Friday, February 23, 2007


Got this in my e-mail, and I must say it's one of the stupidest appeals I've ever read.

PLS patronize pirated DVD's so that the Filipino movie industry will die & we will no longer have actors, actresses, nor their spouses running for public office. Pls pass.

It's stupid because it gets the argument backwards. Actors are running in droves for public office precisely because the movie industry that once nurtured them and gave them a semblance of a profession (or a "career," as they are wont to call it) is now dying, if not dead. Stomping on it when it's down, grinding it to dust, would only spur the remaining denizens of this once-proud community to crawl out of the woodwork and use the only edge they have over professional politicians--their popularity--to grab every available grubby seat in government and turn our politics into one big movie studio.

I have no love lost for movie stars becoming politicians, but the solution to keep them from jumping into the political arena is to lure them back into the movies, and that means resuscitating the business side of the industry that undergirded the making of those flicks. Recall that during the golden years of Philippine movies, when various local studios were producing some 300 titles a year, actors in politics were the exception, not the norm. But of course. Work was plentiful for them in front of the cameras, there was enough gravy to go around in the insular, rarefied world they inhabited, so why bother with the much seamier undertaking of politics?

It was only with the industry's gradual decline beginning in the 1990s that the distressing spectacle of actors crossing over to public governance became, first a trend, then a stampede. Movies were becoming scarce, the old monolithic studios had broken up and were being replaced by TV networks, audience attendance was falling, the old cinematic formulas weren't working anymore. Many actors found themselves jobless, or at least wracked with insecurity at the prospect of becoming one. However, they did have one thing that every politician and his grasping cousin would kill to have: name recall, sometimes even after many years of having been inactive in showbiz.

Joseph Estrada showed them the way. This actor had spent many years as mayor of a small if wealthy suburb--an anomaly, in fact, at a time when actors in politics were a tiny number. When he ran for senator, his best years in the business were far behind him. Yet for a has-been, he was a smashing success at the polls, eventually becoming Vice President and finally President. Proof that name recall, built from heroic celluloid images that lit every movie theater of the archipelago, guaranteed a good showing at the polls--what political hacks would soon term "winnability."

With no discernible future in showbiz, what are actors to do but think they can cash their "winnable" popularity in the form of a public title? Of course the reality is much more nuanced than this: Quite a number of stars have imploded at the polls--kamusta na, Phillip Salvador and Rudy Fernandez?--which goes to show that name recall alone is no good when it's up against, say, politicians with more money, machinery and a taste for ruthlessness--or with a flair for acting more "showbiz" than the real movie star.

But let not these actors kid us and themselves. Boo to anyone who says he or she is running for office "to serve the people." Up yours! You wanna serve, then ditch your comfortable digs and be a social worker. Otherwise, don't blame us for thinking that you're declaring yourself fit for mayor or congressman only because showbiz hasn't been that rewarding for you these days.

The bigger sin for me lies not in these actors, but in the politicians who have bought in on the trick for their own self-serving reasons. When the Current Occupant (thank you for the term, Garrison Keillor) practically pees in her pants running after the likes of Cesar Montano to join her senatorial ticket, who do you damn, Mr. Montano or his patron who's supposed to know better? Who's the more insidious character in this sorry set-up?

Dolphy, true to his stature as one of the last great links of the film industry to its once-mighty past, seems to be among the very few sensible showbiz lights left, given his avowed refusal to join the celebrity horde invading government. A class act. But then, he can live off the millions he's made from his iconic longevity. Not everyone in show business is as savvy or sensible, or with prospects for a long-haul career, especially now.

Revive the comatose Philippine movie industry, make it a viable business again where everyone is busy-happy-half-drunk just as in the old days, and more of Dolphy's distracted co-workers (not all) will wake up from their political delusions and resume being the pampered, adored artista that they all love to be. (Take your pick: Richard Gomez onscreen, or on the Senate floor?) Until such time, bored movie stars trooping to the Comelec, attended by their tongue-flicking political Svengalis, will be a sight every election season--and God help us all.


chino said...

what i dont understand is the seemigly eternal sweatshop-like productions of teeny-bopper flicks that, for the lack of a better term, brainwash the audience. I know there are a lot of good films that show much more than just "poor boy meets rich girl.. poor boy gets jealous of rich girl's boyfriend, rich girl starts to like poor boy and they end up together"..

I'm just so disheartened that that's what's happening to Philippine Cinema...

Anonymous said...

Im amused by your misplaced idealism! First, being a self-proclaimed grammar police. Second, this condescending attitude toward piracy. All idealist standpoints (!)you mustn't be aware what's happening around. Start living the real world and from that make-believe world you're flattering yourself with.

For you to be real critic you should know that Sarah is a hell lot better singer than Sharon and Sharon, aside from being the most plastic of showbiz, is also not a good actress to deserve your critical fanaticism. Ha-ha!

Regarding your grammar-police assumptions, just in case you haven't read my previous message: Ang totoong mayayaman, hindi matapobre. Ang mga pobre na biglang yaman ay siyang mga matapobre. There...

Cindy Reyes-Dalusong

Anonymous said...

Grabe! Nangangamoy away!

In defense of my dear friend Gibbs (he he makigulo daw ba), allow me please respond to some of the "points" raised by Daisy (di ko kasi makita ang point sa ibang pronouncements):-):

1. Gibbs has never proclaimed himself as a grammar police(man?). He is simply a damn good writer that even the Inquirer has recognized that. If he smirks at mangled English, that normally is not because he is smug, but because that is how most of us who are at least familiar with the language (including you i suppose) would react.

