Friday, December 15, 2006

I heart YouTube

Don't hiss at me when you read the title. I just swiped it from my colleague Pam, who has a knack for using phrases like that without sounding like a load of corn.

I'm throwing kisses at YouTube because, on my third month of blogging (yes, last Dec. 12), I finally learned how to make my own videos and upload them to that site. Woohoo, this is great, I'm learning something new everyday! Before this, all the video clips I'd posted here were courtesy of other people who were generous enough to share them via YouTube. But that wasn't enough for me. I have hundreds of concert DVDs alone, plus Broadway and other musical specials, documentaries, special-interest titles, etc. I've long wanted to share them with friends. Now, YouTube will allow me to do that.

A caveat, though. To contain any copyright kinks, my uploaded videos are labeled Private (for now), which means only me and those I invite to my account can watch them. I'm not going to invite anyone, because I've got a better plan. The videos are not embeddable anywhere else, except here. Translation: they will be exclusive to this site. So from now on, unless I indicate otherwise (because there are a lot of swell public-broadcast material from YouTube that I still plan to "borrow" every now and then), many of the videos you will see here are from my own collection. I'll try my best to provide copyright attribution always, so I hope the owners won't run after me. Hey, I'm not making money here, fellas. Purely for the love of art. (Grin)

Here's my very first uploaded clip--a spectacular number from "La Cage Aux Folles," presented at the 1984 Tony Awards, which I've been searching for but can't find in YouTube. (Don't blink, or you'll miss the surprise ending!) Thanks to Nero7, I learned how to cut this from my own DVD copy. Hard work but worth it! Enjoy!

Got suggestions on what you'd like to see here? Let me know, I just might have them!

Update 6 hours later: Ooops, looks like I spoke too soon. YouTube videos don't seem to work with the Private Broadcast/Embedding Enabled combination. My video clip runs only when it's on public broadcast, which means anybody on YouTube can find it and copy the code. Oh well, bite the bullet for foreign clips. Let's see how things work out. However, when it comes to video clips of Filipino material (like excerpts of musicals) that have been or will be lent to me on the promise that they won't be copied by others (yes, I've got a few in the pipeline!), I'd have to disable embedding even for my blog (to safeguard the code) and just provide a view-only link to my YouTube page. Sorry in advance. But that's for another day...

[video copyright © Acorn Media]


Anonymous said...

I want to see Judy Dench Send in the clowns performance in Hey Mr. Producer. THough guy's here is the link!!!


snglguy said...

"Got suggestions on what you'd like to see here?" - Ummm, how about the guy (i forgot his name) singing 'Good Morning Starshine' in the musical, 'Hair' ? :-)

Have a great weekend, gibbs

Anonymous said...

Regine Velasquez' rendition of "You'll Never Walk Alone" and And I'm Telling You in the Asia-Pacific Singing Contest.

Baka di pa inaamag ang VHS/Beta copy mo.

Request ko to syo nun pa


beektur said...

whatta strong statement. first chance you had to upload your own clip on utube and what did you upload: i am what i am. popeye and all other pipe-munching sailors would be so proud. not to mention maricel soriano. what did you cut george hearn's portion? that was the best part. cheers!

Bill Mitsuru Shimizu said...

I saw “La Cage” at the Marriot Marquis Theater on its ‘05 run on Broadway with Robert Goulet as Georges in it but I think he’s way too old na for the role. He still can sing but he’s not a very good dancer, though. Anyway, got the tickets on discount sa TKTS booth in Times Square,so ok na rin. J

I got the same video clip as yours padi, nasa PBS DVD manungod sa istorya kan Broadway.

Padagosa sana at pirmi taka pig babasa maski busy ako at dai ngani nakaka-surat sa mga blogs ko. Bukas pa su hang-out mo sa Malate?:) Regards

gibbs cadiz said...

ehem ALAN, meron na pala sa youtube ng kay judi dench, okay na yun, matrabaho pa magrip at mag-upload e. :)

SNGLGUY, noted. i have a copy of the movie version of 'hair' on dvd, lemme see what i can do. :)

naku, JOEY, i don't have a copy of that na. i have a betamax tape of 'narito ako,' regine's first major concert (held at the araneta center), kaya lang nag-deteriorate na ang copy. i distinctly remember a musical special ng GMA7 around 1987-88 called 'tinig ng tagumpay,' which featured the pinoy champions of int'l songfests singing their winning songs: ivy violan, dulce, regine, pilita corrales, si geneva cruz nun nung bata pa siya (she won in a russian song tilt), tapos ang finale si celeste legaspi at mitch valdez singing 'minsan ang minahal ay ako.' i inquired sa gma kung available pa ang tape nun, my contact said malabo daw because gma only started archiving seriously in 2000. whaaaat? :)

hey BEEKTUR, hehe, didn't think of it that way, pero ok na rin. i cut out george hearn bec. i was afraid i'd overshoot youtube's 10 minutes/100MB limitation. anyway, guess what? i have two CDs na of carmen lozada here, c/o mr. pablo tariman. i'll try to find the others in the series. :)

ey MITS, taw-i man ako kopya kaan na PBS show, i read about it and siempre nagriliwoy man ako. nuarin ka mauli didi? i-fedex mo na lang kaya, hehe. :)

Nostalgia Manila said...

It's been a great year for bloggers. May you prosper in the new year!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

--Nostalgia Manila

aryo said...

Bakit dai mo sinagot ang tanong ni mits re ur "hang-out"? :-)

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