Monday, March 19, 2007

Waiting for the warrant

The newsroom was its usual busy self today, despite reports that a Manila trial court has issued warrants of arrest against the PDI publisher, editor in chief, seven other editors and one columnist, stemming from a libel case filed by--who else--First Gentleman Mike Arroyo. (Read details here.)

Earlier in the evening, the front area of the Inquirer building had suddenly filled with lights, satellite dishes, cables and cameras as reporters from the TV networks staked out positions and waited for the police to serve the warrants. But as of 9:20 pm, after a slight drizzle that had the cameramen scrambling to stow the lights inside their vans, nobody from the court's or FG's side has yet materialized. Reporters have left; the clutter outside has diminished.

"Maybe they got lost on the way here," an editor quipped.

Another judge has ruled recently that Mike Arroyo is a public figure and, thus, has no business lodging libel charges on the premise that he is a private citizen. But Mr. Arroyo is still at it.

I sure hope I'm in the office when the serving officers show up and attempt to manacle our editors. I'd snap away, splash the pictures here and blog about the scene real-time.

You be the judge on the motives and timing of the warrants. I've made up my mind long ago. This administration is hopeless, and a clear and present danger to us all. "The democratic space... is now diminishing by the day," warns Manolo Quezon in his column today. Damn right it is.

Ah, Joker, what hast thou done linking arms with these lowlifes?

Update: Inquirer publisher, editors in libel case post bail.


snglguy said...

A lowlife indeed. I won't be surprised if one day this stupid guy decides to go after bloggers...

aryo said...

Sayang. Sana nahuli muna sila lahat para kayo muna ang editors even only for a day. Ano kaya ang magiging kulay ng Inquirer kung sakali? He he.

Seriously, this FG (sorry, I can't pronounce the word)is one pathetic guy. He thinks he can stop people from thinking he's a crook by muting media. Stupid. Nothing stops the truth from coming out.

Jawaharlal Al-Zawahiri said...

me, i've long held that we are under a de facto military government. with that hello garci thing, the military has effectively hijacked the civilian govt. the military has paralyzed the pgma government. they killed democracy. hopefully we might restore it after pgma finishes her term. but will the next president ever go after all the guilty parties? i don't think so. I hope this regime ends. it's been a bad dream. it's been a nightmare since gma took oath not to run in front of jose rizal's statue, and did anyway, thinking no one is better qualified to run than her. sigh. - r.o.

jhay said...

Joker was a real disappointment. Then again maybe he couldn't bear standing next to Erap's boys.

Swipe said...

Doesn't he know that it's only libel when it's untrue? Where did he get his law degree again?

oops. I think I might be next on his to sue list with that comment.

I'm just glad I'm not in the Philippines to see all the 'political drama.'

gibbs cadiz said...

thanks, guys. let's see what the First Harasser does next. :)

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