Friday, December 22, 2006

Can you believe this guy?

Sorry to spoil your Christmas with unpleasant words, but this opportunistic dimwit just made my blood curdle.

From Ricky Lo's Funfare column in The Philippine Star--"Asked why he has decided to run for Mayor in Makati, Lito [Lapid] said, 'Para matigil na ang mga rally-rally na ‘yan.' Among other reasons, that is...

"Lito said that he will lose nothing in his bid for the Makati mayoralty.

"'If I lose,' he explained, 'I can always go back to the Senate. It’s a win-win situation. I still have three years left in my term. In fact, I was asking (fellow Sen.) Bong (Revilla) to also run for governor in Cavite. If he and his running-mate win, he can resign and go back to the Senate and have his vice governor take over. See, we have nothing to lose.'"



arvin said...

bida-bidahan si lito ah parang andaming alam. syeht!

abangan si pacman!

dong said...


My sentiments, exactly, Gibbs after I read your posting. These people feel that the Philippine political landscape is their playing ground where they can switch from one play to another with ease.

I feel sad about the fact that what you quoted here is just the tip of the iceberg. I am hoping, naive as it may sound, that Mr. Lapid is the only person having that mindset.

I am sure I will be proven wrong, albeit stupid, by a lot of people.

Thanks for sharing!

beektur said...

That's micro realpolitik at its best (which is at its worst). Politics is a playing ground. A show. It has always been that way. Everywhere. And just like any ground where shows are held (sports, theater, concerts) the players are only half the story. Bravo for Ricky Lo for making these statements public. Bravo for Gibbs for spreading the word. Sana showbiz shows and columnists will pick it up and have the voting public aware of it. Like the away they make every Juan and Maria aware which starlet does not wear a panty or who makes out with who (Gibbs, or "whom" ba?). Whether the public still vote for them or not after knowing all these would be the other half of the story. We always only get what we wish for. But build the ground, nevertheless, and let the deserving come.

Jerome said...

Hahaha...typical dummy/showbiz politician. They run for politics because no one else will hire them as actors, so they run for politics on the basis of their popularity.

Just goes to show, most showbiz people are dumbasses! What is the point of voting for them anyway? They just like "Mass", something that occupy space and have weight. They provide nothing of value other than "pogi points".

Poor Philippines, poor Filipinos. When will the insanity stop?

Vegasfilamguy said...

There is simply nothing wrong with what Lito Lapid said.

He is basically saying, "I don't have a good PR manager. I don't have good English proficiency. I am a better actor than a policy maker. I really don't have sense and sensibility."

Again, there is nothing wrong with that. He is admitting his foolishness.

Here's what's wrong:

Even a statement like that, the people, aka MASA, will still vote him in.

Where is the media? Where is the uproar? Where is the controversy? Why aren't more people talking about this?

Because the MASA would rather watch Wowowee or Eat Bulaga. It's called the "dumbing-down" of the Philippines, also called nakakabobo shows. Showbiz and a really weak news media will keep feeding the Pinoys nakakabobo shows and information.

In the end, the Pinoy MASA does not know any better.

Instead, he will see LITO Lapid's remark as brilliance.

Kawawa ang Pinoy.


nightfox said...

"P--ina." -> sapul! hehe

snglguy said...

Yeah! P**tang ina talaga! And the sad part is, it's either him or that current mayor who thinks he owns Makati. That's what we get for having a mass of stupid voters.

Dominique said...

I think they put on his mask too tight, is all. -->

vincedejesus said...

Hindi ko alam kung papatay ako ng tao o magpapakamatay na lang ako.

wendell said...

dios mio indeed. im stuck with the academe. at least there's hope with students who go through the classes. kawawa namanbayan natin. i'd love to have gibbs cadiz sa senado instead.

gibbs cadiz said...

hi everyone, thanks for the comments. i'm very glad to know i'm not the only one feeling outraged at and offended by this. where, indeed, is the public anger?

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