Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Long, long-distance love affair (wo-ho!)

I told Migs I'd wait until both parts of the latest Troikasters podcast have been uploaded at his site before I'd blog about it. Well, they're here.

Ansaya! That's the best word to describe the tete-a-tete we had at this cozy little coffee nook in QC. The waiters and bar staff were looking at us with bemused expressions throughout the nearly two-hour podcast, as we were laughing at every punchline and hirit that punctuated the discussion on long-distance relationships.

Our guests were Corporate Closet (CC) and Tony, who, very serendipitously, turned out to have diametrically opposed ideas on the topic, making our chat so much more interesting. While CC's partner is based in the south ("TriSoma?," I deadpanned), Tony's is a Singaporean whom he met when he worked there for seven years.

Tony (that's him with the laptop in the pic) happens to be... ah, er, an ex. We were together for six months in 1998. I was 27, he was 20. Don't blame me, he made the first move. Wahaha, 'wag ka nang komontra, B, blog ko 'to! (I still call him B--wala lang, force of habit.) As the podcast shows, we've remained very good friends. Now that he's back for good in Manila after his Singapore stint, it's swell to see him as still the cool, unflappable guy I knew. Okay, saka na ang kwento!

CC's story got the fizziest reactions from us; you'd have to listen to the podcast to find out why. We could razz him like that because he's a close friend, and also because he could give as much as he got (and boy, did he!). Kudos to him for his honesty and bravery.

Our chat was recorded using Migs' special podcast microphone ordered from the US. Yes, kinarir na ng lola ang podcasting! In terms of sound, the results are noticeably better (dapat lang, for a $100 microphone). In terms of content, of course, we're unchanged. Unbridled talk, much hilarity, breezy but serious dissection of topics (heh). In a word, ansaya!

Because Migs' site is inaccessible at times due to excessive traffic, Mcvie and I are again guest-hosting the podcast.

Here's Part 1 (39 mins 46 secs), where we detoured into a discussion of open or close relationships:

And Part 2 (46 mins), where we looked at the practical implications of long-distance amour:


beektur said...

wow. tony and gibbs doing podcastie. k-i-s-s-i-n- geez, you guys were perfect together. que paso? jejeje.

great job!

Tony said...

Perfect together talaga? Hahaha.

Sadly, as with anything close to perfection in this world, it usually is fleeting. :P

I always look at our previous relationship with fond memories. Gibbs was a mentor of sorts and I the eager student and for that I will forever be grateful. :D

gibbs cadiz said...

anong kaguluhan ito!? haha, BEEKTUR, ayan, sinagot ka ni B. :)

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