Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A career, not a life

“It is possible to be immensely successful in your chosen field, and yet in some curious way to fail at life, to get to the top and yet fail to enrich yourself. A few years ago my colleague Russell Baker, the distinguished New York Times columnist and humorist, was asked by the Times in-house magazine to write a piece about a colleague who had just been promoted to a powerful new position. Baker went to see his own great mentor, James Reston, then the Times bureau chief. He mentioned the colleague's name to Reston. "Tell me about his life," Baker asked Reston. "That's not a life--that's a career," Reston said, and he said it with great disdain. He meant that the colleague had at once done everything right, but had somehow missed the point of what he had done; he had covered the requisite big stories, had made the front page the requisite number of times, but he had in some way failed in the elemental human involvement so necessary for real pleasure in his career. He won all the prizes save the real ones, the friendships and all the fun that are at the core of what we do.”

-- David Halberstam, 1934-2007, famed journalist and historian

Complete transcript of commencement address here.


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Michael Keaton

Seriously, I had fun reading the whole commencement address (except for the middle part about being the good things about being American, haynako mang-inggit daw ba). Medyo natamaan lang naman ako dun sa "that's a career and not a life". Mejo lang, kasi may sex life pa naman eh. Hehehe ;)

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