2. The article was not about piracy. Read again. Condescending? For someone who collects DVDs and now has over 6 thousand titles? Tip: Di po galing sa E-bay o Amazon ang mga yun.

3. Hindi pa po mayaman si Gibbs. Nagdidyip nga lang yan papunta sa CCP. Well, it's true people say theater is for the elite or mayayaman. But that does not always refer to finances, if you know what I mean.

As to the other ramblings, bahala na ang iba. :-0

Anonymous said...

Ayan. Namali tuloy ang sentence ko sa taas. A basta, alam na dapat ang tama.

Anonymous said...

Warning: Kung mang-aaway man lang, siguraduhin lang sana na naiintidihan ang binabasa please. Pero di bale, at least you provided some comic relief to Gibbs' readers. Kaaliw ka, ate.

Candy Burritos-Alaminos

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Mr. Cadiz! This is one of the most sensible post that I have read regarding the state of Philippine cinema and actors-turned-politicos.

If these actors really want to serve the public, then I recommend they stick to what they do best: ACTING, not in the political arena, but in film or TV. Stick to that! Don't go dipping your hands in the public coffers which was funded by my hard-earned money or debt that we can't afford to pay just so you can feel better about yourself.

Any self-respecting Filipino should know better.


joelmcvie said...

And what about the likes of Manny Pacquiao? Does he really have to enter politics to "give back to the community"?

vincedejesus said...

Anong kaguluhan ito?

HINDI TUNGKOL SA PIRATED DVDS ANG BLOG! Take off point lang yun. Jus ko. Anuba.

At sinong Sarah ba ang tinutukoy? Geronimo o Balabagan?


Hapunta Cordova-Morales said...

Dapat lang na condescending ang attitude natin sa piracy ano! Any business that makes money by stealing should be looked down upon. Hindi porke't pinaliligiran tayo ng nakawan ay nangangahulugang tatanggapin na natin ito. I don't own a single pirated dvd. I may only have around 30 dvds but they are all legal and original. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING AN IDEALIST. Kesa naman tumunganga ka na lang diyan at nagtataka kung bakit hanggang ngayon ay wala kang nararating sa buhay.

Maraming mayayaman diyan, hindi nga matapobre --- pero pinananatili ka nilang pobre. Marami din namang biglang-yaman na mapag-kawanggawa. Maraming mahirap ang tamad. Marami ding masisipag kaya hindi nagtatagal umaangat din ang pamumuhay nila. Maraming mayayaman ang matapobre kaya ayun hindi nagtatagal kina-karma sila at humahanay sa mga nilalait nila. Sweeping generalizations about a social sector's collective behavior has no basis whatsoever.

And what is this with Sarah and Sharon? Wer did dat kam pram? There is no comparison between the two because Sharon is a product of her time --- isang panahon na ang usong kantahan ay simple, tahimik at mapayapa. Si Sarah, produkto ng singing contest na ang objective ay manalo, bumirit at manggulat ng tao. Pareho silang magaling, but they belong to different musical worlds. Kung sino man ang gusto mo sa kanila, depende yan sa taste mo.

By the way, the Cadiz article really isnt about pirated dvds. There...

Sige, isusulat ko rin ang buong pangalan ko. Uso pala ito ngayon. Parang convicted serial killer names - always comes in threes.

Hapunta Diaz-Morales

krung-krung said...

Tama na Cindy or anonymous!
Hindi na kita kayaaaaaah. Kailangan mo ng sense of humor! Mabibili yan saiyong pinakamalapit na suking tindahan.

annamanila said...

Yes, up theirs!!

I received that e-mail too. The argument may be faulty .. but it's funny and it works. Kaya ako, I passed it on.

But your arguments are incisive. Pwede ka din pala political writer with the inside dope sa entertainment industry.

But you really think reviving the movie industry will stop Richard Gomez and ilk from running?

Well, let me tell you, I have stopped reading the front pages. Lifestyle and entertainment na lang.

Anonymous said...

Excellent points. Let's just hope that we Filipinos are wiser na this time. I can't imagine that there will come a time na half of the people who govern us are former actors/actresses. They rather be infront of the cameras na lang and do what they do best, that is to entertain us.

Rhoi Vincent Dizon y Benito

koji87 said...

eto ang away....


koji87 said...

magsama kayo ng apo mong si sarah balabagan (na parang may nakabalagbag na matigas na ebak sa leeg pag kumakanta)sa kaharian ng mga engot...pag umpugin ko mga ulo niyong abo ang laman eh...tang ina ka nakakawala ka ng......antok(2 am na po kze)

Anonymous said...

Obviously, others are close friends to Gibbs, with their pronouncement of a kiss-ass defender. Kaibigan-kita-kaya-ipagtatanggol-kita plasticity that would summon all acting-aktingan histrionics just to prove his undying friendship with Gibbs… Pretty basic Hahaha.

To answer some points, here:

1. Fact: Gibbs, in an attempt to appear critic of high caliber, mutilated Sarah G for her Bituing Walang Ningning portrayal and at the poor beginner’s expense crooned praises for Sharon and her Bituing Walang Ningning. Yuck!

