn us about this in other correspondence.

Blue Repertory is very grateful for the support you have shown us and we would be very happy to see you and your website do well. Again, apologies if this caused you any inconvenience or unpleasantness.


Mahar Mangahas
Blue Repertory

Anonymous said...

kung ako sayo, Gibbs. take out the post and do not post anything about blue rep anymore. tsk. tsk. atenista!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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