Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who's your Dodong?

Lauren Novero or Arnold Reyes? The hunk or the heartthrob?

The two actors, together with newbie Janvier Daily (what a hottie!), are once again reprising their roles as Dodong in the triumphant musical "Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah," now on its fifth (and possibly last) run at the RCBC Theater in Makati starting this Friday, June 15.

If Arnold strikes you as a familiar face, that's because he's starred in numerous TV commercials, while also gaining considerable experience as an actor in both musicals and straight plays. He's played the lead in "St. Louis Loves Dem Filipinos," "Noli Mi Tangere," the modern zarzuela "Hibik at Himagsik nina Victoria Laktaw," among others. He was Hamlet in the Filipino version of the Shakespeare classic directed by Tony Mabesa for Dulaang UP, and this year he did his first English play as the Gentleman Caller in Tanghalang Ateneo's "The Glass Menagerie," where he shared scenes with acting luminary Laurice Guillen.

Lauren, on the other hand, started out as a model and sexy actor before he surprised moviegoers with a fine turn as Ricky Davao's lout of a lover in the indie film "Mga Pusang Gala," which also headlined the fabulous Irma Adlawan. The guy proved there was more to him than being the object of beefcake fantasies. He could act. And not only could he act, "Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah" proved he could also sing and do live musical theater.

So which one would you want to catch onstage? The charming, puppy-sweet Dodong or the brawny, laconic one?

To make the choosing easier, listen first to their respective recordings of Dodong's song, "Ikaw ang Superhero ng Buhay Ko." Arnold's version is in the commercially released cast album; Lauren's is the rarer clip because it was part of a very limited-edition "Zaturnnah" CD featuring the alternate cast that sold out during the first run.

Here's Arnold:

Here's Lauren:

So candidates, whom would you choose as your Dodong and why? [Cue music: children's choir singing "You Are My Star"]

PLUS: Did I mention that there's a third Dodong? Yes, upcoming model/actor Janvier Daily, who has no recording of this song, unfortunately. But here's a pic of him, courtesy of his good friend Migs (hmpt!). Ain't he a dish?

Buy those tickets now!


Jap said...

Gibbs, it's so unfair. People in Visayas or Mindanao won't be able to watch this unless they fly to Manila.

Sana magkaroon din ng theater tour ang mga companies so they can influence more performing artists in the different regions.

I felt sad that I won't be able to watch Zsa Zsa cause it will have its final run.

Kelan pa kaya mangyayari ang wish ko na maging accessible ang theater sa madlang people? =)

Oh yeah, I vote for Arnold. Clean cut but he has that naughty look in his eyes =) He can sing, but how's his zombie-fighting skills? hehehe

erasmusa said...

i saw arnold as dodong and was not disappointed. but i must say i was pleasantly surprised with lauren's singing.

Mickey said...

gibbz, parang suya ka ke migz dahil ba me picture sya ni Janvier, :):):)LOL

anyway, excited na ako sa July 1, we have tickets na, hope to see you guys dun.

Sana makilala ko rin si Vince, para pa autograph ko yung CD.


ian said...

i like arnold reyes better. and i had a crush on him since i saw and heard him act ang sing in Hibik at Himagsik nina Victoria Laktaw. i even bought the CD. hehe. by the way, how much does the tickets for Z3 cost? thanks!

Arnold Reyes said...

hi gibbs,thank you for always suporting zaturnah!!!and to all the people who suported our show from the 1st run to this final re staging,THANK YOU!!!!its been a wonderfull experience performing to all of you!!!sa inyo nanggagaling ang puso na binibigay namin sa bawat palabas!!! I would like to take this oportunity to invite evryone to watch the re staging of zsazsa zaturnnah at rcbc plaza makati...catch my performance as dodong...june 16,22,23,july 1 3pm and june 16 ,30 can buy tickets thru paulo 8233661 or 09209535381..see you all!!!

Annamanila said...

So hard to choose. Hmmm I like Arnold's looks better but he is edged out by Lauren's singing. Siguro si Lauren na lang .. kasi mas mukha syang vulnerable. Ang ganda ng song ... gives me an aw-shucks insight into dodong's kind of love. Wala din .. pareho din di ba?

How much are tickets --how can i get two. Up to when is the run.

Gypsy said...

Hmmm..sorry ha, si Hugh Jackman pa rin type ko..Hehe.

the spy in the sandwich said...

arnold is gorgeous, but i did not expect lauren to have that in him. i was bowled over.

Rico said...

i was pleasantly surprised with Lauren's voice. He can sing!

I haven't watch the play yet. Hopefully mapanood ko to!

