Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah zoars

An invitational premiere to 'ZsaZsa Zaturnnah' the movie will be held tonight at SM Megamall. On Christmas day, the movie opens as part of the Metro Manila Film Festival, and with it, the journey of Carlo Vergara's plucky superheroine from cult comicbook to blockbuster stage musical to highly-anticipated holiday release, by Mother Lily's Regal Films no less, would seem to be reaching its apogee. ZsaZsa Zaturnnah is about to join its inspiration, Mars Ravelo's Darna, in the pantheon of Pinoy pop-culture immortals. Tagumpay!

Carver, do I hear you singing 'What a journey it has been?' (Chuckle). ZsaZsa's creator has been candid enough to say that he conceived of his superheroine at a difficult time in his life, but you wouldn't know it from reading the gut-bustingly funny comicbook he came up with. Or maybe you would. Humor as catharsis: What could be more classic?

'Zsazsa's' transfer to the stage has its own story. Herbie Go, then the artistic director of Tanghalang Pilipino, first heard of it when Chris Millado, TP resident director, excitedly told him about a comicbook he had browsed through that would make for a good musical, about a gay parlorista named Ada who became a red-haired, big-breasted superheroine. But he got one detail wrong: he said Ada transformed into ZsaZsa Zaturnnah by rubbing the magic stone from outer space all over his body! Exactly like a panghilod. Naturally, Mr. Go found the idea hilarious, and read the book. The rest, as they say, is history.

While 'ZsaZsa Zaturnnah' the movie is about to open in days, the stage musical is gearing for its fourth rerun on Jan. 19-28, 2007 at CCP's Tanghalang Huseng Batute (call 8323661 for tickets). It wouldn't be fair to compare the movie and the musical, since they are two different mediums. Let's just say that, for those who've seen the stage version, it would remain a singular experience no matter how good the movie might turn out to be. Seeing something live and up-close--especially one that's done with great skill--provides that assurance.

Time to relive the magic of 'ZsaZsa Zaturnnah' with these audio clips! Mr. Vince de Jesus (composer/lyricist/musical director), many thanks for the thumbs-up to post these mp3 clips here.

1. BABAE NA AKO. This scene marks the first time Ada transforms into his alter-ego, and the first time the audience hears Eula Valdes sing live. "When Ada first became Zaturnnah," I wrote in my review, "she burst into 'Babae Na Ako,' a foot-stompin' ditty that came with a bevy of babes in white bathrobes wielding mirrors. The tune was a subtle nod to Tuesday Vargas' novelty song, 'Babae Po Ako,' but scored in the big, bouncy idiom of musical theater. The scene, meanwhile, recalled a similar show-stopping set piece in Elton John and Tim Rice's Broadway musical 'Aida.'"

Listen to Ms. Valdes and Ricci Chan (playing sidekick Didi) electrify the house with this quasi-soul number.

2. BATTLE TRANSMORPHICATION PRODUCTION NUMBER. Before ZsaZsa's nemesis Queen Femina and her Amazonistas engage her in battle, they do this production number. Reviewing the CD soundtrack, I said, "De Jesus' canny pop-culture instincts are also on display in the short vignettes for the 'amazonistas.' For Dina B., he used the opening bars of 'Bakit ba Ganyan?,' for Sharon C. 'High School Life,' for Vilma S. the star's biggest hit with Edgar Mortiz, 'Something Stupid,' and for Nora A., her 'Tawag ng Tanghalan'-winning piece, 'Moonlight Becomes You,' with insanely recast lyrics."

Tess Jamias sings the Nora A. part in this recording, and her take on early La Aunor is priceless (This mallet made of steel will easily crush your hollow heyd/ It will cowse you so much pain until you wish that you were deyd/ Combined with my grace and beaudy, I will make you kneel and beyg/ With one swing of my arm I can easily break your leyg/ A-hah!). Agot Isidro sings the Queen Femina part, Mayen Estanero is Sharon C., Wilma Doesnt is the scene-stealing Dina B., and Deeda Barreto is Vilma S.

3. IKAW ANG SUPERHERO NG BUHAY KO. Dodong's song to a bruised and battered ZsaZsa. Sweet, sweet lyrics (Ano ba ang sukatan ng pagkalalaki/ Sa lalim ba ng boses o sa tibay ng tindig/ Nasusukat ba ito sa dami ng pinangakuan ng pag-ibig?...). Arnold Reyes plays Dodong.

