Monday, May 07, 2007

My first podcast

No, not for this blog, but for the phenomenally successful ManilaGayGuy. The site owner, Migs, invited me and Mcvie (of The McVie Show, Season 5) last night to do a podcast on a letter he received from a Sydney-based Pinoy seeking advice on his current predicament. I said yes because I thought it might be an opportunity to reach out and be of help to someone, and also because I didn't want to cross Migs, whose site recently notched its 5-millionth hit in less than a year of existence.

Yes, it's that popular. I'll wager that ManilaGayGuy is among the most successful Pinoy blogs out there, though you won't see it anywhere in the Pinoy Top Blogs rankings. The site earns for Migs a tidy sum monthly, but more importantly, its combination of sexy (but not pornographic) photos, insightful posts and friendly, all-inclusive feel has provided many gay men, whether in or out of the closet, a supportive space where they can unload, unwind, rag each other, have frank discussions about issues, or simply ogle the hotties. I know some women who read this blog, too!

For this podcast, Migs just asked us to share with Duncan (the letter-sender) our thoughts on his situation, and how we might decide if we were in his place. The truth is, I've never liked the sound of my voice, so I'm afraid I was a tad too conscious throughout the whole recording session. Plus, I didn't want to sound glib with my words, because someone in Sydney is actually hurting enough to send a cry for help to a guy he's never met. Good thing there was McVie with his endless wisecracks, while I confined myself to channeling Ate Charo with my earnest back-rubbing, though laced with the occasional retort. (That's me exclaiming "Puki mo!" at one point. Apologies to sensitive ears.)

I'm usually more, uhm, cheerful and effervescent than what you would hear in the podcast, which Migs promises to upload either tomorrow or Wednesday. If my flat, nasal voice irritates you, pwede daanin ko na lang sa substance of what I'm trying to say? Haha. I'll provide a link here once the podcast is up. Do check it out and tell me what you think. Be gentle, baby, it's my first time. (Grin)

Update: Listen to the podcast here.


Rick M. said...

omg i can't wait to hear it!

I am so out of the loop. i miss you guys!

CokskiBlue said...

It's always fun to do podcasts with your friends. Ibang klase sa mga hirit at blooper moments. Hehe. I'm sure your friend would find it hard to edit the podcast lalo na kung puro tawanan kayo. :D

I miss recording podcasts like this. :)

gibbs cadiz said...

hi RICK! yes, you should have joined us, riot na yun! next time ha, make sure you're in. :)

hey COY! ehem, the current blogging supahstar is in! thanks, man, i didn't know nagpodcast ka before the vlogs. where are these so we your fans may listen to them aside from watching your hit videos?! :) ... re editing, actually ako na nag-direct ng editing kagabi right after, i had migs excise the portions that went nowhere, yung daldalan lang kami pero boring na or otherwise kakairita pakinggan sa first pass pa lang, haha! :)

annamanila said...

Ooh you blogged out of my (IT) range. But anyway, I got an (hazy) idea what it is. Does it include video too aside from audio? Sobra na talaga ... runaway technology na. What's up next? Lapit na ba tayong kumain ng computer chips?

Will wait to hear (and watch?) the podcast.

gibbs cadiz said...

hi ANNA, it's audio lang, parang radio broadcast except recorded and embedded sa blog. hope you like it, haha. :)

Horny Peter said...

Hi Gibbs! Friends pala kayo ni Mcvie at Migs? Well, I don't know them personally but I read Mcvie's blogs and my girl friends visit Migs naman. I excited to hear your podcast. Kase naman di ba, iba yung thrill if you hear the voices of your fave bloggers!:)

No kidding here! I really like your entries! Pwede ba magpa-autograph? O kay penge ng autographed pic?

joelmcvie said...

GIBBS: Pina-edit mo lang yun portion na yun dahil BINISTO ka namin na ________-killer kah! Ahahahaha!

gibbs cadiz said...

hi HORNY PETER, sobra ka naman, autograph talaga? ke migs at mcvie na lang, hehe. but thanks a lot for reading. hope you like the podcast too. :)

JOEL, joel, joel, my turn to spill the beans next time! :)

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