Friday, December 29, 2006

Two down, seven more to go

Yuck. No way around it, "ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Movee" zucks. So sorry, Vince and Carver, but Joel Lamangan dumbs it down way too much. The movie comes out cheap, lazy and corny, except for a few funny moments generated by the hardworking Chocoleit. The two Padillas--ZsaZsa and Rustom--look like they're having a ball with their kikay roles, until the camera sizes up their full frames and you're shocked to see how malnourished-looking they are. Why, Zaturnnah's gilt-spangled bra rides up and down Ms. Padilla's stick-thin torso half of the time!... Hay, I knew it. Better stick to the comicbook itself and the stage musical, if you want honest laughs and a better way with the material. And to think this movie enjoyed the luxury of a far bigger budget than the shaggy stage production. Laos.

Good thing I watched Jose Javier Reyes' "Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo" right after, which assuaged my feelings somehow. This is a fine movie in the vein of his classic works, "May Minamahal" and "Pare Ko"--films that bear their writer/director's signature imprints: dialogue that zings and snaps with off-the-cuff polish, situations that are not cinematic in themselves but acquire vibrancy and pathos by reflecting onscreen the grainy, quotidian nature of everyday life, characters that seem lifted from your neighborhood corner, resolutions that are often messy and open-ended, and therefore so much closer to our familiar experience. No one charts middle-class blues like Mr. Reyes, and no one writes more pitch-perfect lines than him.

I've not seen the other Metro Manila Filmfest entries, but on the basis of this movie, I'd like to make a pitch for Ryan Agoncillo as a worthy Best Actor contender. At least for this so-called festival (more like "a fantasia and a carnival," as exasperated PDI colleague Lito Zulueta put it, given the surfeit of horror and fantasy entries every December). What a natural actor! Mr. Agoncillo, a tyro, never busts a vein overemoting, but just lets his scenes play out quietly. It's a savvy big-screen performance. Judy Ann Santos, too, is excellent, as are Gloria Diaz and Soliman Cruz. And, of course, Gina Pareno. Hail, Ms. Pareno, delightful devourer of scenery without her meaning to! Give this woman the Best Supporting Actress trophy now, quick!

Direk Joey Reyes, thank you for this movie. One matino mainstream Filipino film in our day and age is always reason for a toast.

P.S. Due to the Taiwan quake, Internet connection is still slooow, so patience please if this blog downloads a bit longer than usual.

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vincedejesus said...
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Carver said...

Oh, Gibbs, you don't have to apologize to me. Hanggang screenplay lang naman ang na-check ko.

I've read worse reviews and it's all cool. I just feel bad for all the people who lost sleep and blood over this movie.

Alvin said...

Should you be interested, check out Jun Lana's reviews of both "ZZZ" and "KKK" in his blog. I think these are way more entertaining than whatever "ZZZ" could ever hope to be.

Abaniko said...

I share your sentiment about Zsazsa Zaturnnah. I watched the movie because I saw the play and wanted to "compare". Nakaka-disappoint. Bakit di na lang si Eula ang ginawang bida? Tapos pataba lang ng konti si Rustom for his Ada role. :D

Leo said...

Iba yung tingin ko sa movie... I still enjoyed it a lot despite of its flaws. Siguro dahil hindi rin masyado mataas ang naging expectation ko sa movie. I actually expected it to be worse. Haha! Okay sa kin ang main cast... siguro si Chokoleit lang di ko masyado trip. Nakatatak pa rin sa kin yung performance ni Ricci Chan as Deedee sa Muzikal eh.

Anyway, 'yung reason naman kung bakit ako nanood eh yung music so solve pa rin. Although medyo may problem ako sa sound nung nanood ako. I think di masyadong swak yung system na gamit nung sinehan sa pelikula so medyo disappointing yun. Saka pala... I didn't like how the musical sequences were done. Sayang.

Leo said...

haha... sorry na-realize ko lang mali spelling ko ng Didi. wala kasing edit button! ni-link ko pala yung page mo sa blog ko if that's ok. :)

vincedejesus said...
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AnneMac said...

Oh, Gibbs! I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the ze movee. I, on the other hand, surprisingly, enjoyed it. I guess I had zero expectation. Ms. Padilla didn't do so bad and Rustom was obviously enjoying (and feeling!) his role. The only one unforgivable for me was Pops Fernandez, who obviously couldn't act and seemed like she was reading her lines and just failed! If I were Femina Baru, I'd zapped her out to space!

And yeah, the damn earthquake!

vincedejesus said...

ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH THE MOVIE is in 5.1 Digital Surround Sound. Most cinemas (if not all) dont have Surround Sound kaya pangit talaga ang dating ng ZZZ pag dito niyo pinanood. SM cinemas have bad sound systems kaya kulob talaga ang tunog. You will only hear echos and delays, especially in the music. When I saw it in Greenhills theater (which has a bad theater sound system too) I nearly died. I was so frustrated with what I thought was the final mix, I couldn't function for days. I was distraught.

I saw ZZZ again tonight at the SHANGRILA MALL and voila!!! They have a superb surround sound system. Medyo nakahinga na ako ng maluwag. Hindi pa rin perfect ang nagawang final mix ng ZZZ but at least hindi na siya masama. Narinig ko ang mga kanta, malinaw naman. Naramdaman ko na ang score. It worked naman, awa ng Diyos.

Please watch ZZZ at the Shangrila mall or in a movie house that's REALLY surround para sulit ang experience.

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