Sunday, June 24, 2007

Who gets which, part 1

Okay, first update on the Books post below: My first podcast-driven gimmick, and it's proving to be a dud. Either you don't like my choice of reading fare, or you don't like my voice, haha.

Yes, friends, I'm giving those books away for free. But you wouldn't know that, and you wouldn't know how to lay claim to a particular title, unless you listened to the very short podcast, where I said that the "proof of purchase," so to speak, was to e-mail me (at and not just to place a comment in the post (though you're free to do that, too).

To those who texted their choices, do try again by e-mail--just to be fair to the rest who endured listening to my podcast and following the rules.

Okay, now that the cat is out of the bag, what are you waiting for? The following readers now own these titles. Lemme know if you fancy any one of the eight remaining books.

Exsanguinatrix gets Death in Venice (and Seven Other Stories), by Thomas Mann.

Intsik gets The Honorary Consul, by Graham Greene.

AnnaManila gets Nectar in a Sieve, by Kamala Markandaya.

Raymund Reyes gets The Shadow of the Winter Palace: The Drift to Revolution 1825-1917, by Edward Crankshaw.

Vince De Jesus gets Eighty-Sixed, by David R. Feinberg.

Q the Conqueror gets The Taboo Scarf and Other Tales of Therapy, by George Weinberg.

Tidbit: Quite a number aimed for "Death in Venice," which I find really fascinating. We all want a piece of von Aschenbach and Tadzio, eh?

Send those e-mails now, folks!

1 comment:

waltzang said...

why are you giving away your books? spring cleaning ba?

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