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Hommage, n., French--(Usually applied to film) the practice of making a reference, or allusion, to another film by putting in a sequence that is an obvious scene-by-scene reproduction of another filmmaker's characteristic or well-known work. (San Jose State University/SJLibrary.org)

“The final sequence [of ‘Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros’] has shades of the famous final sequence in Graham Greene and Carol Reed’s ‘The Third Man.’ It shows Victor following Maxi around as the kid makes his way back to school. How the audience wishes for Maxi to stop and steal a glance at Victor! In a way their roles have been reversed. Because of his earnestness to reconcile with the kid, Victor seems smitten by Maxi, and Maxi plays Garbo to the hilt, impenetrable and detached, the remote object of desire and infatuation.” -- Lito Zulueta, “Maximum heartache”

“Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros,” 2005, directed by Auraeus Solito

“The Third Man,” 1949, directed by Carol Reed

[video copyright © “Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros,” ufo Pictures and Unitel Pictures; “The Third Man,” The Criterion Collection]

Update: Sorry, friends, YouTube has removed the “Pagdadalaga” clip due to a “third-party notification by Unitel Pictures International, LLC and Unico Home Entertainment.” Wait, what happened to fair use? (“In copyright law, a quotation or reproduction of a small portion of copyrighted material [with proper acknowledgment], which does not require the permission of the copyright holder”)


the spy in the sandwich said...

sometimes i wonder though: it takes select directors to do hommage well, but some -- when they do it -- seem to me to be merely stealing. solito does his hommage to "the third man" quite, as does tarantino with asian films in "kill bill," etc. when lamangan tried duplicating meryl streep's final dilemma in the car in "bridges of madison country," this one with vilma santos in "mano po 3," it just smacked of inept plagiarism.

or is it just me?

Alvin said...

That's an interesting tidbit about "Maxi," Gibbs, since it focuses on the ending. In fact, that ending is one of the finest I have ever watched, because it's so appropriate.

I think Ian's right to say about only certain directors can do hommages well. I think the buildup toward the hommage scene plays an important part in making it effective or not. Just my two cents.

annamanila said...

Funny I should read about Pagdadalaga here. I just watched it last night on dvd. So the poignant final episode is a take-off from another film. So okay lang ang panghihiram ng scene? Hindi garapal? Hommage -- dahil ba one directer indirectly pays tribute or homage to another by imitation (highest form of flattery kasi?) Maybe I should ask my daughter -- she's a film major who graduated magna cum laude and best thesis. Ayun, nairaos din ang pagyayabang. (haha)

gibbs cadiz said...

agree, IAN. mindless copying does not qualify as hommage. :)

true, too, ALVIN. :)

hi ANNAMANILA, in maxi's case, it wasn't garapal at all. the scene played naturally, logically, beautifully. :)

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