Sunday, June 24, 2007

Berate me, baby, one more time

Here's one more reason to be jumping about with a stupid grin on my face this morning: The ladies at Berate My Blog just gave me their highest rating--9.8--which beat McVie's by, uh, 0.1.

[Insert sounds of me doing cartwheels here.]

Not familiar with Berate My Blog? Heller, check out the site, like, now! Two girls, Fiona and Unica, review other blogs for free aside from offering practical ideas for sprucing up your home. A knockout combination. One day you're reading a post on the merits of a plush sofa, the next you're hearing them knock some sense into a blogger infatuated with eye-crossing black backgrounds.

(Of an Indian blog, they recommend: "A color scheme that doesn't leave all the regions of my body squinting and straining. And some effort to remove two words from my mind--"pious geek." Cheeky!)

In fact, better than the rating I got were the comments:

Review: Gibbs Cadiz

Graphics--could do better if the ratio of ad and content visuals were changed to: ad visuals--30%, content visuals--70%.

Content--One of the best Pinoy blogs online catering to music, theater, film and books, it writes up a storm to keep you on to the buzz. Are some items reprints? Whatever, this site actually takes blogging a notch higher as a literary form.

Style--A bit gushy sometimes, but you can see Mr. Cadiz' mastery of contemporary feature writing.

Recommend--A resize of the right column to about one fourth the page could make reading the posts easier. And no ads under the header would do wonders for the layout.


Now it's me, McVie (9.7) and Mark Xander (9.5) in the top three highest-rated blogs. Holy guacamole! (They did say I could be gushy.)

My dilemma now is how to top McVie's riot of a speech when he was lord of the realm, so to speak. I won't even try. Wave na lang ng hand and mutter Shakespeare's line: "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown."

Ladies, thanks for the treat. And, people, get yourselves berated too!


gayngame said...

anong kaguluhan to? hehehe

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Keep it up! Fabulous! Spectacular! A once-in-a-lifetime award! Don't miss it! Coming soon. carried away. Seriously... You deserve it. I would have given your blog a 9.9. Been back from Boracay more than a month now...and we still haven't had coffee. I hope "you has no lover yet."


gibbs cadiz said...

ey GAYNGAME, tagal mo nawala a. how's your site and your cutie gamers? :)

ANONYMOUS, maraming salamat! hope you had fun in boracay. :)

aryo said...

Naman to. Hindi man lang hinayaang maghari si Joel ng mas matagal. How dare you! I thought you were friends.Binanggit ka pa naman niya sa kanyang acceptance speech. Well, congrats just the same. ;-)

SexyMom said...

congrats, Gibbs! i saw in their left side-bar that you are the highest scorer!!!

joelmcvie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
joelmcvie said...

ARYO: Anubah! Hayaan mo na si Gibbs. Okey lang yun, wala yun sa akin.

At saka si Manuel L. Quezon III is up next in Berate My Blog, and political punditry always trumps theater treatises. Kaya Gibbs, matakot ka na! AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!

gibbs cadiz said...

ARYO, kasalanan ko ba, kasalanan ko baaaaah!?! (iyak plus slide down the wall, haha!). :)

hi DINE, thanks a lot! :)

hehe, am ready to relinquish the crown any time, MCVIE. ready for downloading na ang farewell speech ko! :)

joelmcvie said...

GIBBS: Anubah?! Joke lang yun. Wala sa listahan yata si MLQIII (at least, last I checked). Hindi yata yun nagpapa-berate.

Come to think of it, dapat exempted nga yung mga yun sa berating. Dios ko, sa last name pa lang niya, saan ka pa lulugar? Ahahahahaha!

Annamanila said...

Bravo, Gibbs Cadiz. I am not surprised.

Should I let my site be berated? Hmmm ... esep esep.

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