Tuesday, January 30, 2007

False teeth

This just in from Reuters: "Straightening children's crooked teeth with braces may improve their smile but it is no guarantee of happiness and improved self esteem.

"A 20-year study by scientists in Britain that looked at the impact of braces on more than 300 children in Wales showed that having straighter teeth had little positive impact on their psychological health later in life.

"When they were questioned as adults, none of them regretted having had their teeth improved and most were satisfied with the way they looked. But there was no difference in their psychological wellbeing when compared to other people who have never had braces."

Bummer. I had my braces at 35 (!) because I'd always felt shy about my crooked teeth, and I thought advancing age would only make them worse. I needed to feel comfortable that they looked okay. And now it turns out these wires are of no help to my self-esteem? No shit! Gimme back my money!


beektur said...

it's cultural. they're british; they are proud of their crooked tea-stained teeth. it would take more than bloody braces to dismantle their self-esteem. they have not been an empire for a long time for nothing.

jhay said...

Cultural indeed. But the most common denominator would be that the one with braces are often grouped along with the geeks and 'losers' in school.

aryo said...

Don't fret. Am quite sure your investment will usher in more returns. Straighter teeth feels ..er.. looks better. :-)

Corsarius said...

oh no, haha. i've delayed using braces for a dozen years or so, though my dad's now insisting i get them. argh.

snglguy said...

Well at least you'll have a better-looking smile than the rest of us. :-D

gibbs cadiz said...

BEEKTUR, but they're not an empire anymore! so this is, like, dental nostalgia? :)

JHAY, thank god i got my braces in my 30s, when i've outgrown being a geek or a loser. :)

ARYO, sinabi mo! :)

ey CORSARIUS, get them now, before your teeth and bone harden some more and the braces prove useless. sayang lang all that pain and fuss if ever. :)

ey SNGLGUY, better-looking? di ata, hehe. i so envy those with perfect teeth without having to go through braces and retainers.

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