Tuesday, June 12, 2007

No greater love

When was the last time we sang these two songs and really meant them?

Performers: May Bayot, The Company, Jed Madela, Gerald Santos, UE Chorale, Tanghalang Pilipino, Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, and Nonie Buencamino as Andres Bonifacio

Event: "Hinabing Gunita," a grand asalto for Philippine Independence Day; June 11, 2006, CCP Main Theater. A CCP-Philippine Department of Tourism presentation

PLUS: No music, no lines, but see if you aren't stirred by this video.

[video copyright © Philippine Department of Tourism]


decorator said...

the video left me in tears (not that im in my crying mode in the past four days). the last time i heard that song was during a book launch in san juan where ka freddie was forced to sing it a capella. the song ended with everybody's (including the socialites in their trajes)fist clenched in the air.

although i was a bit disturbed that the turn of the century costume was not worn with a panuelo (or even just a manton). that piece of cloth is worn to cover the breasts and by not wearing one simply shows that you are a woman of ill repute...

Fendi said...

Oh! thank you for posting this video..
The last time I have heard this song was ages ago.. I really miss it..
Do you have any video how did they celebrate this year? thanks..Anway,,Would you like to exchange links? kissfendi.com


gibbs cadiz said...

hi DECORATOR, thanks for your comment. i assume you're referring to may bayot's costume? hmmm, i'd defer to your judgment on that. :)

hi FENDI, yep, pilipinas kong mahal really brings back memories of my elementary years... i'll try to get a video copy of this year's asalto, since i wasn't able to attend. re trading links, sure, be glad to! :)

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