Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Something to keep in mind

"The first thing any critic ought to make clear is his capacity for boredom. The man who never yawns in the theater is a menace to it, as callow and gullible as he is insensitive. Only maniacs are never bored.

The extreme, total pleasure a critic gets out of a work of art is so elating that, in its absence, he resembles nothing so much as an addict who has lost his hypodermic."

--Kenneth Tynan


the spy in the sandwich said...

THAT is sooo true.

Gypsy said...

Oo nga no? Kung impressed ka lagi with everything you see, may problema ka nga..hmmm. Buti na lang hindi ako madaling ma-impress. Hehe.

Corsarius said...

hmm, enlightening. so stifling a yawn mid-show is bad :P gibbs, are you this type of critic, too? hehe.

btw, great to see you're using your domain now! import mo na sa wordpress itong blog mo :D

Abaniko said...

Minsan, nakakatulog ako sa play. Ano tawag sa akin? Antukin.

gibbs cadiz said...

ey IAN, tsalamat as usual. :)

hi GYPSY, buti ka pa di madaling ma-impress. i'm a sucker for anything done ordinarily but sincerely. :)

hello CORSARIUS, i do yawn at the theater, i've even dozed off in the middle of a few plays, hoping that nobody would notice, haha. i've tried using wordpress--or at least the template i liked sana--but matrabaho pala, oc kasi ako, hehe. dito na muna for the meantime. :)

oo ABANIKO, i've seen you asleep during plays, minsan nga humilik ka pa, but mahina lang naman, and i had my elbow to stop you right away! :)

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