Monday, July 30, 2007

View from my window

One-min, 12-sec vid, my first. More to come. Look, Coy, I'm vlogging!

P.S. Reminder, friends: Do write up your Cinemalaya entries now and lemme know before Wednesday, August 1. Your P2,000 GC prize is waiting!


snglguy said...

First blogging, now Vlogging.Adik ka nga talaga, padi... sa blogging, hehe. :-D

Gypsy said...

Vlogger ka na pala! Congrats! Great view from your hotel--di ba kita ang Petronas from your window? I love the Petronas towers at night..parang chandelier na baliktad. Have a great time there and hope you get to eat Roti Cennai, yum yum! :)

the philosphical bastard said...

you should do more vlogging. it's cool :)

CokskiBlue said...

Naks. Ayos ang first vlog ah! Hehe.

KL is looking pretty good from your window. Did you have time to visit some of the buildings?

Keep vlogging, Gibbs!

Mark Xander said...

Lovely view! :) Hey, do more of this..

Erik said...

Hey Gibs! I was just checking out your blog. It was nice to meet you in KL. Hope to be with the same bunch next time.



gibbs cadiz said...

hi SNGLGUY! oo nga padi, pathology na talaga ito, haha. :)

hello GYPSY! petronas is on the other side, but i got many many pics of the towers from every angle. ganda nga! :)

hi PAOLO! well, you're one of the vlogging experts, i should listen to you. :)

ehem, ang vlogging superstah, andito pala. kamusta naman, COY! :)

hi MARK! thanks, i'd be glad to. let me just polish my presentational skills, hehe. :)

hi ERIK! thanks for checking out my blog. and for the great pics you gave us. see ya again soon, i hope! :)

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