Based on the voice, I prefer Lauren's. Lalaking-lalaki ang boses. Medyo may pagkamatinis ang boses ni Arnold eh. La lang, just my opinion. :D

RentHead said...

woah! i didn't know Lauren could sing! we got a revelation here. I saw the show with Janvier as Dodong. He was hot (kahit walang puwet) alright but the poor guy couldn't sing. Hope I could catch one of Lauren's performances in this run.

Karla said...

So many Dodongs! Janvier doesn't look like a Dodong though. :)
I think Lauren would make a good Dodong. Hmmm.
Imagine a newspaper article saying, "He is most remembered for his role as Dodong in . . ."
Gibbs! I want my own Dodong too! Puro batang Dodong lang meron lately eh!

Anonymous said...

hey, i go for janvier because he is young, hunk and looks very straight. needs to improve his singing though. arnold is just to old for the role and his voice lacks "pop" quality. he's voice would be fit more in serious musicals. Lauren is hunk, ultimate straight guy and has the best voice of the three.

I go for janvier or lauren.

humphrey said...

i love lauren's voice.
i like arnold's boyish charm.
janvier is boring, parang tuod. walang dating.

albert189 said...

Totoo. Napanood ko si Janver noon sa CCP. Hindi ko siya type. Mas maganda pa ang boses ni Willie Revillame kesa sa kanya!!! Sorry ha, nagsasabi lang ako ng totoo. Tsaka ang bigat ng katawan sa stage, walang buhay. Parang kinakaladkad niya ang puwet niya.

Gusto ko si Arnild. Si Loren okay na okay din. Wag lang si Janver. Manonood ako ulit sa sabado.

Rick said...

OMG, lauren's there? weird, eh kainuman ko lang siya dati :P and i didn't know he could sing!

are you guys going? i'll be there on saturday night with A.

lemme know if you guys are going!

aryo said...

Even if the singing would only be the basis for comparison, I still can't make a choice! I need to watch them live. Tickets, Gibbs please. Tickets!

Annamanila said...

Medyo confused ako who's lauren and who's arnold in the picture (although i got the voices right) kaya confused ang comments ko. Anyways, won't put it straight na lang. They're both good.

Looking forward to Saturday.

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

Kay Arnold na lang, kasi he has a great voice to match his great acting! Okay din naman si Lauren kaso naassociate ko siya sa Twilight dancers, hehe!

Anyway, true po ba na si Kay Brosas na ang Z3 and not Eula Valdes? Kalungkot naman! Anyway, magaling naman kumanta at magpatawa si Kay eh.

FYI lang. Janvier Daily will play Jonas in Jun Lana's indie flick, Roxxxane. For more info: go here:

Gibbs, add kita sa links ko ha? Salamat!

Bakla Sa Banga said...

Mas nasusundan ko si Lauren kaya ang bias ko ay nasa kanya. The singing voice sounds honest and gentle it's so suprising. It's pleasant it goes down on you, actually through you.


Mickey said...

san ako makakakita ng seating chart ng carlos p romulo auditorium. we have tickets for row f seats 10-15, san banda yun?

Anonymous said...

arnold is gay, period!
dodong should be straight!

JOSH said...

LUV THEM BOTH, by hook or by crook dapat makapanuod na ko nitong Zsa2 Saturna d Musical!

Hey people, give d amateur dodong janvier a break, cute pa naman sya (miggs will surely have a broken heart!) Hopefuly, we will see an improvement in janvier's performance this time.

(though i must say, when i saw him, i believe its janvier, performed sa Walang Tulogan ni kuya germs a couple of months/yrs back, i told myself, is dat dodong really allowed to sing??? sori po)

Salute to the three dodongs!

Dennis N. Marasigan said...

gibbs, i am amazed at the intrepid way you source your audio clips!

thanks for your continued support for zsa zsa zaturnnah and all the other theater productions (kasama na siyempre ang sa tanghalang pilipino.)

to all those inquiring about tickets, they're at P500/P700/P800. Call 832-3661 or 8391-9999.

gibbs cadiz said...

hi JAP, i know it's unfair that shows like this only get shown in manila. i sympathize with those in the provinces. believe me, if the theater companies could have their way, they'd be touring their shows too. except that that costs money, and there are too few willing sponsors out there. dami pa nagte-take advantage. a couple of years ago, tanghalang pilipino agreed to bring its much-acclaimed jologs version of romeo & juliet to baguio. the organizer then proceeded to break their contract by overselling tickets and cancelling one show to pack everything into one day (or two days, am not sure now). TP's then artistic director herbie go exploded in rage, which brought him and the financier to the police station, trading charges. sad, kasi wala na nga pera sa teatro, dami pa nanggagantso. and that show was one of the artistic triumphs of 2005! :)

hi ERASMUSA, di ba? ako din nagulat ke lauren, hehe. :)

hi MICKEY, biro lang yun, lambing na patutsada ke migs, hehe. enjoy the show! pakilala ka lang kay vince afterwards, am sure he'd be glad to sign your CD. :)

hi IAN, wow, you have a cd of hibik? buti ka pa! i don't know where to get a copy of that. :) as to zzz's prices, just refer to dennis marasigan's comment below, thanks. :)

hey ARNOLD REYES, thanks for visiting the blog! o ayan ha, dami mo fans dito, hehe. break a leg! :)

hey ANNAMANILA, see ya tomorrow evening! :)

