Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Herr Schpider

The best "Spider-man 3" putdown? This one, by the great Anthony Lane of The New Yorker. Venomous but dead-on:

"Unveiling a mean and moody Tobey Maguire is roughly as convincing as asking Norah Jones to rap. Dumbest of all is the change of hair style, as Peter stops combing his bangs sideways and lets them flop down over his brow. He looks like the bronze medalist in a teen-age Hitler-impersonation contest."

Which VH1's BestWeekEver.com promptly illustrates, viz:

Read Mr. Lane's complete review here.

Do I agree? Doesn't matter. The film blew it for me the moment Tobey Maguire began strutting like, you know, a bronze medalist in an overage John Travolta-impersonation contest. Mr. Maguire is one of my favorite actors in the world, dating back to "Pleasantville." Desecration, Sam Raimi, desecration.


Spongebabe said...

lol. i never liked tobey maguire, that's why i never watched any of the spider-man 3 films. ^_^

Horny Peter said...

I like the flick, but Tobey need not dance!

the philosphical bastard said...

i think so much it is not really Tobey's fault, specially because he was cast mainly because of the dork factor (which we all bought for the first two films.)

My problem really with this one is the direction. Sam Raimi's story telling style includes break points, usually with scenes that deviate from the normal story progress. I'm sure he did the whole goth look to separate good Spidey from bad Spidey. He must've exaggerated it because he needed to make it believable, but he couldn't make Tobey too bad for the audience to dislike him. Kaya ayun... MTV nlng!

From the start i preferred a different director for the film... but that's me.

gibbs cadiz said...

hey SPONGEBABE, really, you never liked him? he's a good actor given good projects: pleasantville, ice storm, the cider house rules, the first 2 spider-man films. :)

naman, HORNY PETER. :)

hmmm, who's your preferred director, PAOLO? :)

the philosphical bastard said...

let's see... if it was Michael Bay doing it, it'd be hard action from the start.

Pag si Tim Burton naman, baka naging darker yung character ni Spiderman. Which I would've liked considering it's about time we were exposed to Spideys darker side (Spideys harnessed his power by this time, and must know it)

C5 said...

haven't seen it yet...mahiram nga yung dvd ng kapatid ko... :D

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