Friday, June 29, 2007


You might have noticed the profusion of audio clips I've been adding to many of my posts these days. Aren't they a great add-on to blogging? I mean, rather than just rhapsodizing about how great this or that singer is, I could actually share with you the relevant audio clip to prove my point. Very neat.

Unfortunately, it's not that easy to have these clips hosted online, because the moment you play them they eat up bandwidth somewhere else. Most free file hosting sites like FileDen impose a cap on the streaming audio bandwidth you can consume for a month. Beyond that and the clips won't play anymore--not until the bandwidth meter resets 30 days later. I used FileDen to host my early audio clips here, and the meter dried up fast.

So I've done something better. I've gotten a paid account in to allow me to share with you as many audio files as I like. For around $50 or P2,300 a year, I can enjoy unlimited storage space for my files, plus every month I get an additional 100 MB free to keep pace with my storage growth. Actually, hosting audio files is an easy job for Podbean; the site is designed for publishing and servicing the much bigger bandwidth needs of podcasts. Judging from the reaction to my first-ever solo podcast (I hear you cackling, Benj!), I think I'll limit myself to as few as necessary for now.

Instead, I'd like to use my humongous bandwidth to upload entire musical soundtracks to this blog. How does that sound? Rather than giving you bits and pieces of, say, "ZsaZsa Zaturnnah," maybe I can share the whole shebang, from Ada's opening narration to the minus-one of "Ikaw ang Superhero ng Buhay Ko." Nah, but Zaturnnah's already popular as it is. I'm thinking of rarer albums like "Katy," or "St. Louis Loves Dem Filipinos," or "Alikabok." Ruel Jacob from Brussels, Belgium recently e-mailed me to request a feature on "Larawan" (the musical). Consider it done, Ruel!

And Broadway musicals! "Light in the Piazza" playing in my blog. Wow, what a vision. Perhaps every month I can spotlight a favorite original cast album, from "Oklahoma" to "Cabaret," "Gypsy" to "Jersey Boys." Or anything from the mounds and mounds of pop-jazz-classical-what-have-you CDs I've collected through the years. I'm so giddy thinking about it all I'm getting a headache...

Well, now that the blog is souped up to do that, what would you like to hear? What songs or performers or soundtracks would you like me to share in this blog? You're my guests, I'd like to hear your opinion. No 50 Cent or Ludacris or Britney, please. Am a bit too old (there, I said it!) for hip-hop or bubblegum pop. Usher, maybe, since he's appeared as Billy Flynn in "Chicago." David Hasselhoff? Shut up.

Here's a perfect example of what I'd like to use my Podbean account for--something you'd find only in this corner: a rare and high-quality audio clip of Lani Misalucha singing a radiant version of Stephen Sondheim's "Children Will Listen." Talk to me!


Anonymous said...

I would love to hear the songs from Himala again, but I don't think they made a recording. But I'm also excited about Katy, Alikabok and Larawan.

Thanks for doing this! :-)

mitsuru said...

ok yan padi.

btw, do you have the michael crawford & michael ball concerts?

kng wara pasyaran mo multiply site ko pwede mo i-download. :)

snglguy said...

Okay, how about some songs from "The Fantasticks"? Or "Pippin" perhaps? ;-)

Karla said...

Gibbs! I'd love to hear Chess. The only songs I know from that musical are "I Know Him So Well" and "Someone Else's Story," Lea's version of which I absolutely adore! :D It's the soundtrack of my life! ;p

Anonymous said...

gibbs, as much as i love lani in almost everything. her version of this streidan-ed song is kinda off. when did she sing this?


gibbs cadiz said...

hi ANONYMOUS, thanks, i'll have to ask vince de jesus whether the music he composed for himala was ever recorded by the original artists, and if he's at liberty to share it with us. let's keep our fingers crossed. :)

hi MITS! i have the michael crawford in cd form and 2 michael ball concerst on dvd. yung kay crawford, is that the one with on eagle's wings? :)

hi SNGLGUY, good choices! i'll start with the fantasticks. try to remember lalala. :)

ey KARLA, chess is it! my favorite song from there is 'anthem,' beautiful soaring piece of patriotic hokum, haha. haylavit! :)

hi RYAN, no, this wasn't a faithful copy of the streisand 'back to broadway' arrangement; mr. c tweaked it a bit, made it more grandiose near the end. lani sang it during an ayala corp.-sponsored concert called 'the music of dreams.' i saw it on tv and had it on vhs tape (but lost the tape, aargh) and i have to disagree, i think lani's version is great--not slavishly broadway, but still dramatic and full-toned. (the concert was where i also got the clip of regine v. singing 'light of a million mornings.' :) ) cheers! :)

Laura said...

I'm really looking forward to hearing other Filipino musicals aside from Zsa Zsa. It's a pity there are hardly any original cast albums of our own shows.

Isn't Light in the Piazza a gorgeous soundtrack? The music practically sparkles and the cast was just wonderful.

Yey for musicals!

Pennaquota said...

I have see, St. Louis, apart from Zsazsa. i still have to see other musicals na pinoy, oh, count in rama at sita.
Thanks for this site which gives me links and inside info about musicals.
I really dont know if there is a database for musicals, perhaps, I can just rely on yours, I ve heard a clip of Lea Salonga singing For good from Wicked, that is good!
Im definitely looking forward to Oro plata Mata. next feb pa though.
Oh, I also saw Noli ME tangere..:D

Poytee said...

I don't have albums of musicals so I'm excited to download your files. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gibbs...thank you in advance for Katy!!! Been looking for that for a loooong time! How about Rama Hari (CCP Version) and Tales of the Manuvu?

gibbs cadiz said...

hi LAURA, yey indeed for musicals! the pinoy works i get my hands on, i'll try to post here and share with you guys. :)

hi PENNACOTTA (aka STEVE), it was great meeting you and dave last saturday. and glad to have found two more theater freaks. dami natin pagkukwentuhan about the plays we've seen! :)

hi POYTEE, uh, am sorry, i'll share the audio clips here for everyone to listen to, but for copyright purposes they won't be downloadable. baka kasi magkaproblema if i open them for copying. hope you understand, nag-iingat lang. :)

hi ANONYMOUS, yep, i'd love to share the magic of 'katy' here (though as i mentioned to poytee above, the clips will be for listening purposes only and won't be downloadable). re 'rama hari,' i had a post on it a month or so ago. here's the link, do check it out:

Poytee said...

Haha that's okay. :) Inggit tuloy ako. Joke. =P

vonjobi said...

gibbs: are you sure there are no IPR issues for allowing people to listen to original cast albums even if they can't download it? youtube could probably use that as a defense, but it's still getting sued.

pennaquota: there IS a database for musicals:

Ayush said...

Thanks for the info, I am using the services of , I think they allow music files.

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