2. No, I don’t assume a grammar police posturing as Gibbs does. I won three Palancas already, won several essay competitions (in English ha!) but until now there are times I absentmindedly exchange ‘they’re’ and “their”, “whole” and “hole”, that is when I type so fast to catch my rapid thoughts up. So why should I grammar-police?! NO ONE SHOULD! NO ONE, NOT EVEN GIBBS’ LIBIDO!

3. Tatagalogin ko po yung tungkol sa “matapobre” kong comment. Mukhang low IQ yung iba, e, at di nakuha yung analogy. Opo, ANALOGY po yun! A-N-A-L-O-G-Y! I didn’t say he is rich! Hello, kung mayaman po siya, I’m sure di siya magki-kiss ass kay Sharon Cuneta katulad ng ginagawa niya ngayon. Think deeper and see that I talked of “matapobre” in the grammar-police context.

4. Who said the blog entry was all about piracy? Hello! It’s about other else and, yes, piracy too, and Gibbs condescending attitude. Condescending and idealistic standpoint. And who says, my comment is about piracy! I said, think deeper and don’t just read literally.

5. Daming nagreply! Don’t you think, you owe me for making this blog at least interesting? Friend ba talaga kayo ni Gibbs o baka naman si Gibbs and alter ego ka lang trying to face up criticism? Katuwa no, a criticism for an idealist critic. Teka, matingnan nga yung mga pix sa friendster mo!

Cindy Reyes-Dalusong

the spy in the sandwich said...

Ms. Reyes-Daluyong, I happen to be the webmaster of the Palanca website, and the Palanca Foundation has provided me with the complete list of winners since 1951. I have not come across your name in any winners' list. If you want to verify this, you can go to

Ian Rosales Casocot

the spy in the sandwich said...

I meant Ms. Reyes-Dalusong. Not Daluyong.

Abaniko said...

Poocha Gibbs, ang saya-saya dito. Intelektwal ang diskusyon. Ibang klase.

At di pa nag-comment si Chris at Erwin sa lagay na yan. :D

Maryanne Moll said...

Well said. Now if only the Filipino masses could think along the same lines.


Maryanne Moll said...

Sorry. I was referring to Gibbs' article. :)

lateralus said...

How can you revive it without resorting to a heaping mound of fantasy-riddled story lines ala Enteng Kabisote? I think the digital and global age has caught up with the industry and it will never be the big market that it was once.

the best films now are the ones that don't see the light of day in SM and Robinsons. The movies are being made. Are they being watched? No. And even if the public had access to them, they still won't be watched. Times have changed.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ian Rosales Casocot, you happen to think my screen name is appealing, right? If not, you should. After all, screen names are ought to be alluring. My name, of course not the screen one, is up there in your website. Keep searching....

Okay, you're forgiven for mispelling my screen name.

Ms Cindy Reyes-Dalusong

Anonymous said...

Ms. Cindy Reyes-Dalusong, what's your real name anyway? Your posturing is cowardly and infantile. Kinda ironic you're accusing the blogger of using fake identities to defend himself when you're using a screen (meaning fake) name yourself. At least have the balls (or the ovaries if indeed you're a woman) to use your real name and not your so-called screen name if you want to make personal attacks.

-Miggy Escaño

dorky492 said...

It is always so easy to attack people when you are hiding behind an avatar or a fictitious name.

Gawa ka na lang ng sarili mong blog. Marami ka namang opinyon, di ba? Sige, bibisitahin na kamin pag may time kami.

Uy, baka dito ka naghahanap ng readers... tapos ipro-promote mo ang sarili mong blog afterwards.

Ikaw talaga...

scully said...

naman cindy. magaling. magaling. magaling.

kung nanalo ka nga ng palanca... congrats ha! pero baka noon pa yung award mo kasi you've obviously lost your touch in writing. saliwa na naman kasi ang logic mo sa last posting mo. nauuna ang init ng ulo bago ang thought. have the muses left you? are you sick or old na ba? how can you be the award-winning writer that you claim when you obviously haven't even mastered the art of subtlety? naman please...

madami na talagang nagre-reply dito sa blog ni gibs bago ka pa man din dumating. lalo sigurong dumami kasi ganun naman talaga ang mga pinoy, kapag may nababalitaang war freak... pinagkakaguluhan! yes, maybe you've made this blog more interesting BUT IN MOST JOLOGS SORT OF WAY. walang kang ka-finesse-finesse. napaka-crass. your arrogance is all over the web. i can even feel your negative energy coming out of my monitor. dhay, 21 inches ang monitor ko!!! so can you imagine the negative vibes i'm getting from you?

no, i am not close to gibbs and i don't even know him personally. but hey! THIS IS HIS BLOG and we are all visitors here and you are merely replying TO HIS BLOG. he set THIS BLOG UP. without HIS BLOG you dont have a voice. puwede namang kontrahin ang mga sinasabi niya at punahiin siya pero naman, konting pino naman.

gusto mong turuan kitang magset-up ng sarili mong blog para doon mo i-post ang mga credentials mo at doon mo rin sabihin how good and sensitive a person you are na hindi ka matapobre at kung gaano mo kagusto si sarah geronimo? libre lang ang gumawa ng blog. type mo?

kung ayaw mong gumawa ng sariling blog, punta ka na lang sa purititiwang yahoogroups. bagay ka doon. bilis! maraming matatalino doon.

winston song-tua

clem said...

gibbs, you write an interesting blog. condescending readers' comments do not make it any more or any less interesting.

i understand you perfectly. i don't always agree. but write on. i shall read on gladly.

vincedejesus said...

