Saturday, March 10, 2007

Give it up for these guys

1. "Filipino-American Harper Student Performs in Shakespeare's 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona.'" Lakhi, we knew it! Lakhi Siap is a 2006 Philippine High School for the Arts graduate who's now based with his family in Illinois, USA, where he's taking up Nursing (at Harper's College). Last year he finished his PHSA studies with a riveting recital performance in "Lihis," Manny Canteras' Filipino translation of Martin Sherman's "Bent," about two homosexuals finding love and learning how to survive in a Nazi concentration camp. The bare-bones but harrowing production was directed by then-Tanghalang Pilipino artistic director Herbie Go and co-starred Mr. Siap's classmate, Acey Aguilar. I cited "Lihis" as one of the best plays I saw in 2006, and included Messrs. Siap and Aguilar, two very promising young actors, among the nominees for Best Actor-Play in my 2006 Best of Theater roundup.

Now Mr. Siap is spreading his wings by bringing his talent to Harper's College, specifically to its upcoming production of Shakespeare's "The Two Gentlemen of Verona." The school's website has an article about him here. Go, Lakhi!

2. Paolo Dy is a writer-director-cinematographer from Cebu who has an entry up on the On The Lot competition website, a project by Steven Spielberg and his DreamWorks Television that, in its own words, "affords aspiring filmmakers the opportunity of a lifetime: a $1-million DreamWorks development deal. Over the season, the 16 filmmakers will produce short films in every genre every week and the viewers will vote on who gets eliminated. The show will premiere with a one-hour auditions episode on Wednesday, May 16."

Mr. Dy's 5-minute short film is called "QWERTY," a suspense-thriller starring Michael Williams, Miguel Faustmann, Cathy Azanza, Arvin Trinidad of Tanghalang Ateneo, Altair Alonso of BlueRep, Boyd Tinio and Irra Cenina. All theater actors, but, no, it's not a filmed version of a play. Watch the movie here, and discover why it has attracted enthusiastic reviews and consistent 5-star ratings from viewers around the world. Great film with first-rate cinematography and a socko ending (and no special effects at that)!

PLUS: My omnibus review of PETA's "Belong Puti," Dulaang UP's "Basilia," Entablado's "Sandaang Panaginip" and Gantimpala Theater's "Forever/Call Me Flory" out on Monday, March 12, in the Inquirer.


vincedejesus said...

happy 6th, gibbs!

gibbs cadiz said...

ay, haha, vince, sorry sa monday march 12 pa pala sixth month of blogging ko, got confused with the dates! had to remove the note, haha. but thanks a lot! :)

beektur said...

harper was one of my clients when i was doing ecommerce/website design. it's a 10-minute drive from work, 1 hr from residence. thanks for the head-up, i will watch this on friday. circa, to which some of my friend's children also belong, is a community-based organization active in using art/theater to (re)orient fil-am kids to their roots. noble intentions. this org and pintig are active proponents of the itaas ang kamay at iwagayway ang bandila school of theater. :)

Rody said...

hi gibbs! lakhi is magaling! my student at the phsa... and now he's with circa-- i directed those kids way back in 2001 ba? I forgot na. perosana di pa rin nila akok nakakalimutan!

by the way, you should hear what happened at the recital of phsa last saturday. Herbie Go lashed out at the PHSA admin--that's real theater news. if you could get the whole story, so much the better. Herbie will be going to japan on 17th march and then back to U.S. na uli. sayang wala ako doon... the curtain call daw turned into a rally with the students ending up singing the alma mater.

i'm here in tokyo again for another show called Mobile. it's a collaborative production with singapore,thailand, japan and philippines on migration - kasama ko si mailes. sayang this one won't be shown there sa manila.

and by the way, TP is gathering directors for the 3rd Virgin Labfest. just so people would know.

gibbs cadiz said...

hey BEEKTUR, do watch the play and tell us about it afterwards. :)

hi RODY, first, congrats on philippine bedtime stories. magaling, magaling! you were all great, and 'unang aswang' having two versions was very interesting. wonderful collaboration with the japanese actors. hello to mailes there, and do us proud again... i'll try to talk to herbie before he leaves, sayang wasn't there during the recital, i didn't hear about it :( but anyway, am excited about the labfest. looking forward to it! :)

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