4. VICTORIA! WINNER! TAGUMPAY! ZsaZsa, Didi, Dodong and the whole town's victory cheer after one successful battle. The adventurous music--segueing effortlessly from a slow beat to a frenetic churchy vibe, the lyrics (Pati ako'y nagulat sa lakas ng lola niyo/ Mayroon pa bang kokontra, sa'kin na ang korona/ Ang tarush! Panalo na ako!) and the great vocal work by the ensemble make this the perfect carrier single for the musical.

Me again: "It's a no-brainer that, by the end of this Day-Glo fantasy, Ada/ZsaZsa would get his man. What assured a giddy afterglow was hearing these lines sung to him:

Ikaw ang superhero ng buhay kong ito
Ikaw ang Kristala at Darna ko
Ang Sugo at Mulawin ko
Lastikman at Gagamboy
Si Volta at Captain Barbell ko
Ang Super G ng buhay ko
Ikaw ang superhero ng buhay ko!

"On the wings of such savvy pop-coated tinsel, 'ZsaZsa Zaturnnah, Ze Muzikal' zoared."

Note: The CD soundtrack, consisting of 24 tracks including two minus-ones, is not available commercially. To order, call Mr. De Jesus at 0917-8834203. Mr. De Jesus also says the movie soundtrack, which has 4 new songs, will be released online, with customers being able to download individual tracks for a fee. Winner!

PLUS: Pics!


vincedejesus said...

Nice one, Gibbs. Thank you for the support!

Correction lang po kapatid, the MOVIE SOUNDTRACK WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE ONLINE NOR IN CD SHOPS. Regal failed to negotiate so there are no plans of releasing the movie soundtrack... for now! :)

The ORIGINAL STAGE MUSICAL CD (enhanced and re-mastered) WILL BE AVAILABLE online and in cd shops this January 2007 under Ballyhoo Records. We are finalizing matters and we will inform you about the website where you can down load the songs.


AnneMac said...

Ahhh-Zah...Ahhh-Zah...Ahhh-Zah! Zaturnnah!!!!! I love Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi Gibbs, ba't hindi nagpiplay yung song?

thanks, rau

bigbaddie said...

Ngayon ko lang naappreciate ang singing prowess ni Eula Valdes.

Anyway, you've convinced me to read the graphic novel. And maybe see the movie. Hehe.

gibbs cadiz said...

hi VINCE, that's great news! bili ulit ako ng remastered edition! :)

ey ANNEMAC, see you at the rerun! :)

hi RAU, some reasons why di nagpi-play ang plug-in: your DSL may be slow or experiencing technical problems, which would affect the streaming audio. another possible reason: the audio may not have finished downloading when you clicked on the play button. if you see a 'transferring data from' notice at the bottom of your open page, that means di pa tapos ang downloading from the file host. wait a bit, and try again. i've tried playing the clips both at home and in my office, and i noticed that mejo mas mabagal sa office, i guess because of LAN, etc. good luck next time! :)

ey bigbaddie, not just the movie, you should see the stage musical as well! :)

vincedejesus said...

gift ko na sa iyo noh?!


Leo said...

Uy.. enjoyed the clips alot! thanks for those... can't wait for the soundtrack to the musical to come out! Sayang yung movie soundtrack sana... I wonder what those four songs are. Hindi na ba ever mare-release yung tracks from the movie?

Anonymous said...

ei, im "now" a big fan of zzz. i've seen the movie and fell in love with it... though i hear a lot of bad reviews., sabi nila mas maganda daw ang comics at musical... kaso di ko pa napanood kasi im here sa cebu... magiging available ba ang soundtrack ng musical sa record bars?... i enjoyed the clips kasi... thanks po...

vincedejesus said...

Nope. Mukhang malabo magkaroon ng cd ang movie version. Medyo mahirap pagdating sa issue IPR.

Just buy the muzikal soundtrack! He he he.

Anonymous said...

darating po ba ang soundtrack sa cebu?., marami den po kasi fans ng zzz dito...

vincedejesus said...

