Saturday, September 29, 2007

Buy na!

From MetroHim associate editor Jerome's blog:

Mark Nicdao photographs Piolo Pascual. Gibbs Cadiz profiles Piolo Pascual. Marlon Rivera says goodbye to skinny jeans. Butch Dalisay writes about the notebook. Erwin Romulo on Khavn's new band. Ramon Villegas on the Filipino ilustrados in Paris. Lourd de Veyra celebrates what could be the return of the old school macho.

Plus 126 pages of unadulterated, unrepentant ka-fashyonan.

PLUS: “Piolo in the flesh.”


Jen said...

i might just buy the magazine... :- ) because i like Butch Dalisay's write ups about notebooks :- ) ... : - )

stevie said...

I guess some people can't get enough of Piolo.

JOSH said...

cant wait to buy d copy.u have ur photo der in d mag gibs? hehehe

gibbs cadiz said...

JEN, ouch, hehe. but go, am a butch dalisay fan too. :)

STEVIE, and for good reason, i guess. :)

JOSH, ey, meron ata, sa contributors' page. but not with piolo siempre, that's a pictorial, can't mar the magnificent view, haha. :)

ays said...

piolo and his family used to live near our condominium in mandaluyong. pj lang ang tawag namin sa kanya no'n. he was more of my older sister's barkada, since they were of the same age.
he used to be thin and lanky, and we'd laugh at him because he'd climb the "bakod" to get to the condo. but he was good looking even then. he was simple and mabait, and i think he's still that way till now.

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