Saturday, August 25, 2007

Channeling Nelly Furtado

One-day team-building workshop in a hotel venue. We are asked to go out to the pool area and write about an object of nature--tree, grass, plant, water, bird, sky, cloud, rain, you get the drift--that catches our fancy. Nothing man-made. Describe the object, we are told, but not in bullet points. In essay form. Write down your thoughts about it.

I am bored, but I look around and see something.

A solitary bird, small and brown, alights on a patch of green grass. It looks melancholy all by itself, but also intense, focused, wary. You can feel it staying alert to any sign of danger or disturbance, even as it keeps its head down, poking and pecking in search of food. Then, as quickly as it came, it is gone.

Fifteen minutes up. A call for volunteers to read their entries. One sees fluttering leaves as harbingers of both decay and rebirth. Another riffs on a carpet of grass that needs fertilizing, still another celebrates the rippling water in the pool. The senior guy, as always, is the most poetic, glimpsing in a large, well-trimmed topiary “the impulse to civilize and the desire to control.”

Explanation time. Deep breaths. This exercise, says the coach, is all about how you see the world around you. You perceive reality through your own eyes, through your own experience. Often, how you see things is a reflection of how you see yourself. What's out there is what's inside. The objects you've just described, they're basically you.



snglguy said...

Oh, so you're like... A Bird? Nelly Furtado nga, hehe. :-D

That's one heck of a workshop, ha?

Have a great weekend, padi. :-)

beektur said...

You were in a pool area and all you noticed is one stinking bird. Where are the boys in their nature-al form?!

Kurt said...

para mas jologs, "ibon man may layang lumipaaaad, kuulungin mo at umiiyaaaaaak" :P

buti nalang hindi rooster ung nakita mo sa pool...

gibbs cadiz said...

SNGLGUY, thanks padi! :)

BEEKTUR, ay, we went by the pool late afternoon na, the area was deserted, dang! :)

KURT, anjologz ha, di bagay sa UP Biochem summa (or magna?) graduate! hehe

Kurt said...

ahm, up molecular biology and biotechnology magna poh, nde poh jologz meh, ngppk22o lng poh me!!!

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