Clem is right.

I would still visit this blog as often as I can even if some people think that what they have to say is much more politically correct or wiser or more sensitive than what you have to say. I would still read your blog not because you're a friend or because I like kissing your bottom... but because I simply enjoy reading what you write. Now, if some would find that stupid, weno ngayon?

I think we've pretty much exhausted this thread. Now, on to the next topic. Write, Gibbs! Write!



Maryanne Moll said...

A real Palanca winner would never hide behind a pseudonym when declaring his or her opinions online, especially if it's on the topic of intellectual property rights infringement. A real Palanca winner would fight to the death for her words because as a writer, she would know that her well-written piece -- and her real name behind them -- can stand up to very close scrutiny.

I think someone just wants to give her opinions a little credence by hanging her "pseudonym" upon the Palancas.

vincedejesus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the amateur misanthrope said...

But it's not just the movie stars who are trooping to COMELEC to register as candidates. Television performers are also running to win--and television is still very much a viable industry in this country. How does this figure in the analysis?

RVDing said...

misanthrope, let's lump them all into this "Celebrity" basket, shall we? Desperate to bask in whatever remains of their perceived glory.

Aren't we all but actors on the same stage?

Anonymous said...

I've said my piece about Gibbs already so I'm clearing out of the picture now. My points were valid and I wonder how my co-Palanca winners, Moll and Casocot, are overreacting as if they have monopoly of the Palanca awards forgetting that I've mentioned those facts not to show off but to underscore the fact that even Palanca winners do mess up grammar sometimes thus grammar-policing is a big no-no. What's wrong with that?

Now, Moll, since you're trying to get yourself dipped in the waters, I'll give you what you want before I finally exit. Isn't your posturing just to show off that you are already a Palanca winnner, though you only got one, compared to mine, at least three, and yours a third place at that? And if that is so, isn't it you're a bigger KSP than me, yeah, for crying out loud: HEY EVERYONE, IM A PALANCA WINNER! And to tell you frankly, based on your blog, which is solely dedicated to your man and your sexual fantasies, and your writings, including your Palanca third placing At Merienda, which is a simplistic recollection of your family's eccentricity, your English is pretty simplistic, like your pieces, I must admit Gibbs is a better writer than you and I wonder how come you won a Palanca for that pretty average piece!

Moll, before you try to lecture me on being a Palanca winner, improve your craft first and make sure you are lecturing to a lesser writer, and not to a finer one, one who has more Palancas, who can measure you up, in whatever capacity your sheltered life can only offer. I'll give you one advice on how to become a better writer than what you are now: Go back to your childhood and tell your parents you don't want to live a sheltered life. Heck!

For now, I'm sneaking out, so much for making this thread interesting, till Gibbs does a grammar-police posturing again.

Ms Cindy Reyes-Dalusong

joelmcvie said...

AMATEUR MISANTHROPE: While it's true that there are TV personalities moving into politics, these are more of the news/current affairs kind (examples, Noli and Loren). The other TV personalities are actually actors who've moved on to TV because of the lack of movie projects. Of course there are people like Bong Revilla Jr. who was already in politics and in the movie business who moved on to TV after. Regardless, I think the point of the article is that if Phil showbiz is as busy or even busier (and consequently, more lucrative) than before, then perhaps we won't see so many showbiz folks running in the elections.

Anonymous said...

Paki-explika nga something:

Sey ni Ms Cindy Reyes-Dalusong: "So why should I grammar-police?! NO ONE SHOULD!"

Tapos sa next paragraph, ispluk niya: "Think deeper and see that I talked of 'matapobre' in the grammar-police context."

Iz it jaz moi, or was that a purpouseful contradiction to ironically drive home a point, mga manash?


Anonymous said...

ang yayabang nyo ever! weno kung palanca winner kayo? pakialam namin??? ampapangit naman ng mga "palanca-winning" story nyo no? kilala lang kayo ng mga bobo ring judges kaya kayo nanalo! sinsikato yang palanca awards magkakakilala lahat mga judges at karamihang contestants ano!

dorky492 said...

Wow. Ang galing mo talaga Cindy Daluyong. Clap. Clap. Clap. Classic case ka talaga darling! Ang sarap mong gawing case study!

Bilib na bilib ka talaga sa TATLONG PALANCA mo, ano? I'm sure you even have sex with your Palanca plaques kaya wala ka nang panahon to have sexual fantasies with real men. Mahina na ba ang tuhod ng great writer?

We know very well that not all Palanca-winning pieces are great --- kahit na yung mga ibang nananalo ng first place. Who are we kidding? And even if your award-winning pieces were any good, it just goes to show that your WORK probably is far more superior than your obnoxious personality.

I bet you hindi ka pa umalis talaga, andiyan ka lang eh. Nagbabasa ulit ng blog nang may blog. Kasi malungkot ang buhay mo. Nawala na ang mga friends mo dahil sa tabil at anghang ng iyong dila. Kaya andiyan ka lang sa bahay mo, naglo-load ng dial-up prepaid internet card at naghihintay muli ng pagkakataon na manggulo at magyabang at magbigay ng opinyon mo sa amin na para namang hinihingi namin. Ang duwag na Palanca award-winning writer DAW na ni walang bayag aminin kung ano talaga ang pangalan na ibinigay sa kanya ng kanyang mga magulang. Na nagtatago sa likod ng isang huwad na pangalan na walang kaima-imahinasyon. Isang sniper na nasa tore at umaasinta ng aming sentido sabay nakataklob naman ng gasa ang mukha. A self-righteous, attention-grabbing assasin. Such a twisted, sad mind you have. Go apologize to your parents that you turned out to be this way. Go, now! Go!

