Friday, June 01, 2007

Aiza Seguerra, Frenchie Dy also in 'Avenue Q'

Atlantis Productions’ staging of the hit Broadway musical "Avenue Q" will star three of the country’s finest performers. Pop singer Rachel Alejandro, who will play the dual role of Kate Monster and Lucy The Slut, will be joined by singer/actress Aiza Seguera (as Gary Coleman) and "Star in a Million" champion Frenchie Dy (as Christmas Eve).

"Avenue Q," winner of 3 Tony Awards including Best Musical, combines people and puppets in a clever musical about real life, finding a job (or losing it), dealing with racism, moving to an apartment and getting kicked out it, being different, falling in love, promiscuity, avoiding commitment, hangovers, Internet porn and discovering the world. Parental discretion is advised due to mature themes.

"Avenue Q" will be directed by Bobby Garcia, who currently has the Broadway Asia production of "The King & I" touring the region, and Chari Arespacochaga, who recently directed "High School Musical" for Ateneo BlueRep. Set and costume design by Mio Infante, lighting design by Jay Aranda, and puppet design and execution by Joji Pamintuan based on the original Broadway designs of Rick Lyons. It opens September 7 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City.

A few select shows are still available for showbuyers and fundraisers. Contact Atlantis Productions at 8927078.

PLUS: Rachel Alejandro's two audition videos for "Avenue Q" sent via YouTube here and here.


Aja said...

OMG I remember watching "The Internet is for Porn" overlaid on various cartoons and game animations on YouTube. I have to tell my friends about this. They'll love it. :P

brVinceFMS said...

Will it interpret or represent what the realities of our times mean to us? the messages it bring us...? hoping the show will really give us eyes, to have a wider perspective and view of our present situations, not only here but also abroad...

JOSH said...

Every night i walk dat path in going to edsa frm work (with presence of skimpy clad)...ohhh, i thought dis play was Q (uezon)Avenue ;) Avenue Q pala.

I like rachel as a singer (i have her 10th yr album/tape). I also like Aiza (have her 1st cd)

How much r d tickets again? Now i need to find someone to watch it with :)

annamanila said...

I am glad to know there seems to be new producers of plays now. Dati parang dalawa lang .. yung kay zeneida amador and yung rolando tinio ... come-lately yung kay monique wilson. (Just may uninformed perception .. haha)

Malapit nang maging mainstream siguro. Di mainstream ka na din. yehey. O mas type mo esoteric? hehe

gibbs cadiz said...

hi AJA, great! do let people know about it, and bring them with you when you watch the show. :)

hi VINCE, well, if they don't end up exactly mirroring our social realities, they can at least entertain us with skill, humor and sincerity, right? sometimes, those are more than enough. :)

hey JOSH, not sure about the ticket prices, do call up the number mentioned at the end of the release, thanks. :)

hey ANNA, actually mejo madami sila ever since, di lang talaga nabibigyan ng proper exposure, kaya only the big ones make an impact. sayang nga e. haha, wish ko lang maging mainstream na ang teatro sa pinas, hehe. :)

Anonymous said...

Been wondering when they'd stage Avenue Q in Manila. Just a big warning to everyone: just because it uses puppets it doesn't mean that it will be another Sesame Street. It's laced with profanity and all out puppet to puppet makeout sessions. In other words, get ready to cringe. I did. Several times. And I still like the show! Look for "Schadenfreude" (sp?), "The More You Ruv Someone", "Mix Tape"... hmmm and my all time favorite, "It Sucks To Be Me"

Aiza as Gary Coleman? I'd rather they chose a neutral actor. Aiza is larger than life herself and the character will be shadowed by the "actor". Oh well. Aiza is as pretty screwed up as Gary so I guess this bow to the gods of commercialism might just work.

Not too crazy with Rachel as Kate Monster/Lucy. She not neurotic enough. Actually the whole show works if everyone in the cast is over the top crazy but grounded on the theme of the show.

Anonymous said...

Saw "Johnny and the Sprites" this morning over on Disney Channel and was surprised to see familiar faces.

Avenue Q original cast members John Tartaglia (as Johnny)and Natalie v. Belcon are two of the three humans in the show. John is creator and producer of the show.

John T. played Princeton and Rod in Q while Natalie played Gary (yes, it's a female role!).

Watch both of them in their Tony performance in YouTube, singing "It Sucks To Be Me"

Anonymous said...

Hi There!

Am selling tickets for the Sept 15, 8pm show of Avenue Q.

Tickets are priced at 1250 (orchestra), 1000 (loge) and 500 (balcony).

Call or text me at 0917-8735412 for tickets!!!!


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