Tuesday, April 17, 2007

'Footloose' on the loose

Young theater actor Johann dela Fuente's Multiply site has a nice surprise: a nine-minute video of musical snippets from the 2005 Stages production of "Footloose, the Musical," of which he was a part. My review of the musical, titled "Frisky blast from the past," had led off with this blurb: "Jay-R acquits himself admirably in Stages' sleek, amiable production of 'Footloose.'" Go see the video for yourself and judge whether I was just hyperventilating. The guy simply knows how to dance. Fans of Gian Magdangal, meanwhile, should keep an eye out for his "Mama Says" number, which is winningly performed. Too bad this clip does not include Agot Isidro and Carla Martinez's lovely duet, or Audie Gemora's "I Confess" soliloquy. Yes, the veterans held their own against the bright, giddy brio of the mostly young cast. They brought a welcome dose of complexity to a show that I said "came close to being much too sanitized for its own good." But, well, that's just me. Enjoy the clip! Thanks for sharing, Johann, and thanks, too, Oliver, for the heads-up!

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