Cindy, ang ipinakita mong uri ng pagsusulat sa blog na ito na punung-puno ng kayabangan AY LIPAS NA. How very 80's. Hindi na uso yan. Parehong-pareho kayong magsulat ng lahat ng mga kilala kong dating magagaling pero laos na. Kahit mga guro sa unibersidad na katulad mong lumalangoy sa sariling katas ng kahambugan ay unti-unti na ring kumukupas. Naiiwan sa isang sulok at nag-iipon ng alikabok ng nagdaang panahon. Sandaling oras na lang at ika'y makakalimutan na ng aming henerasyon. Eh ngayon pa nga lang, hindi ka namin lubusang kilala... ano pa kaya bukas?

Good riddance. Bye. Kisses. Ingat. Ikumusta mo na lang ako kay Carlos Palanca ha. Pakisabi kay Sylvia Palanca-Quirino na miss na miss ko na siya. Paki-hello na rin kina Bernard at Miko.

Anonymous said...

ano ba yun 3 palanca mo baka naman sa play o one act play lang. alam mo kokonti sumasali sa play category ng palanca. wala pa yata 10 entries kada year. o baka 5 or 3 lang. kaya mga judges pipili lang doon sa 5 entries ng mananalo maski pangit ok na basta may manalo lang. minsan naman wala napipili kaya no award given kasi pangit lahat entries. kya wag nyo ipagyabang mga palanca nyo

lateralus said...

Gibbs, dati nagsabi ka na sana dumami readers mo... o, ayan na!!! Sobra sobra pa.

people are crazy about you... you lucky bastard. wehehehe

joelmcvie said...

GIBBS: Ika nga ni the late Stella Strada (teeeka, Strada nga ba o Suarez? Now I'm not sure. But heniwey!): "This is a crazy planets!"

Well, this is a crazy blogs! Now we can truly say about Gibbs, "He have a crazy followers!"

snglguy said...

Whoa! Look at all those comments Gibbs! Two days lang ako absent sa blog mo 39 comments na agad!

Tsk tsk, somebody sure is real pissed in here. Oh well, you can't please everyone. I wonder if she (if she is indeed a SHE) even has a blog. If she doesn't, maybe she ought to start one and post her "award winning" literary pieces.

BTW, this is definitely your best and liveliest post, Gibbs.

beektur said...

brava to the writing of dorky. matulain! maimahinasyon! madamdamin! i even deemed at least 3 writing styles. magaling. it deserves a palanca for best blog comment. :)

Gypsy said...

Gibbs dear,
For whatever it's worth, I would like to THANK YOU for triggering one of the liveliest, most (if not THE MOST) colorful, exciting comment exchanges I have ever (or probably will ever) come across in blog history. *grin*

And by the way, I agree with you wholeheartedly!

eeks, but ayaw ma-publish ng comment ko?! Have you reached a limit?! May ganun ba? Wow, record breaking siguro to. Hehe.

dorky492 said...

Hey chenks, beektur. Na -touch naman ako sa sinabi mo. Nakakainit kasi talaga ng ulo ang mga mala-Daluyong na comments nung taong iyon eh. Ayan, napapasulat tuloy ako nang mahaba. Imbis na naghuhugas na lang ako ng pinggan...

Hi Anonymous (yung nag-post ng 2:21pm). Hindi naman 10 entries lang ang sumasali sa one-act-play category sa Palanca. Higit na mas marami naman doon... siguro mga 12. (Joke) Last year, sabi ng friend ko na nag-judge, around 150 entries sa one-act and around 100 sa full length play. Now, please don't quote me on this... pero definitely hindi lang naman 10 :)

gibbs cadiz said...

dear readers and friends, perhaps it's time for me to wrap this up? it's been a crazy thread--funny, perplexing and infuriating at the same time. yaman din lamang na nagsimula ito partly sa isang kasabihan ("ang totoong mayaman ay di matapobre," etc.) hayaang niyong mag-iwan din ako ng isa pa: ANG MARUNONG DAW UMINTINDI, DI NA KAILANGANG PALIWANAGAN. so sa lahat po ng nakaunawa at nakakuha exactly what i was trying to say in this post (and in the earlier post na nadamay din), maraming salamat! thank you for taking up the cudgels for the blog. i decided not to react from the very beginning because, when you know it's pointless to argue because you don't agree on the points of argument in the first place, sayang lang ng energy, oras at effort, di po ba? i trust that the majority of people who visit this blog will get what i'm trying to say--and by that i mean understand, not necessarily agree with me. i respect that difference, much as i respect the difference between merely reading something and actually grasping what it means. i am very proud of the fact that i have some of the most remarkable readers and "commenters" on the Net. am sure you'd forgive me for choosing my battles and playing "deadma" from time to time. everything i have to say, really, is up there in my posts. i believe my writing should be able to speak for me... 40+ comments na ngayon, but you know that NONE of you is an invented "alter-ego" of mine para lang dumami ang comments. juicekupung pineapple, sana noon ko pa ginawa yan. :) you know who you are, and what you get for being real is also the real deal. that's my real name in the masthead, those are my real pics in friendster, and when i lay my opinions down the line in every post or published article, that's my real byline you see. in short, usapang matino dito. :)

aryo said...

