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Bobby Garcia ("Rent," "Jesus Christ Superstar," "Dreamgirls," "Beauty and the Beast") is out of Hong Kong Disneyland where he used to be overall show director, and is now with Broadway Asia Entertainment. His first production with the NY-based outfit is Rodgers & Hammerstein's "The King and I," which will tour Asian cities with a largely Broadway cast plus seven or so Pinoy performers. Caught up with the director after he watched "ZsaZsa Zaturnnah" at the CCP ("It's fun!"), and he also confirmed that Atlantis Productions will do the Tony-winning musical "Avenue Q" and the stage adaptation of Jessica Hagedorn's "Dogeaters" in Manila this year. Ms. Hagedorn will be in town to refine the script ("It's in English, but Jessica wants to put more local color to it," said Mr. Garcia). "Dogeaters" opens in November, after the porno-minded puppets of "Avenue Q" have (hopefully) done their best to discombobulate Manila playgoers in August-September.

Celeste Legaspi, Carla Martinez and Vivian Velez were no-shows at the glittering tribute to Daisy Hontiveros Avellana, National Artist for Theater, held last night at the CCP. Ms. Legaspi and Ms. Martinez were supposed to have sung excerpts from "Larawan" the musical to pay homage to Ms. Avellana's pioneering role as Candida in the Nick Joaquin opus, while Ms. Velez would have joined other Candidas and Paulas of stage and screen in reading lines from the play. In the end, it was only May Bayot and Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo who emerged to sing (beautifully) "Kay Sarap ng Buhay Nung Araw" and "Contra Mundum," the last two words also uttered by the 90-year-old Ms. Avellana at the climax of the gala tribute. (The honoree was so modest she steadfastly refused to ascend the stage, preferring to enjoy the show and bask in the accolades while seated among the audience.)

Model, singer and host Aliya Parcs is no longer part of Tanghalang Pilipino's production of F. Sionil Jose's "The Pretenders (Ang Mga Huwad)," under Chris Millado's direction. The abrupt news came barely a week before the play's Feb. 2 opening. In her first theater foray, Ms. Parcs was slated to play the female lead role of the aristocratic Carmen Villa opposite Romnick Sarmenta's embittered idealist Tony Samson. "Professional differences" was the official reason offered by TP. Possible translation: the inability of a pampered celebrity to adapt to the rigorous demands of theater work. Tsk tsk. Her replacement is Kalila Aguilos, who currently alternates with Agot Isidro as Queen Femina Suarestellar Baroux in "ZsaZsa Zaturnnah."

[Aliya Parcs photo: ABS-CBN Interactive]


carlo said...

i'm glad to have come across your site. very interesting posts!

snglguy said...

Aliya Parcs? Err, is she THAT famous? :-)

Anonymous said...

The write up didn't mention anything about how "famous" she is, but she did earn the credentials for being a "celebrity".

Being one Aliya's agents and knowing the the "translation" from the other side, is NOT that she's a pampered celebrity. On the contrary. She is one of the few most independant female celebrities who does everything by herself and does her job without the unnecessary "entourage". She is a singer, model, host and composer, handles bookings for herself as well as other artists and takes care of all her personal needs all at the same time without being so desperately dependant on others, like most of the typical showbiz personalities as well as the supposed higher and sometimes even middle "class".

So before you make statements that insinuate false accusations, please get your facts first or consider that there is not just one side to a story. You can not judge a person you have never met or generalize in a gossip kind of way because you are tainting the "reputation" of the theatre world and Filipino theatre culture even more than it already has been. This is not respectable at all.


Anonymous said...

Btw, fyi, I have personally experienced the times that she had conflicts with the person in charge of scheduling. She made sure to inform this person in advance and was given permission to attend her other work engagements. Despite Aliya following the rules according to time, these confirmed requests were not forwarded to the director and she ended up getting the blame for not being present. This is highly unproffessional and unjust treatment. It's so easy to blame her BECAUSE she is a showbiz personality. But is it fair to dump the blame on her because of the reputation "showbiz personalities" seem to have in general? Knowing first hand how Aliya works I strongly disagree. Seeing what she does and how she handles things she can definitely not be compared to the stereo type Filipino of her caliber.