GYPSY, naman! am with you on that, hehe. :)

hey IAN, punta na kayo ni mark dito, watch zsazsa na! :)

hi RICO, thanks for your comment. go watch the show, based on your comment í think you'll really like lauren. :)

haha, agree, RENTHEAD! :)

hey KARLA, kasi kasi naman, hehe. ano ba kasi appeal mo sa younger men? ayan tuloy, me nag-ooffer na dalhan ka ng soup sa bahay, hahaha! :)

hey ANONYMOUS, thanks for your comment and your vote! :)

gibbs cadiz said...

hi HUMPHREY, antaray ng comment! hayluv it, hehe. :)

uy ALBERT189, good thing you're watching this saturday, since ayaw mo si janvier and he's not performing in the two shows this sat. :)

hi RICK, chris and i will see ya sat night. good! at kainuman mo talaga dati si lauren? hoy, magkwento ka? :)

naku ARYO, ayan ka na naman, reserve kita tiket tapos pass ka bigla, haaay. :)

hello ANNA, hehe, siempre si lauren yung slab of meat sa taas--na marunong kumanta, to be fair. lol. :)

hello KEITARO, yep, si K Brosas na, though eula will still headline two showdates. mukhang bagay naman sa kanya yung role. let's see. :)

hi BAKLA SA BANGA, lauren's voice goes through you talaga? haha, ibang klase ka! :)

MICKEY, don't worry about your seats. if you're in row F, super lapit pa yan sa stage, and even if you're on the side area, maliit lang ang theater kaya lapit pa din. :)

hi ANONYMOUS, thanks for your comment. i have to disagree though. a person's sexual orientation is not naman the primary basis for his or her effectivity in a role, right? because if that were the case, halos wala nang pwedeng mag-straight role sa teatro. :) right now, ian mckellen is playing king lear at the west end. you'd never hear anyone complain that he's proudly out and therefore unfit for the role. similarly, judge arnold--or any theater actor for that matter--on the merits of his or her performance, not on what you think his or her gender preference is, because i think that's really irrelevant in the end. just my opinion. :)

JOSH, go, dapat talaga mapanood mo na ito! next podcast namin quiz on zzz, baka di mo ma-perfect, hala! hehe. :)

hello DENNIS, thanks for the comment and kind words. looking forward to your own production and movie! :)

TPinay said...

Lauren is a real hottie but he's not the type of Dodong I've read from the comic book. Parang pushing mashado ung pagtatanga-tangahan nya. And can i just say na kahit ang laki laki nya, ang liit naman ng stage presence nya. His stage acting abilities are still questionnable. His singing voice is cleaner and clearer than that of Arnold's, but when I saw him perform, I only saw a singing hunk, not Dodong, not a person professing his love to someone.

Arnold is, if not the best, the better Dodong. I can't think of any other actor to play Dodong's part but him. His singing voice might not be perfect, but the charisma and the character never run out of breath in every word and every movement he does as Dodong.

SexyMom said...

i have heard, and seen the heart throb (thanks to you--i enjoyed the play immensely!) and he is ok. who knows i will have the chance to watch and listen to the hunk someday.

Hilary said...

Carlo Vergara is sheer genius! K Brosas executes hilarious punchlines in the vernacular with such panache! i loved it! watched the show last night to surprise Arnold. and in the end, i was the one bowled over by the show. amazing cast. And Nar playing Deedee has got to be the cast favorite. i can't stop gushing about the cast. they were amazing.

and ARNOLD IS NOT GAY ;) period.

migs, the manila gay guy said...

World Peace! Make love not war -- kaya huwag na nating pagtalunan kung sino ang pinakamagaling na Dodong. Mahal ko silang tatlo! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

hay, gibbs, just reading the comments gives us much-needed laughter dito sa office. :D

super fan ni lauren said...

I watched the play and I love Lauren. Galing ng voice!!!
Super Hunk din!! Ang sexy!!!I was able to search from You Tube his video when he was singing Eric Benet's "Last Time" . Galing ng boses!!! Revelation talaga.

Check it out. Here's the link

bwisit! said...

ay hands down kay lauren ako. he has the sex appeal and earthy looks needed for the role. and he sings well!

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