Amen! Amen.

Hay salamat. Natapos din ang palabas. Magsi-uwi na ang lahat! At isarado na telon! Maglalaba pa si Gibbs.

vincedejesus said...

Gibbs... at dahil sa sagot mong iyan, nag-usap na daw ang mga stars and planets. They have conspired to give you a lover. Kung kelan daw darating, inaayos pa nila ang schedule.

Hintayin mo lang. Har har har har.


Anonymous said...

natawa lang ako sa comment ni dorky. hehehe. tama si beektur, matulain, maimahinasyon at madamdamin yung comment. parang pinilit niya i-outdo yung husay ng comment nung cindy at ang kinalabasan ay isang halo-halo. hehehehe. siguro pede manalo tong comment niya sa famas hindi sa palanca. hehehehe

peace po!

mike a.

joelmcvie said...

Ay shet, hindi tayo umabot sa 59 comments, unlike in the previous entry on "something personal". Akala ko pa naman, magiging record-breaker ito. :-)

Anonymous said...

ang kj kasi ni cindy reyes-dalusong. agad umalis. hehehe. joelmcvie, makipag-away ka para maging interesting ulit. ibreak nating yung 59 na record. hehehe

dorky492 said...


huwag niyo nang pag-usapan yung daluyong na yun. baka bumalik pa siya. baka akalain niya na ganun siya kahalaga sa buhay natin! baka sa sobrang taas ng tingin niya sa sarili niya ay ihanay pa niya ang sarili niya kasama ng mga basic neccesities in life like food, water and clothing. ang hindi niya alam, para siyang SARS. pinag-usapan nga pero hindi naman maiaalis ang katotohanan na isa pa ring siyang SAKUNA. ang hirap paliwanagan, nakakaloka. parang lumaki sa am at sa dilis. parang nag-aral sa putikan kasama ng mga bibi at palakang-bukid. parang akala niya noong naghasik ang diyos ng kasaganaan, siya lang ang nakasagap ng lahat ng biyaya? bakit? may embudo ba sa bunganga niya noong umulan ng grasya? nakakaloka.

bet? babalik yun. at pag bumalik siya, gusto niyo huwag natin siyang pansinin? hayaan niyo lang siyang mag-post nang mag-post nang mag-post ng kung anu-anong homily niya. kesehodang mag-upload pa siya ng youtube video sa post niya --- deadmahin lang natin. kahit gumamit pa siya ng iba-ibang font at kulay para tawagin ang pansin natin HUWAG NATIN SIYANG PAPANSININ. dapat ang drama natin WE CANNOT BE BOTHERED.

dare? walang papatol kay daluyong okay? at kapag hindi natin siya pinansin, pasasaan ba't babalik din siya sa kanyang buhay na walang bahid ng galak, sa kanyang pag-iisa na kapiling lamang ang mga ala-ala ng kahapong siya'y dinadapuan pa ng matinong ulirat... at sa gabi, habang ang mundo ay tahimik na nagdiriwang ng isang magandang umagang nagdaan, andoon siya sa isang sulok ng kanyang hampas-lupang barung-barong... lugami, nalulumbay, walang karamay sa malupit na mundong humahagupit sa bawat niyang himaymay. andoon lang siya sa madilim na sulok, katabi ng kanyang alkansiyang bao na walang laman... dilat ang mata, puno ng hambal, nakaratay sa banig ng pagsisisi!


sumakit ang ulo ko, dhay.

hehe said...

napakatulaing mataray mo talaga dorky, naaaliw tuloy ako sa'yo! sige ka baka maging fan mo tuloy ako at di ni gibbs!

joelmcvie said...

ANONYMOUS: Teka, 52nd comment na ito, kahit wala pa si Cindy's-is-the-place-to-be. Baka naman kaya natin i-break ang record na 59 comments while aiming for world peace. How very Miss Universe!

hehe said...

siguro kailangan natin talaga si cindy para mabreak ang record! kaya lang sabi ni gorky huwag daw di huwag na lang!

gibbs, kailangan ciguro i-wrap mo uliang ni wrap mo(ginawa kang wrapper!) para naman tuloy-tloy ang pagdaloy ng comments kahit wala na si cindy!

dorky492 said...

i love world peace.

hey by the way, im sure by now you've heard that pacquiao won't be running for congress anymore. Buti pa si manny, dinapuan ng ulirat. i'm sure natakot siya kasi hindi puwedeng ipalabas ang boxing match niya sa march kasi violation ito sa campaign rules. hindi puwede kay pacquiao iyon siyempre, doon kaya siya kumikita di ba?

umh, loko di natauhan din siya.

Anonymous said...

feeling reyna naman itong si dorky. kainis. feeling sikat at bida. nakisakay sa kasikatan nung cindy at ngayon naman feeling advocate. siguro sanay to sa pagiging palengkera sa pinoy exchange.

napaka OA ng mga comment. baklang-bakla!

Anonymous said...

at least yung cindy valid yung mga puntos at mahusay magsulat. e si dorky, pilit e. sorry, nagpapakatotoo lang po.

joelmcvie said...

