Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Brokeback dreamgirl

Whattasport! Try not to like him too much. (Thanks, Marie, for the link!)


Glenn said...

egads! ang saya nito! ang ganda ng boses ha... btw, gibbs, ive moved blogspace -

beektur said...

ho-hum. cheap crap. seen better. great biceps though.

snglguy said...

Was this from Saturday Night Live?

Marie said...

Yup, it was from SNL, Jan. 13, 2007 episode. :)

Thanks for posting my favorite video, Gibbs! :)

By the way, some trivia: did you know that Jake was considered for the role of Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge? The last three actors down for the part were Ewan, Jake, and Heath Ledger! Jake was a bit too young at that time to play opposite Nicole Kidman (he was only 20). I suppose that's one of the reasons why he didn't get the role.:)

Jake has also been quoted as saying that he'd love to do one play for every three films. Yes, I've been doing my research... ;)

Nicole's Mama said...

THIS WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gibbs cadiz said...

ey GLENN, got it! :)

ay, nilait ng BEEKTUR! :)

ey, SNGLGUY, yep, from SNL.

MARIE, did you know that long before jake g. became THE jake g., i was already a fan? i thought he was great in 'october sky,' where he was introduced. same with leo di caprio, who became famous with romeo + juliet and titanic, but already made waves for me in 'this boy's life.' somehow, stars are more interesting when they're not that famous yet. :)

hi LEA, awesome indeed! thanks for dropping by. best of luck on 'les miz!' :)

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