Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The buzz

An old post, "Kissed by a miss called Lea," gets published in--of all places--the youth section of PDI today, which is all about gushing encounters between fans and their idols. ("Nagpapanggap kang bata!," hiss the loving officemates.) A lawyer-friend texts me this morning, "Read your Lea piece. You're a gushing fan, hahaha." So there--guilty.

PLUS: Beektur's text message last April 4: "Just saw Lea in 'Les Miz.' Dropped your name--on Broadway yet! Had playbill signed for you, she wrote, 'Hi Gibbs, you gotta come!'"

"Ganda ng lola mo... She is accommodating, kahit na naghahabol pala siya ng church sked that night, she signed every playbill forced her way." Also, "Lea announced [a] program that night--you got a poster with her signature if you donate at least $50 sa AIDS fund ng Broadway actors--then shouted 'Maraming salamat po!' in the end."

Here's a picture of that precious, precious playbill (also autographed by Adam Jacobs, the dashing young Fil-Am playing Marius). Can hardly see my name, Lea scrawled it sideways across Cosette's hair, but what's the zoom function for if not for times like this?

As God is my witness, I'll never sell this playbill on eBay!


mitsuru said...

yes, nainot ako or baka erase-on mo na naman comment ko ha? LOL

but nai- imagine tka padi when you shouted, "Lea, PDI!" LOL

jst cme bck fr nyc. watched her in les miz and got a playbill authgrpd copy for you but since gwa ka na, ill keep it na lang instead, LOL

saw her again the next night after watching the producers,tamang- tama paluwas man cya. took video clips of her & the crazy pinoys which i will post soon. LOL

hw about an autogtraph copy of playbill ni kevin spacey for the a moon for the misbegotten na lang kya?

gibbs cadiz said...

hey MITS, hehe, kaya naman pala nawawala ka na naman, you're in NY watching broadway again! :) sige, reserve that kevin spacey playbill for me, aalagaan ko yan. wait, when did i ever erase a comment of yours? ako pa! and ikaw pa! :)

annamanila said...

Ang hindi Lea fan hindi Pinoy. (Just took that off from my children who said that of the eraserheads).

I always say as long as we still go gaga and weak-kneed over Lea or some idol or other -- the world still runs ok.

amateur misanthrope said...

Hmmm. But is Lea a Pinoy fan? I still remember a cringe-inducing moment when she rudely shushed the audience in Philippine Idol. Also, does she still have a Filipino passport?

annamanila said...

I know where you're coming from, Amateur Misanthrope. If only she doesn't behave (and perhaps feel) so much the cosmopolite.

beektur said...

Lea behaves the way she has always be behaved: cosmopolite or not, she has the right -- justifiably earned if not born with it -- to act and feel however she deems proper. That she has talent is already given. But more than that, she has been working in her industry since she was a little girl. In a world where everything is put on, she never pandered to trends and whims; her only dedication has been to her talent and craft. For that alone she deserves respect. If she has no tolerance for mediocrity -- and how the mob adores mediocrity! -- then God bless her soul. We need people like her to remind us that being a celebrity for celebrity's sake has no place anywhere.

I admired her not because she is a Filipina, but because she has talent, she respects her craft and she respects talent. She just happened to be Pinay. I have the same admiration for Patti Lupone and Elaine Stritch. Though they are not Pinays.

She has done more for Filipino talent than anyone who every other Sunday would wear barong or kimona, sing a kundiman on national TV or raise their hands in "defiance." Lastly, never not let who you are prevent you from being who you can be.

gibbs cadiz said...

hi ANNAMANILA, MISANTHROPE, BEEKTUR, many thanks for your comments. my take: whatever one may think of lea as a performer, i think her patriotism is beyond rebuke. she's never denied or hidden, let alone bring to disrepute, her identity as a filipino talent. she's proudly proclaimed it everywhere. she may come across as too straightforward to some, but that's lea--she never does pa-cute, and if you think about it, how refreshing for once to see a star not at all cloying or cagey with her personality. we're used to celebrities who try to be ingratiating from every angle; you can bet they're the ones who have less talent to bank on. i always say, given our peculiar demand for any artist/celebrity to be NICE--in the bland, blah, harmless, sense-- we would never produce glorious eccentrics like kate hepburn. lea is far from eccentric, but as it is, her ramrod-straight persona is viewed with suspicion in our perpetually mushy pop landscape. let's cut her some slack. she's earned every right to be who she is without apologies. :)

flue said...

Go Gibbs! I'm behind you on this. :)

Just saw a cut of her performance as Fantine (she rendered the song I Dreamed a Dream), she was amazing! Grabe! kinilabutan ako. She is indeed a gem of a talent.

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