Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The podcast

Be gentle, baby, it's my first time. (Grin)

Finally, Migs uploads it. Here.

A bit lengthy (we got carried away), but hope you stay until the wrap-up. See below for the back story.


Anonymous said...

hi gibbs.... don't be hard on yourself...I truly enjoyed listening to you (or the three of you).. and your voice is not nasal or malamya.. you sound "interesting". And the content...yes..charo santos-ish.

Dennis (the guy inviting you to boracay) =)

joelmcvie said...

GIBBS! Ano ba, Bora na ito! Go na! Ahahahaha! ;-)

annamanila said...

Listened na .. though I got only part of it ... ang dami pang pauses. Anyway, why don't you take your podcast to a higher level -- national radio!! You'd be -- all three of you -- a hit. As long as you're all as funny, as insightful, as instructive -- not only of blogging but also of the gay psyche.

I read somewhere and I agree -- ultimately we're all androgynous. And all relatinships are fine as in FINE as long as based on love.

gibbs cadiz said...

ey DENNIS, maraming salamat. "interesting" is good enough. you haven't emailed me. :)

hehe, JOEL, di kasi ako easy to get e. nyahaha! :)

hey ANNA, thanks for listening! i think slight problem with your connection lang, kasi 30+ minutes talaga siya, baka mabagal dsl mo today kaya choppy ang streaming audio. thanks for the kind comments. actually, what's a better project is to have articulate bloggers like you (i know, we've worked together one time!) also guest in migs' podcasts, so we could all learn from one another. or maybe i'd do that for this blog, once i get the right equipment for podcasting, hehe. :)

annamanila said...

Sige ... but if you really know me, am better read than heard. but still better heard than seen. Joke, half joke.

CokskiBlue said...

Wow. Gibbs, great first podcast. I liked the topic about Blogging, naka-relate ako. And it's really interesting to know how you all began and your reasons behind what you're doing. Got me inspired to continue (text) blogging. :)

OK naman yung boses a. Don't be too conscious about it. You should do more podcasts for your site. Your answers to the letter sender were very insightful. Sa experience ba nanggaling yung wisdom mo? Hehe.

Anyway, great job!

gayngame said...

galing mo! nakakainlove naman. lol!

hihintayin ko ang susunod na podcast.

Joel said...

Hoy Bakla!

Ambisyosang DJ na ang drama moh! Winner ka talaga! :P

gibbs cadiz said...

ey ANNA, better read than heard? you're too modest, that's not how i remember it! :)

hi COKS, thanks for taking time to listen to the podcast, and for the kind words. coming from you--in the words of benj, 'the current toast of the blogosphere!'--i'll take that as a big compliment! now you have to teach how to make those killer videos! :)

haha, GAYNGAME, you have to join us sa next podcast. topic is coming out. ehem, relate! :)

ey JOEL, salamaz! :)

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