Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dr. Jose Rizal, 1861-1896

“Nasaan ang kabataang naglalaan ng magagandang sandali, ng kanilang mga pangarap at kasiglahan alang-alang sa ikabubuti ng kanilang bayan? Saan naroon ang handang magpakamatay upang hugasan ng dugo ang napakaraming pagkakasala? Upang karapatdapat ang pagpapakasakit ito’y kailangang malinis at busilak. Nasaan ang kabataang may lakas na tumanan na sa aming mga ugat, ng kalinisan ng diwa na narumihan na sa amin, ng apoy ng sigla na patay na sa aming puso? O kabataan, kayo’y aming hinihintay!” -- Padre Florentino, in Jose Rizal's “El Filibusterismo”

“Rizal is the first Filipino because he is first in the hearts of the Filipinos. Nations are known by the heroes they have. If a people have the government they deserve, they also have heroes made in their own image and likeness. Rizal had many competitors for pre-eminence in the generation that gave birth to Filipino nationalism: Del Pilar, hurling his Jovian thunderbolts at the Spanish friar, considered by his antagonists as 'the real soul' of subversion, 'much superior to Rizal;' the prodigious, irreconcilable Mabini, prime minister of the war against the United States; and, of course, Bonifacio and Aguinaldo...

“Yet the Filipinos have chosen Rizal unanimously, irrevocably. It cannot even be said that Rizal became the national hero because the Americans considered him the safest symbol of our nationalism and therefore allowed, even encouraged, his enthronization, for the Filipinos had chosen Rizal even before he died, and his final martyrdom was only the confirmation of a spiritual dominion that even the Katipunan acknowledged by rising in his name. The choice was ours. It was Rizal who lifted up the hearts of his generation, and who is enshrined by the Nation and the Republic he made.” -- Leon Ma. Guerrero, “Rizal, The First Filipino”

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snglguy said...

Heya Gibbs! Just dropping by to wish you a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year ahead. :-)

BTW, how was your trip to Albay?

JV said...

Hiya Gibbs! Happy, happy New Year! =D

cheacherchowee said...


Happy, happy New Year to you!

aryo said...

Mabuhay ang alaala ni Rizal. Ehem!

Happy New Year!

Lazarus said...

Happy New Year Gibbs!

I am not exactly a fan of Rizal but I do like his two novels. I remembered how I wished for a different ending of the "Fili".

Gypsy said...

Happy New Year, Gibbs! Thanks for the reminder of Rizal's heroism. May we have more of his spirit in us.

gibbs cadiz said...

hi SNGLGUY, happy new year too! christmas in bicol was okay despite the ruin all around, but the ride back to manila was excruciating. :)

ey JV, happy new year!

ey CHARI, glad to see you here! happy new year too! :)

ARYO, remember the knights of rizal student leaders' conference in baguio (i was 3rd year college, you were graduating? haha) where kinabog mo ang guest panelist from UP when you asked why there was no UP contingent in the nationwide conference, and could it be because UP preferred bonifacio over rizal as national hero? the poor guest could only say, 'we didn't get the invitation, anlaki kasi ng UP,' and of course that got boos from everybody. haha, to be young, smart and impertinent! idol! :)

hey LAZARUS, happy new year, too! i like the ruminative feel of fili more than the descriptive sprawl of noli, but that's just me. :)

hi GYPSY, hear hear! :) happy new year! :)

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