Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Auditions for Dulaang UP's 'The Silent Soprano'

Dulaang UP is holding auditions for “The Silent Soprano,” a new musical it will stage in December 2007, with music by prize-winning composer Vincent A. DeJesus, libretto by Ricardo “Batch” Saludo and direction by Alexander Cortez.

The auditions will be on September 11-12 and September 14 (callback), 6-9 p.m., at the UP Faculty Center Theater, UP Diliman.

The show is looking for:

1 male lead
22-30 years old , can sing very well, move, act, pass for a Chinese-Mestizo, speak Mandarin and/or Cantonese (an advantage), and play the piano (a plus).

1 female lead
18-25 years old, soprano, with Pan-Asian features, can dance and sing very well (Cantonese and/or Mandarin a plus).

2 female second leads
20-30 years old, alto/soprano, can dance and sing very well.

2 male second leads
25-40 years old, tenor/baritone, can dance and sing very well.

Male and female ensemble
18-30 years old, can sing, dance, act.

Bring a CD minus-one of 2 English songs (1 fast song, 1 slow song from any Broadway musical, pop tunes and/or jazz standards.)


vincedejesus said...

Chenk yu mr cadiz!

gibbs cadiz said...

zure, mr. dejesus! :)

lateralus said...

22-30 years old , CHECK!

can sing very well, OVERQUALIFIED!

move, act, pass for a Chinese-Mestizo, OK, FORGET IT! HAAHAHA

speak Mandarin and/or Cantonese (an advantage), Zzzzzzzz....

and play the piano (a plus). YES, I CAN.

vincedejesus said...

Go lateralus! Audition ka na! Forget the Chinese-looking thing. Kaya ng makeup yan.


gibbs cadiz said...

BENJ, 'silent soprano' ang title ng play, not 'silent rock star slash blogger slash provocateur.' nyehehe. :)

aspiring_actor said...

can we audition even if we have no prior theatrical experience but determined to be part of the cast? I mean, I can sing and move and play the piano, 1/4 Chinese (my father is mestizo), obsessed with musical plays too. Unfortunately, my course in UP is engineering. I heard engineering students are usually discouraged in auditioning.

And what's with this Peking Opera techniques during the audition? does it apply for the males too?

vincedejesus said...

Hey aspiring_actor!

Please come and audition. If you know you can do all that, we will audition you. Hindi naman limited sa mga theater majors ang auditions.

See you and good luck!

Vincent DeJesus

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