Saturday, May 19, 2007

6 weird things about me

Just making way for this meme from former officemate Aileen. Here goes:

Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about him- or herself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to tag 6 people as well and list their names. Don’t forget to let them know they've been tagged! (Sorry, had to edit the rule a bit for clarity.)

1. I can't whistle. Been trying since childhood to get it right, but I've only managed bursts of hot air.

2. I've never had a toothache in my life. My teeth aren't the best pearlies in the world (I got to straighten them out only lately), but for all their overcrowding, they're healthy and sturdy. My last milk tooth was yanked out when I was in college already; I've had a couple of cavities, but no pain. So when somebody is unable to function over a toothache--aww, but I can't relate.

3. I eat corn on the cob row by row. You wouldn't believe how OC I could get. Whereas others just bite and tear anywhere, I eat my corn methodically. First I open a swath down one side of the cob--say, four straight rows cleared away, like a runway. Then, I nibble at the corn one row at a time, all the way to the other side until only the husk is left.

4. I have a "kuyakoy" habit, which irritates the hell out of my friends, especially when we're in a moviehouse. Excess sexual energy? I wish. Whatever its cause, it's become such a reflexive activity that I don't notice it at all, unless someone whacks me on the knee in protest.

5. I'm from Sorsogon--lived there for 21 years before I began working in Manila. And yet I've never been to Donsol or seen the butanding. You're right, shame on me.

6. I've gone under the knife--twice--without anyone knowing until after. Call it foolhardiness, but surgery doesn't scare me that much. Like this time years ago when a painful, unsightly boil began growing on my left jaw. I thought it would go away, like some pesky pimple. One sunny morning while rushing to the office, I was shocked to see my shadow on the street. One side of my face had become square-jawed! That's how big the pigsa had become.

I took a leave from work that afternoon and, without telling anyone, went to UDMC in Espana to have the boil lanced. The doctor said it was too far gone for the anesthesia to work, since pus had surrounded the wound completely. She had to cut me up without anesthesia. I breathed deeply and said yes.

While two orderlies held me down, the doctor did her thing. The pain was unbelievable--I was groaning and thrashing all throughout. But the incisions weren't the most painful part. Apparently, she also had to take out these nodules--incipient boils--growing on the inside of the wound. I almost passed out when she began clamping and twisting to excise them out. But I got through it. Afterwards, I insisted on looking at the stuff that was taken out, now placed in whatever you call that kidney-shaped basin. Wala lang, I was just curious to see the damn thing that caused me so much trouble. The doctor, puzzled at my interest, had to ask me, "Nurse ka ba, iho?"

Something similar happened with a benign cyst that I had a young doctor take out of my nape some years later. I just went to an HMO clinic, asked the staff it it was covered, and said, I'm ready. My mom nearly fainted when I went home that night with nape and shoulder all bandaged up. These days, almost everybody mistakes the brown-colored scar for a hickey. Haha, again, I wish.

Hey Oliver, Nick, Maryanne, McVie, Butterfly and Mark, your turn!


Aileen Apolo said...

#3 - I do the same hihihi. Thanks for doing the meme :p

lateralus said...

I eat corn on the cob row by row.

FREAKY!!! I don't think it's right for me to visit this site anymore! hahaha. Isn't Donsol the first Sorsogon town after Albay?

funny said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting Offbeatmom. Yes, please link me and I will do the same. Is this your url? ?

CokskiBlue said...

Man, that operation is intense. Sobrang descriptive a. Akala ko naman nagpaplastic surgery ka when you said you went under the knife. Hehe.

I'm a nasty corn eater. I just chump(?) the thing like crazy.

Kuyakoy person rin ako! Haha. Maybe that's why my bro calls me Kuya Coy. Haha!

gibbs cadiz said...

hi AILEEN, no problem! :)

ey BENJ, freaky talaga, hehe. yep, donsol it is. ever been to our province? :)

hi FUNNY, you're linked too!

hello COY! supahstar video blogger coy, na-gross out ka ba sa description? hehe, kaw pa, e member ka ng quentin tarantino generation! :) next vid mo, dapat me konting blood and gore na. joke! :)

Mark Xander said...

Hi Gibbs. Can you believe my f-ing mom blogs?! She's "funny" (comment above). I just posted my six weird things.

CokskiBlue said...

Your mom's cool mark. :D

Haha. Gibbs, a fake operation would make a cool video. I'll go start it now. Hehe.

Sidney said...

Indeed, you are weird! ;-)

Sorsogon, pala. My wife is from Barcelona, Sorsogon.

Ken said...

We share the same frustration. I also can't whistle.

watson said...

Oh wow. This is such an interesting post. Hmmm... did you know that I avoid tags like the plague? Hahaha. Sige na nga, gagawin ko.

Opposite tayo. I don't like the sight of blood. Nanghihina ako. Parang kryptonite sya. At ako si Superman. hahaha. At saka... oops sige gagawin ko nalang sa blog ko within the week. :-)

sasha said...

Hi Gibbs! Funny itong meme na 'to. Ganyan din ako kumain ng corn on the cob hehe... And the kuyakoy habit, maraming guys na ganyan din habit sayo :)

Pwede kayang makipag-ex link dito? :D

lateralus said...

Yes, I've been to Donsol - May 13 of last year - the day before Caloy hit. hahaha.

I think we talked about this last year. You probably have early onset Alzheimer's. tsk tsk.

gibbs cadiz said...

ey MARK, your mom rocks! funny meme! :)

hey COKSKI BUD, super-busy a! :)

hello SIDNEY, your wife is from barcelona? nice! kamusta kamo. tatao pa siya mag-bicol? :)

haha, KEN, is there a whistle training school where we can go together? :)

NICK/WATSON, naku, thanks for doing the meme. last na 'tong tagging ko sayo, pramis! :)

hi SASHA, you're in my blogroll now, thanks for adding me too. :)

hey BENJ, glad to know you've been to donsol. but hmmm, who's this guy ba you were talking to in may last year? i only started blogging sept. 12, 2006. hahaha, do i have a doppelganger in the blogosphere? :) said...

i also can't whistle. i also eat corn row by row. and i do the kuyakoy thing, even at this moment wehn i am typing this. hehehe. oc? very much.

ben said...

#3 and #4!!!

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