Monday, April 02, 2007

Reading the Good Book

“You can take scripture seriously without taking it literally. If you speak about the Resurrection of Christ, all we know historically is that after Jesus died, his followers became convinced that he was alive again. Now, what does that mean? They told many stories. Some of them said, I saw him with my own eyes, I touched him, he actually ate food, he was not a ghost. That's in Luke's gospel. And others said, I saw him for a moment and then he faded--the way many people say they've seen people they knew who died. What I'm saying is there are many ways that people who believe in the Resurrection speak about Christ being alive after his death without meaning that his body got out of the grave and walked.”

-- Elaine Pagels, “Gospel according to Judas”


annamanila said...

Gibbs, I don't care if Jesus died and didn't come to life again. Don't care if he was man or god or both. I care that he is (one of the) greatest of men -- a superstar who showed us what we are capable of being and what "being created in God's image" really means. Happy easter. Enjoyed reading your Galera experience -- I am planning to go there this May with office friends.

gibbs cadiz said...

happy easter, ANNAMANILA! enjoy puerto this may! do tell us how you find it. :)

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