The reason I take this so personal is because she is one of the most generous, selfless good hearted artists I've ever met who does not ask anything in return. And all the rumors and badgering she has had to endure so unjustly by insecure envyous people really has to stop. A wonderful person like her does not deserve this at all. It's time that the people she has helped, touched and stood up for finally return the favor.


gibbs cadiz said...

hi CARLO, many thanks for the visit! :)

ey SNGLGUY, er, am not really sure. :)

dear KAYE, thank you for taking the time to post comments here on behalf of ms. parcs, and for the effort to set the record straight from your end. as one of her agents, you have every right to do this, and i appreciate that you yourself have touched on some possible reasons--conflicts in schedule primarily, it seems very clear from your post--why ms. parcs eventually couldn't be part of the cast. we've heard from ms. parcs through you, and let that stand. best of luck on her future projects. btw, i was looking forward to her theater debut because i had heard she approached her role very intelligently during early rehearsals. too bad it didn't come to pass this time. maybe next time... :) i do hope, since you've made mention of some 'unprofessional' and 'unjust' treatment that ms. parcs had received from the tanghalang pilipino side, that you wouldn't begrudge their seeing fit to air their side too in this blog--they're certainly welcome to do that IF they choose to. again, many thanks for your comments. :)

conrad said...

In theater, you give your all during the rehearsals, most especially during the week before opening night. No excuses. There's even a saying, that the only reason a director will accept an actor not being in rehearsals is "EITHER HE'S DEAD OR DYING." It may sound extreme, but believe me, the best and most respected actors in the theater industry respect this rule.

Being in theater myself, sometimes we are even asked to cancel ALL our other commitments to prepare for the opening. When we ask for permission to be absent or late (five days notice), we make sure that when we come back to rehearsals - we are ready, we have memorized our lines, we have studies our scripts, know our character, our units and objectives and perfected our blockings. Those are the demands of theater and unfortunately not everone is cut out for it - celebrity ka man o beginning actor.

These two worlds, theater and showbiz are entirely different worlds. Many "famous actors" were successful in crossing these two worlds but they had to give up many high-paying projects so they could devote 200% of their time to the theater production (like Eula Valdes, Ricky Davao, Cherie Gil, Laurice Guillen.) I've met many celebrities who had to give up their theater gigs because they cannot afford pass off high-paying shoots or tapings. It's a difficult balancing act; you have to be mature enough to know what your priorities are - pera ba o artistic growth? Kung ano man ang desisyon mo, dapat alam mo na bago mo pasukin ang mundo ng teatro.

I'm not questioning nor judging the personality of Aliya, nor her kind and generous heart. (To tell you the truth, I'm not really familiar with her.) Maybe what she should do is attend workshops in acting, get involved in production workshops and ensemble work and so she would be better prepared in case she ventures into the theater world again - that is, if she would want to give it another try and that theater companies would be willing to give her another chance.


carlo said...

I would have loved to see Aliya on stage as well. Whatever it is that transpired between TP and Aliya, I guess we'll never know.

I believe Kalila is also great so I'm still excited to see the play. See you on all on opening night!

Nick said...

The great Lino Brocka also wrote "Contra Mundum" before his signature on my copy of Nick Joaquin's book, "Portrait of an Artist as Filipino" when I met him at his staging of "Larawan" (the Tagalog version of Portrait of an Artist as Filipino) at the Rajah Sulayman Theatre in Fort Santiago. This original staging of Larawan starred a dream cast: Lolita Rodriguez, Charito Solis and Philip Salvador. (My sister and I were so close to the stage that we could literally touch the actors.) The supporting cast were PETA stalwarts, most of whom are now also in the movies. I still keep the play's program with the signatures of the lead cast. Any bidder?

snglguy said...

Hey Gibbs, I was wondering if "anonymous" AKA Kaye is the same Kaye who called me a "bitter and shallow single guy" in her comment to my post last weekend. Hahaha :-D

Care to check it out?

gibbs cadiz said...

hello CONRAD, thank you for the very illuminating comment. i agree with every word you said. :)

ey CARLO, yep, am excited to see kalila, too! :)

wow NICK, dream cast indeed. what an experience that run must have been. i hope you're just kidding when you ask for any bidders for your brocka-signed book! :) let's see: i have here a souvenir program of 'the producers' signed by its original stars, nathan lane and matthew broderick. swap? hehe! :)

ey SNGLGUY, you were called 'bitter and shallow?' hmmm, she had no idea, haha! sige, makikiusyoso ako. :)

susan said...

Aaliyah was that famous Afro-American singer who died. Park is that irritating actress who sang IN OR OUT.

But who is Aaliyah Parks?

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