Thursday, August 02, 2007

So they say

From Janette Toral's Digital Filipino: As chosen by bloggers who participated in this writing project, the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2007 are:

1. An Apple a Day / The Philosophical Bastard
2. The D Spot
3. CokskiBlue
4. Make Money Online with a 13-Year Old
5. Culture Shiok! / Utakgago
6. Kubiertos
7. FruityOaty / PinoyBlogero
8. The Dork Factor / The Anitokid Chronikos
9. Gibbs Cadiz
10. Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic



FruityOaty said...


Whoah! Apparently, I’m the ONLY blogger who placed in the Top 10… and also won one of the ten $100 raffle prizes! Whoo-hoo, booze money! That kinda makes my 7th place… have a monetary value, LOL! :p

Love all the winners, but I'm particularly happy that An Apple a Day, The Philosophical Bastard, Culture Shiok!, The Dork Factor and YOU... won!

Congrats to all winners! (And to Janette Toral, too!)

SexyMom said...

i knew it! i knew it! you would make it (Annamanila and I were supportive of you all the time). congratulions, Gibbs, i don't know why i didn't see you? or was i just over-conscious with those camera flushes (feeling artista)?

ajay said...

Congrats Gibbs. Keep blogging:)

lateralus said...

Luto!!! hahaha

Salamat sa libre, Gibbs. Ilalakad kita.

Aileen Apolo said...

Gibbs! How come I didn't even get to hug you???

Agent Grey said...

Congratulations! Nice meeting you and I hope we'll see again next time.

At least you now know my two blogs. Hehe.

Jap said...

congrats Gibbs!!! parang nanalo na rin ako cause I voted for you hehehe sayang lang di ako naka-taya. hehehe congrats again!

Richard Lionheart said...

Congrats Kuya Gibbs...

Tama ba?

hehe :)

Congrtas again! hehe... :)

Abaniko said...

Did you receive cash for this? Trophy? Medal? Certificate?

Congrats! :)

snglguy said...

Congrats padi, you deserve it... ;-)

Rick said...

hi gibbs!

first of all, congratulations! sayang you missed the event pero buti nakahabol ka sa inuman.

i had a great time taking to you last night. and i never felt more comfortable with you. i hope to see you guys soon. sama mo naman ako sa mga trips niyo ni coy. para i've an excuse to take photos :)

i'm really happy our paths crossed. thank you for the friendship.

(bakit ang drama ko? lol)

take care ha! :)

noemi said...

Congrats. You deserve to be in the top 10.

Gypsy said...

Hey, hey!! Congrats ha, you so deserve this!

Annamanila said...

You made it! (At first I thought otherwise). Yeeessss! Congrats.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Congratulations kabayan!

Prudence said...

Congratulations! It was nice meeting you during the post-event drinkfest. Hehe. 'Til next time! :-)

gibbs cadiz said...

@ FRUITYOATY, thanks and congrats to you too! :)

@ DINE, salamat! you didn't see me because i wasn't there, haha. i was at work, as usual. :)

@ AJAY, thanks a lot. :)

@ BENJ, wag nang umepal, haha! :)

@ AILEEN, congrats! gleng-gleng! i can imagine your bungisngis, haha. :)

@ BILLYCOY/AGENT GREY, nice meeting you too. sayang we didn't get to chat that much, but sa susunod, we will. :)

@ JAP, salamat sa endorsement mo! i owe you coffee and a play pagbalik mo dito. :)

@ RICHARD, salamat. kuya--me ganun? :)

gibbs cadiz said...

@ ABANIKO, me certificate ata siya. sash, crown, scepter and cape to follow--pag di nakapagperform ng duties nila ang 1st to 8th placers, hahaha! :)

@ SNGLGUY, thanks! a round of beer one time with you and abaniko? :)

@ RICK! haha, oo nga, drama queen ba? 'wag na, don't think about it, para sa kinabukasan at kapakanan ninyo ang mga ginagawa niya. naks! next time ulit. :)

@ NOEMI, thank you very much for the visit and the kind words. :)

@ GYPSY, maraming salamat! when are you off to london? :)

@ ANNA, thanks to YOU and many others! your endorsement worked, haha. :)

@ ANITOKID, salamat po. :)

@ DR. TESS, oo nga, really nice to have met you. hope to see ya again soon. :)

f i l l i b u s t e r o said...

hahay late na naman akey. anyway, congratchalu pa rin!

Monique said...

Congrats Gibbs!!! C; said...

Hello Gibbs. Congratulations again sa iyo. Sent you a message through MyBlogLog as to how can I send you the tokens.

On another note, the Filipina Writing Project has just started and I hope you can join. Thank you!

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