HMMMMM!!! Suddenly I feel that we just might break the record 59 comments after all!

hehe said...

pang-58 na ako! isa na lang at even na ang record!

tipong naghahamon ng away na naman itong si anonymous...peace man/woman! dorky, are you in or not?!

joelmcvie said...

Dorky, if you answer hehe's question, you'll break the record! This is the 59th comment!

joelmcvie said...

On second thought, never mind. No need to answer hehe's question.

TAH-DAAAAAAHHH! Applause, ladies and gentlemen! Gibbs, a new record! 60 comments. Haylavet!

Anonymous said...

Ako po si Mandy Absesamis, student from UST.

Si Cindy Reyes-Dalusong ay hindi Palanca Awardee. Nagaral po siya sa DLSU ng BA at nag attempt magaral ng German sa UP pero di ko alam kung nakagraduate. Naggugulo rin siya dati sa at ang tunay niyang pangalan ay Joel Gaviola. He is giving gayness a very bad name. Bitch siya ng bitch pero walang napatunayan. Sa mga public forums tinitira niya ang mga writer na hindi niya gusto. Ngayon pinagiinitan niya si Mr. Cadiz. Nagtratrabaho si JOEL GAVIOLA sa call center ng nadiskubre ng isa niyang kasamahan sa trabaho (na manunulat din: si Ginoong Ogie Braga) na siya pala ang naggugulo sa pinoyexchange dot com kata tumigil na siya manggulo doon.

Ang style at tone ng paninira ni Gaviola ay parehong pareho sa ginagawa niya sa pinoyexchange (using a pseudonym, also a female persona named "Kathy Bjelland") 2-4 years ago.

Medyo may congenital mental illness si Mr. Gaviola. Wala naman siyang matinong publication o award o kahit anu pa man pero bitch siya ng bitch sa mga manunulat na pinagtritripan niya. Mahilig siya mang-okray ng grammar!

Kawawa naman si Joel Gaviola. KSP talaga.

Ito ang friendster niya:
idagdag ang www sa friendster dot com tapos idagdag ang "/" sa 1777785

Ito ang mga nakalagay sa pinoyexchange dot com at ikumpara sa mga nakasulat sa itaas ni Cindy Reyes-Dalusong

idagdag ang "www" sa: pinoyexchange dot com at hanapin sa search engine ang pangalang " Kathy Bjelland"

Anonymous said...

Response of JOEL GAVIOLA alyas Kathy Bjelland, and now Cindy Reyes-Dalusong:

How laughable some idiots can be. I do believe that you do not know what you speak of. Since it is obvious that you are spouting. And that sentence is grammatical. Geez.what a bonehead.

You are part of the circle? Which one by the way? If you're a part of The Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas graduates, why should I bother? Of course I write, you doofus. And I come from a place where F.Sionil Jose was NEVER a teacher. So, there. Now, before you bash me I have read his works and frankly if these are the works of a writer coming from your school I will not be surprised anymore if all of you turn out like him. Belch.

I'm mediocre? And how dare you teach me a thing or two about Subject-Verb agreement when you can't keep your tenses straight? ANd I also do not know how miserable life you have bashing (an) other school. The audacity of some people. And how absurd and pathetic moron like you! --> This is a sentence fragment. Good is not equal to mediocre. God, you don't even know your vocabulary. That's it! You're an official illiterate pretending to be literate. Or it would have read better:And I also do not know how miserable you are to bash another school. An absurd and pathetic moron like you! (at least now, you're better with your punctuations)

Baka ikaw lang ang mapahiya. At excuse me even if you were a part of the literary scene, it won't bode well for anyone. Since we have to put up with your idiocy and high-hat airs. Philippine Literature is in a state of decay because of you and your ilk. And yes, I have read the previous posts and these obviously kiss the asses of UST's apparent mastery of literature (which I have seen precious little evidence). If F.Sionil Jose is a product of the "Royal and Pontifical University of Sto. Tomas" I would rather be an ignorant in the affairs of writers.

Dear, quality not quantity. Yes, this may be a trite statement. But, winning awards is never a good yardstick. I, and my friend have won a Palanca each but the stories that won them over are apparently abhorrent to us which made us question the criteria by which the judges adhere. I have read a lot of stories and written a lot as well, and frankly Philippine Literature is not up to par with the best (whoever they are). You can pick ten or even 15 good short stories a year ( recently written), but how many stories are written every year? 100? 200? A thousand? Ten or fifteen is a marginal number, even negligible. Unlike you, I'm never complacent.

See. You can't even get your punctuations right. You don't know how to read, and I'm not being sarcastic. That is a mere statement of a fact. As you can very well see from your post.


Nako, yan lang bang name ko ang kaya mong pambanat sa akin? I marvel why some students are acknowledged in UP and it appears they do not deserve it. You are one of them crap loser.
Anyways alam ko ang 8 parts of speeches, baka ikaw di mo alam?? verb, noun, pronoun,adjective,adverb,propostion, interjunction, conjunction, hm, binalikan ko ang ilang mensahe sa forum na ito at nakita ko ang isang ito na nag-mamaganda at hindi naman siya nakakatulong (at thanks sa katabi niyang nagtatrabaho sa call center na marunong mag-aleman, at mas malaki marahil ang suweldo sa kanya.)

