Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hardware and hormones

Awat muna sa theatuh this Father's Day ha. Eto, two articles I wrote for today's Inquirer Lifestyle:

The first is about Mang Gerry Feliciano, who won one of the four slots in our Father's Day "Handy Daddy" contest. We were looking for fathers who had a love for butingting, for constructing and creating things on their own. Mang Gerry's name was submitted by his 13-year-old daughter Geraldine. His prize was a P20,000 shopping spree at Handyman Robinsons Galleria plus a Samsung digital camera. I was there to document their hoard and get the story on his love for hardware, power tools and working with his hands. Father and daughter had a blast, and so did I.

An hour or so before the lunch at Uncle John's, organized for the winning fathers of Inquirer Lifestyle's "Handy Daddy" contest for Father's Day, Gerardo Feliciano was already in Handyman Robinsons Galleria, checking out the items he planned to buy with his shopping prize of P20,000 in gift checks.

A retired civil engineer, Feliciano, 56, has always been thorough and methodical in his work, and this day was no different, despite the excitement of winning his dream shopping spree.
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The second is something that concerns, uhurm, the aging male, which means our daddies, uncles, etc. Ever heard of andropause? It's the male equivalent of menopause in women, though I understand the proper medical term for the condition and the array of symptoms it manifests is testosterone deficiency syndrome. TDS typically occurs in men aged 40 and above. I went to Bali last month just to hear a gaggle of doctors talk about TDS and a related subject, erectile dysfunction. Not the happiest stories to chase in an exotic destination, but okay na rin, at least nakapunta ako sa Bali.

It's menopause for women, andropause for men. Correct?

Not quite. While menopause is a medically accepted term for that period of transition in a woman's life when her childbearing years end, with the passage accompanied by a host of symptoms ranging from night sweats and mood swings to fatigue and outright depression, the equivalent condition in middle-aged men is only loosely called andropause.

There is no formal definition yet for andropause, and what it refers to have not been mapped out as extensively as its female counterpart. The medical term usually employed for the array of physical, sexual and emotional changes that occur in men aged 40 and above is a longer, more complicated phrase: testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS).
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snglguy said...

Oh geez! Thanks for reminding this 46 year-old about TDS, Gibbs... now I have one more thing to worry about aside from middle age crisis. :-D

brVince said...

Article nyo po pala yung binabasa ko sjisola PDI, Congratulations po and happy father's day :)

Annamanila said...

You went to Bali to attend a conference on TDS? Hmmm That's lifestyle subject, ha?

HRT -- I got friends who got that. It never occured to me to ask about it. My daughter, a med student tells me I should have considered it. The benefits greatly outweighs the risks. I dunno ... maybe I take off tomorrow and consult.

I didnt read the Reloaded piece in PDI but I browsed the Handy Dads one. Didnt know it was yours.

Jeffrey Dach MD said...

Shaun Micheel won the PGA Championship in 2003 with one of the most dramatic shots in history, and his frank discussion of his treatment for low testosterone in the golf magazines sparks renewed interest for men over 50 in this aspect of medical treatment.

One question that always comes up is:

Does Testosterone Therapy cause Prostate Cancer?

Dr. Rhoden reviewed 72 medical studies and found
NO EVIDENCE that testosterone therapy causes prostate cancer. For a link to the Rhoden article in the January 2004 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, see this page:

Low Testosterone Diagnosis and Treatment

Jeffrey Dach MD

bingskee said...

very informative, gibbs. a 70+ boss informed about andropause. it's always the expression 'is there such a thing?' you will get from those uninformed. others use denial. it's a sensitive issue for men.

gibbs cadiz said...

hi SNGLGUY, haha, don't worry about it, in a few years i shall be joining you, and we'd be in the same demographic. but really, it's all a state of mind, right? :)

hi BRVINCE, salamat for dropping by! belated happy father's day din. :)

hi ANNA, as you can imagine, i hardly knew anything about hormone replacement therapy for post-menopausal women until i had to read up on its equivalent for men. pero carry lang; this is what i like about my job, dami ko natututunan, hehe. :)

ey BINGSKEE, it is, it is, lalo na ang erectile dysfunction. but i think many men are slowly opening up and becoming more candid about the midlife changes they go through. :)

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