Wednesday, July 04, 2007

'Pasyon ni Kristo' from Dulaang UP

For its 32nd theater season, Dulaang UP, the official theater group of the University of the Philippines, stages "Passion of the Christ/Pasyon ni Kristo."

Based on the Wakefield Cycle of 32 Mystery Plays, "Pasyon" retells the passion of Christ from His baptism in the river Jordan to His resurrection.

Mystery plays presenting Biblical stories were first performed in Europe over 700 years ago, usually in mid-June on the Feast of Corpus Christi. The name "mystery" play comes from an old French word (mystere) which referred to the Guilds, or the union of craftsmen, workers and laborers that financed and mounted these plays. The plays were collectively called a Mystery Cycle because they were performed in a sequence beginning with God's creation of the world and ending with Judgment Day.

Directed by Tony Mabesa from the Filipino translation by Jon Lazam, "Pasyon ni Kristo" stars Romnick Sarmenta as Jesus Christ and Stella Canete as Mary.

The play runs July 18-29 and August 8-12 at the Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theater, Palma Hall, UP Diliman. Call 4337840, 9818500 local 2449, 0919-2160440 or 0916-6758311 for tickets.


Anonymous said...

u sux! i poured my heart out to you and you used it as an opening line for a blog post! now i am COL (crying out loud). i just hope your readers realize that i cried because i am single in the middle of my married and couple friends; i did not cry because i am gay. (i still love you, though, there's no other way.)

this must be the 5th time i saw this musical, from chicago to charleston, SC to broadway. news items related to this production: bobby's character has long been suspected as gay. all directors -- and actors who played him downplays this part. then guess what, raul esparza, who was married and has 3 kids came out last fall, in the middle of the run of this production. he would not name is partner though, he says the relationship is still early and tenuous.

second: PBS filmed the performance before the last run (the day before i watched it). which means it will be out in DVD soon.

John Doyle is a genius! i might write more about this production (pag nakahanap na ako ng partner)

gibbs cadiz said...

anuba, friend, of course they won't think you cried because you're gay. this blog's readers are intelligent, they'd get it that we're talking about loneliness et al here. so don't worry about it. love you too! :) teka, if you'll wait pa until nakahanap ka na ng partner to write about john doyle, e di baka wala na nga talaga... joke! hehe, di ba nga, plano natin to live in a compound pagtanda natin, we each have our own units but magkakasama pa din tayo. how to make a pinoy quilt. o ha! :)

JOSH said...

tnx for ds infor gibs, i think i'm going to watch this "pasyon ni kristo" :-)

gibbs cadiz said...

hi JOSH! you're in manila? lemme know when you're watching, maybe we can meet up. :)

JOSH said...

y not gibs, my ofys s just here in quezon Ave, its one jeepney ride to UP!

JOSH said...

GIBBS HI! Im reserving for tickets for tom's "Pasyon ni Kristo" in Up Guerero Theather at 10 am playdate with a fellow blogger, r u available tom??? or have u watched it already???? tnx. Please leave a msg on my shout box in my blog. thnx!

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