Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My top 10 emerging influential blogs

Paolo Mendoza has done a dastardly act. He has grabbed me by the collar, slammed me against a wall, and--not what you might think, *wink wink*--coerced me into coming up with my own top 10 list of emerging influential blogs for Janette Toral's project. Something I've tried to avoid doing given the sheer number of blogs I patronize and feel are worthy of attention by everyone else.

"Influential" is also a word I don't bandy about lightly. In my book, to be influential means, at a minimum, being able to offer a fresh take on old stuff AND getting people to appreciate the innovation. When somebody makes you see things in a new light, or creates a niche where none has existed before, or blazes a trail that has others enthusiastically following in his or her wake, that's being influential.

So here are my choices, in no particular order. The fact that most of them have also become my online friends is incidental. Let's just say I gravitate towards like-minded folk--though some would object to my presumption. Sa presinto na lang ang paliwanagan, haha.

AnnaManila: With wit, charm, heart and grace, she shows by example how senior denizens like her can live active, fully engaged lives without fear of technology, modified mores or the disruptions of changing times. There's no better compliment I can pay Anna than to say that I'd like to live my senior years the way she's living hers now.

The D Spot: Like her friend Anna, Dine's big-hearted embrace of life and the roles it has assigned her is an inspiration. Any woman with the sass, poise and self-assurance to call herself SexyMom--prudes be damned--deserves emulation. What more if she proves herself worthy of the label with her thoughtful, practical posts?

The Philosophical Bastard: You're here, Paolo, not because I'm repaying you for the regular plugging you do for my blog. It's simply because you've always made me laugh and think hard at the same time with your wacky, where'd-that-come-from posts. The crazier you get, the more thought-provoking you become. That's a gift; don't lose it.

CokskiBlue: He sprang out of nowhere with a blog devoted exclusively (or almost) to telling his stories through video. His vlogging thus far has revealed a young man of sincerity, imagination, humor, passion and a big heart--qualities that also inform his entertaining videos. In barely two months, Coy has inspired a raft of bloggers to try video-blogging, and he's collected a lot of fans along the way. I am one of them.

Misterhubs: "Funny, poignant and beautifully written as always," I said of one of his posts. Have you read his ersatz Philippine Fashion Week review? Of a neo-ethnic creation with a fishnet for a cape, he quipped: "How Lapu-Lapu killed Magellan: heart attack by laughter." In place of so much low-brow pop-culture kibitzing, Misterhubs does his with catty, stylish flair. Memo to lawyers: write like him.

Project Manila: Rick Manzano's photo blog does something improbable: it conjures a Manila of tactile beauty, sturdy restlessness and gritty dignity. His images allow us to rediscover the more edifying corners of the city we've come to love and hate. For giving us a new pair of eyes with which to see our home, he deserves to be in this and other bloggers' lists.

ManilaGayGuy: This site's unending parade of images of men in various states of undress (never pornographic, mind you) may turn off some, but let's face it: when you're attracting some 7,000 unique hits a day from all over the world, and inspiring others to blog the way you do (that is, with an expert blend of the naughty and the substantial), you must be doing something right. Talk about influence, and Migs' hugely popular site wins by a mile.

FruityOaty: She writes long, snappy, quick-witted posts brimming with her brand of intelligent chatter and off-kilter humor. She can unearth the unexpected from something thoroughly mundane (Knorr's vegetable ad as an insidious plot to push MSG, anyone?). FruityOaty looks at daily life with tongue firmly in cheek, and the view she shares with us is wonderful.

The Vegan Prince: How many vegetarians are as articulate, smart, good-looking and devil-may-care (yes, all four) as Mark Xander of Dumaguete? Not everyone is ready to ditch being a carnivore anytime soon, but I'm sure many would queue for the chance to munch greens and breathe the same air with this guy. Vegan cool equals The Vegan Prince. Now where's my celery?

Wait--I just came up with nine! Never mind. Can you suggest some other blogs that deserve to be in my list? I'd be glad to check them out. Hurry, the contest deadline's July 28, and I'm leaving for Malaysia, Truly Asia tomorrow!

P.S. Paolo, I'm wrapping this up at 4:30 a.m. here. You owe me one for my loss of gym time later, dude. :)


the philosphical bastard said...

I meant what I said when I said what I said - that your blog has such high entertainment factor. And you called me "kiddo" once.

Rick said...

gibbs: it's such an honor to be included in your list. i hope my little project changes how people look at manila. mwah. see you soon!

:) said...

hello! i admire your writing. keep it up!

Annamanila said...

No way I can win but if Gibbs Cadiz says I influence, then I must. :)

But you ... you should win. WINNNNN!

Ay naku. This piece is beautifully written and not only because I am in it.

Your writing style makes me salivate -- the elegant turn of phrase, the metaphors. Splendid! And the nice thing about it is you are young and will still be splendider.

Anonymous said...

Might i suggest a few other ones as well...

There's this guy named Anton Deleon, i remember him speaking at last year's Iblog and his two sites are off the wall.SLAP HAPPY and HAKAMPOOTAH (his tagalog based blog) are quite a good read.

Then there's Dean Alfar's blog and of course Sassy Lawyers.

Tony said...

Oh I didn't know you were leaving for Malaysia tomorrow. Sayang...Mave has been in Kuala Lumpur for a good two weeks but he plans to head back to Singapore tomorrow as well. I'm sure you guys would have enjoyed each other's company if you met up. Oh well.

migs, the manila gay guy said...


SexyMom said...

coming from you, i am so honored, Gibbs! you have a way with words, and you, too, influence.


*faints too and lands on top of Migs and then regains consciousness, stands up, and thanks Gibbs*

John said...

Thank you for bringing such nice posts. Your blog is always fascinating to read.

fruityoaty said...

Sorry for the tardy thanks. I've been on a hiatus from blogging / visiting blogs / commenting. Life + Work + Frazzled + Tired. I've written two (2!) lame entries in July... Combined total of 8 from May to July! How is that influential? No idea, LOL.

I should write an entry: FruityOaty's Step By Step Guide on How to Be Influential By Being A Slacker Blogger!

Wow, THANKS very much for the nomination. I'm very flattered! I heart you and your blog. Totally.

To be honest, out of all the the people who voted for me, I relish your write-up the most! Truly. Not many people actually understand my brand of humor or the real meaning of my entries (I sometimes speak in cryptic code to avoid blogging the personal details of my life. Many people just see the surface story. Mostly, my blog is actually a conversation with one person who is my... blog muse.) :D

In any case, whatever the outcome... THANK YOU! I shall write an entry sometime soon to thank all my supporters. Just trying to figure out... a fruityoaty angle/theme to the entry so that it's not just an entry with links. ;)

Your list is cool. I dig Paolo... and I hope (and think) he'll take the 1st Place Crown. That sizzling hot "Bastard" deserves it.

OK, this comment is way too long. Oh look! It's a mini blog entry! I can add to my July count! 3 LAME entries. HAHA.

gibbs cadiz said...

FRUITY! wow, your comments are as precious as your blog posts. thanks for the kind words. write more! :)

Mark Xander said...

Oh my f*cking god.

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