Monday, April 16, 2007

Fully booked

God, I miss reading. Books, I mean, not newspapers, magazines or their online equivalents. Been quite a while since I last opened an honest-to-goodness bound volume and finished it. Between work, working out, travelling, watching DVDs, struggling to keep a (semblance of a) social life and blogging, there simply has been no time to sit down with a good book. Or maybe I've just been too distracted. Now I have shelves of (mostly) second-hand but great titles I bought from Book Sale waiting to be read. Okay, tomorrow I'll start with Bernice Rubens' "Brothers" and work my way up to Simon Schama's "Citizens," 137 titles away. Yep, I don't pick out titles randomly. I grab whatever's next in line on the shelf, the way I choose movies to watch every night from my DVD pile. There's better variety that way, I think. Told you I'm OC. Now wish me luck--and tell me about the book you're reading, too, okay?


annamanila said...

Ang galing naman ng metaphor -- fully booked. I wish I thought of that myself.

I got also a small mountain (mound?) of books by my bedside -- neglected, hardly read. Salamat sa blogging, online scrabble, and related diversions.

But I manage to read edgewise. I like to say I am in my Alice Walker stage. You will remember her for writing The Color of Purple; made her first black woman to win the Pulitzer. Steven Speilberg griped that the movie was unfairly held up to a mirror with Alice Walker in it. Does that mean the movie was panned? But I found it beautiful.

thebee said...

Hey that's a great looking bookshelf. I actually clicked the pic to get the full image. You have a nice selection, wish I can borrow some, haha.

kawadjan said...

hi! i'm fan of your blog but has only been lurking around until i read this post. i'm also a fan of booksale, especially the one in makati cinema square. i think each branch have different collections, right? which branch do you visit often?

beektur said...

Apat sabay-sabay (as usual, sabay-sabay): 1. Fires on the Plain by Shohei Ooka - made into a movie by Kon Ichikawa; about the foot soldiers in Pinas after their defeat in WWII. Great details, unnerving parallelism between cannibalism and the observation of eucharist from a non-christian point-of-view. 2. The White Hotel by D. M. Thomas, rereading this now. Got into it years ago because of a mention in Craig Lucas' Prelude to a Kiss. Based on Freud's case. Hallucinatory. Sexually charged. 3. The Mystery Guest by Gregoire Bouillier. Very slim, 190 pages. But haven't finished since I started it last fall. Great writing. Like a nice invite that I hope to last forever, so I am savoring every paragraph. 4. Paul Bowles, a life by Virginia Spencer Carr. Paul Bowles period

RentHead said...

the greatest of my recent reads are... Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides, the controversial A Million Little Pieces by James Frey (still a good read despite the author having duped us into thinking it's a non-fiction), and it's a little late but I just finished Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray (read it online as I don't have the paperback)... I'm on to Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.

sharmaine galve said...

hello mr. cadiz. i don't know if you remember me but anyway, i remember you very well. i always drop by your blog, your "outing" entry still stays in my mind. i could pick out from your books the same books i have based on the title lettering. particularly la confidential (i don't think i will miss identifying that) and then mao II. anyway, i know i am digressing, but i am amazed at how organized your books are.

Kurt said...

1. choke by chuck palahniuk (breakfast book - a book about a sex addict is just the right thing to read every morning)
2. iq puzzles by david bodycombe (bathroom reading, hehe, para may natututunan sa banyo)
3. three little words by francis j. kong (before going to sleep book, given to me by a friend to aid in my personal journey of self-reawakening ekek)
4. options, futures, and derivatives by john hull (for school - for more finance knowledge, hahaha)


Abaniko said...

Hi Gibbs. Pag naluma-luma na ang second-hand books mo, bilhin ko ulit ha? Di na P50 per piece. P20 na lang. Di pa kasi ibigay na lang eh. Hehe. And I still have over 200 unread books at home. Right now, I'm not reading any book. I think these past years, I average 3 books a year. Pathetic.

amateur misanthrope said...

I checked what you have on your shelf that I have: mcinerney's last of the savages, ransom, bright lights, big city,
maupin's babycakes, men on men 6. Fannie Flagg is hilarious in fried green tomatoes.

gibbs cadiz said...

hi ANNAMANILA, while the movie version of the color purple was fine, i still prefer the book. there is more power in those words anytime. :)

hi THEBEE, sure, am open to that, basta ba mababalik e. :)

ey KAWADJAN, thank you for commenting for the first time. yes, these days i usually buy at booksale makati cinema square, because it's the branch nearest my place. tsambahan lang, but it often has good titles, hahanapin mo lang talaga. i'll do a post on book sale and book-hunting soon. :)

BEEKTUR, i like fires on the plain, borrow! :)

ey RENTHEAD--yes, jeffrey eugenides, wow! :)

hi SHARMAINE, thanks. yep, i keep a pretty organized bookshelf, though not spanking-clean all the time, hehe. glad we share some common titles. :)

aha, KURT, first time! thanks, buddy! siempre, molecular bio honor graduate, ibang klase talaga ang reading fare! :)

ABANIKO, finish first that batch of books you bought from me, saka ka na ulit bumili, hehe. kalimutan na muna kasi ang [censored] and blogging, haha!

hi AMATEUR MISANTHROPE, thanks. yep, fried green tomatoes is hilarious, and a more mature work by fannie flag. but her daisy fay and the miracle man is also laugh-out-loud funny. you should look for a copy. :)

amateur misanthrope said...

i saw a copy of daisy fay in a second-hand bookstore in robinson's galleria. it was being sold for P60. Sayang. i didn't get it since i didn't want to add yet another book to my list of books waiting to be read. anyway, i forgot to ask if you've read mcinerney's story of my life. that's his wittiest book EVER.

gibbs cadiz said...

hi AMATEUR MISANTHROPE, nope haven't read that mcinerney book. i'll try to look for it, thanks for the tip. :)

Horny Peter said...

Hi Mr. Cadiz, I think were in the same situation -- got no time to read books too. Sobrang dami kasing ginagawa sa work at sa house kaya got no time for reading na as in reading talaga. Hindi na nga ako nakakabisita sa Powerbooks to get new books eh. Ayun, sumisingit ako ng Reader's Digest pag may konting oras.

Hopefully pag may time, I want to buy and read these titles by Mary Roach:

Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

Kaso wala pa raw stock sa Powerbooks nung last na punta ko. Hay! Anyway, gudlak na lang po sa humongous pile ng books nating dalawa.

Sabi dun sa isang book na nabasa ko: pag bumili raw tayo ng book pero hindi natin binasa, paper and ink lang daw ang binili natin. Sana naman wag mangyari to sa mga books ko....:)

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