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Singing nuns and near-anorexics in one weekend

REVIEW: The Sound of Music / The Good Body
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 12.04.2006

“The Sound of Music” and “The Good Body” opened on the same day recently--and no two plays could be more different

A BIG MUSICAL from Repertory Philippines is something you’d come to expect at this time of year, along with the usual jingling bells, boughs of holly and that dang partridge in a pear tree.

Last year it was the first-rate “Man of La Mancha,” which marked Rep’s first musical without the late Bibot Amador at the helm. This year it’s Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “The Sound of Music,” with Baby Barredo in the lone director’s chair, and the old Rep trademarks are still there: great singing, compelling acting, an overall sense of sureness and good taste that assures a fine two hours spent at the theater.

This production is worth a look, too, for offering three alternating Marias: Rep staples Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo and Liesl Batucan, and comebacking musical star Monique Wilson, appearing in her first Rep production after 17 years.

Three performers in one role, plus four Rolfs, two Captain Von Trapps, three Baronesses (including the divine Cherie Gil), and 21 kids as the Von Trapp children, most of them appearing on stage for the first time—there you have a definition for onstage chaos, or, at least, a “Sound of Music” that might go every which way. However, Barredo orchestrates an even-keeled production that, for the most part, manages to squeeze new juice from what has become an overly familiar old-fashioned musical. More here...

ON THE WEEKEND “The Sound of Music” opened, one of its Marias was at Music Museum performing in a play whose forthright language would make the nuns of Nonnberg Abbey cross themselves.

Monique Wilson, together with Pinky Amador and Juno Henares, headlined the New Voice Company’s production of Eve Ensler’s new play “The Good Body” for two days—material that many would consider radioactive but, with direction from Rito Asilo, they brought to pulsating life.

“The Good Body,” which charts Ensler’s struggles with body issues such as fat, cellulite and aging and how such issues affect other women across the globe, can be hilarious, scabrous and revelatory all at the same time. But it can also be a scold—repetitive, polemical and obsessed with itself. More here...


MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

i read the printed version this morning. loved it. especially the part "if his young Nazi keeps up with it, he'd be wearing a pink triangle down the road." hahaha

Marie said...

Hi Gibbs! Wow, how many times did you watch the show to be able to come up with such a complete review? :) Thanks for taking the time to do so. :)

I just noticed a typo in this paragraph, I think you meant to say Captain Von Trapp instead of Rolf. :)

" The two Rolfs also make an interesting pair of alternates. Audie Gemora and Michael Williams have always been matched up: They both did Javert in “Les Miserables” and Don Quixote in “Man of La Mancha.” "

Thanks, and I always look forward to your posts. :D

---> Marie

Anonymous said...

I'm actually waiting for your review of Dulaang UP's Hamlet Redux! :D

gibbs cadiz said...

hi MANDAYA, hehe, maraming salamat! tinandaan mo talaga ang favorite line mo ha. :) (was giggling myself when i wrote it.)

hi MARIE, i peeked in lots of times just to see how the alternate actors were doing, since this is a large production and i wanted a feel of how the show went in the hands of a different set of performers... yep! you saw my mistake! saw it when the presses were already running, di na mahabol. thanks for pointing it out. congrats pala to all of you! :)

hi ANONYMOUS, haha, i ceded my reviewing power temporarily to walter ang, one of our occasional contributors, for 'hamlet redux,' since i wrote an advance feature on it that basically covered everything that direk tony mabesa wanted to convey and bring out in his production. so i don't foresee any published review of 'hamlet' from me anymore. but if you really wanna hear my views, drag me to coffee one time. haha! :)

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