Sunday, February 18, 2007

And now for my comments

Anong kaguluhan 'to!?

Haha, joke. But seriously, 52 comments? You all killed me there. THANK YOU, and I mean every letter of that phrase. So this is what you like to read, huh--one pseudo-sob story and all your inner Oprahs come out. Now you've put me in a bind: What do I write about next? How do I top the "He have a lover" punchline? Should I tell you about the time... wait, never mind. Next time.

I usually thank every single "commenter" in my blog, but that sounds like a tall order this time. Just know that I'm really grateful for the kind words, the back rub, the boost--and this goes even to Mr. Anonymous, who corrected my writing and got clobbered by a few others for it. Let me repeat what I said in my earlier post: Unless you're The Effing One, or are about to be, there's no need to worry about your grammar in my presence. I'm not going to wield my proverbial red pen on your paragraphs. I'm paid to do that at work. This blog isn't work, so everyone gets a pass here. I'll just whip out my abaniko and primly giggle to myself. Joke again!

Okay, enough of that for now. Did you know that so many theater productions are currently running in tiny Manila? Yes, buhay na buhay po ang teatro! A friend sent me a text message the other day expressing amazement that he was able to see three different plays on three consecutive weekends. "I didn't know there's a lot to see pala!," he said. Now he knows.

Do find time to catch these shows:

"Ang Mga Huwad (The Pretenders)": Tanghalang Pilipino, CCP
"Belong Puti": PETA (Nonon Padilla's directorial comeback)
"Basilia ng Malolos": Dulaang UP
"Song & Dance": Repertory Philippines (Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical)
"Philippine Bedtime Stories": an RP-Japan theater collaboration, CCP
"Isandaang Panaginip": Entablado, Ateneo de Manila
"The Importance of Being Earnest": Kultura, UA&P
"High School Musical": Blue Repertory (opens Feb. 23)

My reviews of Tanghalang Ateneo's just-finished "The Glass Menagerie" and TP's "The Pretenders" come out tomorrow in PDI. Here's a tip: Don't wait for what I or others have to say; use this Sunday (and the next weekends) to see any one or all of these shows (PETA has morning schedules). In fact, don't listen to us so-called critics at all. Read us if you like, but regardless of what our opinions are, go watch the plays and judge for yourselves.

Don't think you're wasting hard-earned money on shows you end up not feeling too happy about. Cliche but true: every play you go to, good or bad, is a learning experience. At least at the end of a bad one you'd have an idea how something like it should not be mounted. Keri na yun.

Hey, many thanks again. 52 comments! Can you say giddy?


snglguy said...

Well, you asked for it! LOL :-D

chino said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chino said...

haha.. 52 comments?.. how i wish my blog would generate that sort of attention....*daydreaming*

anyway...hehehe...i've always thought that theatre in manila has always been under-rated.. not enough advertisements.. I think that the Philippines' Theatre-actors are world-class and deserve more attention than what they are getting.. unfortunately.. commercial movies and soaps are the fad.. HOORAY for the arts..

vincedejesus said...


Sikat ka na talaga, Gibbs. Sikat ka na.


waltzang said...

don't worry about not meeting the effing one yet, sabi nga ni vilma santos, "you can never can tell, it might be a blessing in the sky."

aryo said...

53.. and counting.

Di ka na talaga ma-reach. Isa ka ng institusyon sa mundo ng blogging.

Halelujah! :-)

joelmcvie said...

Oh no, seventh comment... 45 more to go! Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

saw Song & Dance last friday night with Carla Guevarra as the lead. It was great. You guys should see it.

Little Fish said...

'di pala ako bagay dito na site...
gusto ko sanang maging isang "theater fan" pero mahirap intindihin ang mga sinasabi dito...
crush ko pa naman itong gibbs cadiz, pogi na matalino pa!
mamamatay ako sa englisan dito...
gibbs cadiz, mahal kita!
i will remain forever loving you in a distance, loving you in a distance...i will not feel pain and rejection.

english 'yon...sana korek grammar!

little fish

EdiTrixiaGomez said...

'Anong kaguluhan 'to!?'

Or as Jolina said it out of nowhere sa Ama, Ina, Anak: "What seems to be the commotion?"

Marie said...

Hey Gibbs! Thanks for the mention! :) We're done with the run of "The Importance of Being Earnest" already... now we're moving on to the Filipino version, "Ang Kahalagahan ng Pagiging Seryo", which we hope will be equally entertaining :)

gibbs cadiz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gibbs cadiz said...

ey SNGLGUY, hehe, i know! thanks for obliging me. :)

hi CHINO, agree! so let's do our part to convince more people to come to the theater. :)

haha VINCE, me sisikat pa ba sa composer/lyricist/musical arranger/alternate ada ng 'zsazsa zaturnnah?' :)

ay WALTZ, if i don't meet the effing one, i'll spend my last days on earth as a missionary or a monk. juicekopo! :)

ARYO, institution ka diyan! wait pag nag six months na itong blog--sa march 12. hahahaha! :)

ey MCVIE, salamat sa dagdag-comments! :)

hi MR. ANONYMOUS, i'm there with you: carla guevarra was fetching as emma in 'song & dance.' great show! gino gonzales' set and monino duque's lighting were also first-rate. am very glad that rep is now trying to be a bit more cutting-edge and daring. terrific dancing too from powerdance in act 2 (melanie motus was fantastic!), but then, what do i know about dance? :)

hehe, LITTLEFISH, you don't have to read me and my 'mahirap intindihin' english to be a theater fan. just go out there and watch local plays and musicals, and you'd be amazed at the talent and resourcefulness our actors and theater people have. you really don't need me to see all that. gogogo! :)

hey EDITRIXIAGOMEZ, what a winner your name is! as in panalo, haha! reminds me of this bit of streisandiana: when barbs was still in her teens, way before she became famous, she worked for a brief period as telephone operator. she was so bored with her job that she would try on different names and accents while answering the phone. her favorite alias: angelina scarangella--which just cracks me up every time i remember it. i think ka-level yan ng editrixiagomez! (and yes, i know who trixia gomez is--i remember watching this movie as a kid--'damo at talahib' ata ang title, with vilma santos, rudy fernandez (?) and trixia gomez as the temptress. o ha!) :)

ey MARIE, you're welcome! yes, i was referring to both the shows actually, but glad you mentioned the title of the filipino version. do tell javi coromina and the two lovely girls that they should be seen in rep and other english-language theater prods. they're good and ready for it. break a leg kamo to the cast of the pinoy version! :)

Lazarus said...

Hey gibbs, I think this is the second time I’ve commented on your blog. But I do read your entries. Hindi na ako sumali sa 52 na nag comment.

It’s been 3 years since I watched a play. I even forgot the title of that one. It’s an adaptation of a Broadway play. There aren’t many shows performed here in Cebu kasi

Anonymous said...

leche ka! kulang sa pansin kasi! puro mantika sa taba!

sige idelete mo bilis - kasi takot ka sa mga negative comments - bakla!

Anonymous said...

Great Site. Was added to mybookmarks. Greetings From USA.

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