Yup, the cd will be avialable nationwide by the end of this month. Minamadali na nga namin ang pagluluto ng mga cds. Carlo Vergara is trying to finish the album design as we speak! He he he. Also, you can download the songs through, siguro end of the month din. Inaayos pa namin para umabot ang lahat just in time for the rerun of Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal on Jan 19-28.

The ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH DOUBLE-DISC ORIGINAL CAST RECORDING is released through Ballyhoo Records and features 22 tracks from the muzikal and 3 bonus tracks. All songs were re-mastered, select songs were enhanced (I added instruments, effects and back-up vocals) and some songs were even re-recorded!

For those who loved the first home-made 'indie' soundtrack, this edition will surely make your ears pop. I'd like to call this the ZATURNNAH ZOUNDTRACK ON STEROIDZ!!!

vincedejesus said...

BABALA: This cd is for mature listeners ever!

Za wakaaaz! For those who missed the chance to grab a copy of it’s limited edition soundtrack, the phenomenal ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH ZE MUZIKAL Double-CD is now available nationwide and online! Released through Ballyhoo Records, this original cast recording of CCP-Tanghalang Pilipino’s rousingly funny musical hit of 2006 features 2006 Aliw Awards’ Best Actress (Musical) Eula Valdes as Zsazsa Zaturnnah, Agot Isidro and Kalila Aguilos as Queen Femina Suarestellar Baroux, Arnold Reyes as Dodong, Joey Paras as Didi and Tuxqs Rutaquio as Ada with the Tanghalang Pilipino Actor’s Company.

This Original Filipino Musical features 22 rip-roaring, soul-inspired, hip-bopping tunes composed by award-winning composer/musical director Vincent DeJesus. The double-disc set also includes 3 bonus tracks and complete lyrics of the muzikal. If you want to know more about ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH ZE MUZIKAL DOUBLE-CD visit our websites at, and or email us at

The parlorista ng bayan and friends (and arch-enemies) is now out with a double-cd! And boy… can they sing!!!

Stop piracy! Buy the original cd and help support Original Filipino Musicals.

Anonymous said...

i checked all the websites above. they dont have any info on zsa zsa zaturnnah. i also checked various music stores here in manila...still no zzz cast ba ito lalabas??

vincedejesus said... website is now active. You'll have to buy digijooze cards to be able to download.

The cds will be available on records bars end of january for it takes a while to deliver conventional cds to the outlets.


Happyness said...

hi there, i would like to ask kung avaialble pa ang soundtrack ng zsazsa. ive been looking around the merto, wala po akong makita.. thank you

gibbs cadiz said...

hi HAPPYNESS, i'm not sure if it's still commercially available, but do get in touch with composer-lyricist vince de jesus (he's on FB), am sure he can help you secure a copy. :)

Happyness said...

hi gibbs.. thanks for the info... can't find vince in FB huhuhhu

Happyness said...

gibbs, can't really find any ways to have a copy huhuhu. i can't find vince as well...

gibbs cadiz said...

here's vince's FB page: -- good luck! :)

Happyness said...

thanks..maybe you have an extra copy that i can buy hehehhe.. its been a year now that i'm looking for that soundtrack.. coz i came from the provice.. its not available there.. hehehhe

gibbs cadiz said...

aww, am sorry i don't have. if there's any left, i'm sure vince dj would be the best source for them, as he was the one that released the recording. :)

Happyness said...

sad.. no responds from vince... i hope i find a copy... huhuhu..or someone can lend me so i can transfer it to my ipod..

Happyness said...

Help po... huhuh.. sana may makita kong copy... :(

Happyness said...

SIr gibbs, kakapalan ko na face ko... ok lang po ba na mahiram copy mo or send them via email yung mga songs? gusto ko po talagang magkaroon ng copy.. kung ok lng po.. sana po di kayo magalit.. salamat po

gibbs cadiz said...

hi HAPPYNESS, am sorry, please just get in touch with vince de jesus, i think he's the right person to provide you a copy. if you can't get through to him on FB, try calling PETA (the numbers are all over this blog), where vince is a member. am sure the peta people would be able to link you up with him. thanks.

Happyness said...

That's fine,, i understand gibbs. sad to say no respond still with vince.. :( Thanks gibbs

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