Thursday, December 28, 2006


Back! I'm dying to post something longer, but I've just arrived after a wearying 11-hour bus ride from Bicol. After every trip like this, I swear to myself I shall save up for the more convenient plane ride to and fro, but somehow it always ends up plane going in and bus going out. Can't afford otherwise. My neck still hurts like hell and my bones are all askew from having to sit tight for many hours inside a fairly freezing bus that was taking its sweet time over rough roads. Worse, the speakers played over and over only one CD--a karaoke or minus-one version of Bee Gees hits. There were no words, just the waah-waah-waah of the back-up vocals. All the way from Sorsogon to Alabang. It'd be months before I can listen to "Words" and "I Started a Joke" again. But too early to be ranting here. Let me doze this off, and in a few hours I'd be fine again. Hey, thanks for all the comments and the greetings. Grateful, grateful. Happy New Year to everyone!


vincedejesus said...

Next time, Gibbs, bring your iPod at isaksak mo sa speakers para ikaw ang dj ng bus!

At ipatugtog mo ang ZZZ Zoundtrack. He he he.

Welcome back!

gibbs cadiz said...

haha, thanks vince! next time i'll do that. :)

got to watch zzz ze movee and i hated it! now i know why you felt so frustrated. :)

aryo said...

Naman! Masyadong mareklamo. Kami nga, we still need to add 5 more hours to your travails. At buti na lang pala di ka nakasabay ng mga kababayan ko sa bus. Kami kasi yung lahi ng mga nagvivideoke sa me harap ng bus. Maburaot na kayo lahat, basta kami, enjoy!! he he
Welcome back!

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