please lang, JOEL GAVIOLA ng University of the Philippines, Diliman (Creative Writing ba?) magsulat ka muna no. bago mo okrayin sina pantoja-hidalgo at neil garcia e 'pag nagkita tayo sa bloc e magbigay ka sa akin ng magagandang paliwanag (at matino) kung ano ang take mo sa mga akda ng mga nabanggit na manunulat. at please, basahin mo muna ang nobela ni F. Sionil Jose 'no bago ka magsalita tungkol sa mga akda niya. At question lang: PUMASA KA BA SA UP QUILL?

hm, ang BA mo sa LaSalle di ba, joel?

at kung talagang malakas ang loob mo, ibigay mo ang pangalan mo and stop playing/cursing people you don't know. kung mga katulad mo lang ang kumukuha ng creative writing sa diliman, na sina-suggest ko pa naman sa nagtanong sa forum na ito: I TAKE IT BACK.

yun lang.

see you when i see you, joel. at, huwag kang manukat ng tao baka kung sukatin ka nila, hindi ka sumapat.

koji87 said...

naku, sabi ko na nga ba...



joelmcvie said...

My gulay, nahilo ako doon.

But still: 64 comments is now the record to beat!

Anonymous said...

Dios Mio! Nakakaaliw at nakakabaliw naman ang mga comments dito. Para tuloy gusto kong i-Do bigla si Cindy Reyes-Dalusong. Gusto kong madiskubre kung marunong siyang umungol. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Ay, si Joel Gaviola? Kasama ko po dati sa call center sa Makati. Di ko alam writer pala siya. Mas sikat po siya kasi humada ng mga guards pag night shift. Hehehe. Tingnan niyo nabuko na siya, natahimik bigla!

Darling Domingo of Sykes

vincedejesus said...

Kilala ko si Joel at mukha namang matino siyang tao. He is a member of the writers bloc which i am also part of. Makikita ko siya this sunday sa weekly meeting namin sa bahay ko. Itatanong ko siya kung may katotohanan ang mga bagay na ito.

Siguro naman mistaken identity lang.


vincedejesus said...

I meant mistaken identity lang siguro na siya ang nagpo-post nung mga 'hostile' messages hiding behind a pseudonym. Regarding sa mga chika niya sa mga guards pag night shift... out na ako dun. Basta ba nagkakasundo sila ng mga guards, di ba?
He he.

wendell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wendell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

you are all losers you know! you only haves 3 palancas or 1 palanca, ha? me i have 8 palancas but i'm not mayabang like you!

vincedejesus said...

but then again... who knows

*Rubber Doll* said...

Hi Vince! This is Joel. As in Joel Gaviola. Well, magkaibigan kami ni Ogie. And, hindi ako iyong anonymous poster. Napilitan ako magpost dito kasi kinulit ako ni Allan. Nakukulitan na din ako kasi hindi nga ako iyong nagpopost. Marami na akong ginagawa para magblogstalk. Napainternet pa ko ng dis oras dahil dito. Kilala naman ako ni Allan, at alam naman niyang di ko gawain yung magstalk sa internet. Furthermore, ultimo ang sinasabi nilang taong nakadiscover sa akin eh kaibigan ko naman (si Ogie Braga).

Anonymous said...

Pakitanong naman si Ogie Braga kung anu yung mga nakapost sa pinoyexchange dot com at bakit nawala bigla si Kathy Bjelland doon at si Cindy Reyes-Dalusong nung nagkabukuhan na dito?

Ang moral lesson, huwag masyadong magyabang. Maraming saksi diyan sa mga pinagsasabi ni Mr. Gaviola tungkol sa mga mas nakakatandang manunulat.

Nung nabuko si Mr. Gaviola sa pinoyexchange dot com, nawala na rin ang heckler na Kathy Bjelland sa pinoyexchange. Ganun din dito. Nawala na rin si Cindy Reyes-Dalusong.

Kung susuriin ang style nina Kathy Bjelland and Cindy Reyes-Dalusong. At parehonh natigil ang gulo dito ng nabuko kung sino ang salarin.

Ang masasabi ko lamang ay huwag na sana gumawa ng kasamaan ang mga tao. Maikli ang buhay. Mahirap mabuhay. Huwag na nating lalo pahirapan ang ibang mga tao.

Sa salarin: Matuto ka sana rumespeto. Masakit pag bumalik ang karma.

Darling Domingo of Sykes

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

mga bakla ahahahayyyyy panalo akwo ng palancwa inggwit lang kayo may bernard ako

joelmcvie said...

"Maraming saksi diyan sa mga pinagsasabi ni Mr. Gaviola tungkol sa mga mas nakakatandang manunulat." (italics mine)

Oo naman, Gibbs, nakatatanda ka nga naman pala, o! Ahihihihi. World peace, Gibbs!

77 comments. Victoria! Winner! Tagumpay!

Anonymous said...

Pitumpu't walo na po siya.

At nahuli na ang may-sala.


Kimberly Caraso

Anonymous said...

nako. si manuel l. quezon III pala ay bakla??? pati si jun lana??? di ko akalain mga kabaro rin pala sila

Anonymous said...

Ang punto rito, Inaabuso ng ibang tao ang interet para mangokray ng iba kahit wala naman silang K mangokray.

Umasta sanang mapang may pinagaralan ang mga taong mahilig manira. Wag na sana maging inggitera.

Maganda talaga si Gibbs. Maganda rin ang kanyang brain. Maganda rin ang kanyang pagkatao.

Sorry na lang sa mga inggitera.

Oh my God! Naka 80 na siya!

Ting-ting Reposo

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