Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oh, happy day

"Democrats Seize Control of House"--New York Times
"Democrats triumph on bad night for Bush"--BBC
"Big wins for Dems in Congress"
"A Voter Rebuke For Bush, the War And the Right"--Washington Post

Vice President Dick Cheney: "We will retain control of both houses."
President George W. Bush: "If I thought we were going to lose, would I tell you. We're not going to lose, in my heart of hearts."

Mwahaha! Pop the champagne, comrades!


snglguy said...

How the shift in the balance of power will affect their policy in Iraq still remains to be seen. There's still a lot of "hawks" in congress, not to mention the White House. But at least now there's hope...

Alternati said...

I was laughing out loud at the Jon Stewart show they did last night. The graphics they used to show losing Republicans was hilarious! And Colbert who is a fictional Republican kept saying the Republicans are winning using stats from the Reagan Admin. hehehe

I think it's obvious they'll win the house... but the Senate is still a heated race...

I find it weird that I care more about the US elections than I do the local ones.

Gibbs' Fan said...


Visiting (New York-based) singer Ciello (photo) just had a taste of Pinoy "inhospitality" when she was mugged the other night at the Timog-Morato Rotunda while crossing the street (from The Imperial Palace Suites where she and her parents, Amy and Fitzgerald Tuazon are billeted). A snatcher (lots of them in that area, I tell you!) grabbed Ciello’s shoulder bag to which she clung on as if for dear life. Still, Ciello fell and hit her head on the pavement. Fitzgerald did the no-no thing in a situation like that – he chased the snatcher – before he and Amy rushed Ciello to a nearby hospital. Today, Ciello will turn over to Tina Monzon-Palma the $3,000 she has raised in a New York concert she herself organized for the Bantay-Bata Foundation, Inc. That’s what she came here for.


gibbs cadiz said...

ey snglguy, yep, let's just hope that bush got the message. then again, this is the most tin-eared US president we know of. :)

hi alternati, i can relate! i followed this election with bated breath. :)

lateralus said...

the cnn coverage was very exciting. With 4 states remaining and with the Dems needing to win three, the Republicans were ALL way ahead. McCaskill and Webb literally came from behind.

This is a good thing for the republicans. In 2008, they could always say how the Dems "lost" Iraq. Either that or theyll finance John Kerry to run again. wahaha

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