Thursday, September 13, 2007

First 1st-anniversary treat

How to thank you all for the great support you've shown this blog for the past year? Aside from saying the words, I know of only one way: continue blogging away like the possessed fella that I am now. I've still so many things in my head that I'd like to post here, share with readers, create buzz over, keep alive--hopefully with all of you as willing co-conspirators.

Sometimes I do wonder when I'd begin to lose this spark; it has happened before, it could happen again. I've a pile of hundreds of art stamps to remind me that once upon a time I considered philately the height of a cultivated life. But blogging--not just yet, I hope. At the risk of sounding cocky, I feel as if I've just been warming up. Let's see if the heat spreads around some more.

To mark this blog's first birthday, I intend to spend the next few days giving away treats and freebies, responding to readers' requests, answering questions that have piled up, posting new exclusives--all right, I'm nearly done with the breast-beating.

Eto na lang, a surprise: Someone who likes what he sees in this blog gave me a copy of a rarity--an entire performance of “Miss Saigon” in Manila recorded in December 2000 and preserved on DVD. This has never been seen before on YouTube or in any commercially available format, though video clips of “Miss Saigon” in German, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, even Finnish are all over the Internet.

Stranger still, the Stuttgart (Germany) production has its own cast album but the stellar Manila run doesn't, considering that “Miss Saigon” would not have happened without the gold mine of Filipino talent that Cameron Mackintosh and company struck in the Philippines. Arguably, by virtue of its seasoned cast that had animated most of the musical's other productions worldwide, “Miss Saigon”-Manila was the most significant and most deserving of preservation in CD or video after the Broadway-West End runs.

So I'd like to share with you this valuable record of homegrown world-class artistry writ large on the CCP Main Theater stage, beginning with a clip of the first big song of the musical, “The Movie In My Mind,” sung by Isay Alvarez and Lea Salonga--a full decade after they first electrified London with it.

(Sorry, the excerpt isn't embeddable anywhere else, for copyright purposes. Enjoy it here while we all can.)

[video copyright © Saigon Company Philippines/Ang Bayang Makulay Foundation/Cameron Mackintosh]


Richard said...

Hey Gibbs,

Congratulations! Here's to more years of interesting and enriching reads. :-)


noemi said...

Congrats. The first year Blog anniversary is indeed a milestone. I remember how excited I was to mark mine just last february. More power to you :)

mitsuru said...


nice video.

check your email padi. :)

Jap said...

Gibbs! Happy Blogbirthday =) wow ang galing Miss Saigon on video! I remember flying to manila just to watch that. My favorite scene was the end of Act 1 (i think) when Kim and Tam were walking towards the sunset. It was one thing to see a helicopter on stage but the simplicity of the sunset scene did it for me. Pag nakita ko ulit yun im sure im gonna cry again hehehe

snglguy said...

Hey I saw this run at the CCP... :-)

Quentin X said...

Congratulations! All the best for the future of this blog.

Good video. Saw Miss Saigon here in Brisbane a few weeks ago. I think the season finished this week.

your ate in australia said...

congratulations, little brother. you've done well. that leap of faith sure resulted in good dividends. blog away to your heart's content.

yuriki.kun said...

happy anniv!
thanks for a year of great reads.

rina said...

thanks for the video! are you going to serialize the rest of the musical? (hint, hint!)

why, oh why wasn't i able to watch miss saigon? oh, i was a delinquent student and broke. thanks for this glimpse of it,and congratulations on the blog anniversary!

ian said...

hi gibbs!

this is a nice post! like rina, i'm still sorry that i wasn't able to watch Miss Saigon when it was staged here in Manila. i had no money of my own back then.

congratulations on your anniversary!


Ann said...

Hi! Can you post more scenes of Miss Saigon??? I love this play! I saw this in 2000... took my breath away... I wish I have a dvd also... :)

philippe said...

i saw this when i was in highschool. it made cry, because of that bursting sensation of witnessing everything. hay...thanks for posting this. =)

Ederic said...

Maligayang anibersaryo sa iyong blog! :)

muriel said...

upto now., im still regreting d day na highschool ako nung pinalabas yung miss saigon., cant watch because i hav no funds.. waaaahhhh hoping i cud watch the whole play., hope you can upload more videos...big fan of miss saigon.,bigfan of filipnos of miss saigon. happy anniversary gibbs!!!

gibbs cadiz said...

RICHARD, maraming salamat! :)

NOEMI, many thanks and more power to you too! :)

MITS, haha, careful, careful! :)

JAP, hmmm, just hang in there, who knows, i might make you cry again one of these days here. hint, hint. :)

SNGLGUY, haha, same here! :)

QUENTIN X, so i heard! my sister's based there, and she's heard a lot about leo valdez, though she didn't get to see the show. :)

ATE, salamat! good you're now accessing the blog. hugs to the kids! :)

YURI.KUN, thanks a lot, and do drop by regularly. :)

RINA, hmmm, am not sure, am quite fearful about the possible consequences. on the other hand, i strongly feel that more people should be able to enjoy it... :)

IAN, you didn't get to see it? aaww, am really thinking hard about posting the rest of the highlights here so you and the rest can enjoy the show, kahit sa video lang. :)

ANN, thinking about it, thinking about it... :)

PHILIPPE, thanks! memorable show, wasn't it? :)

EDERIC, salamat! see ya soon, i hope! and congrats on the bloggers' kapihan. great concept. :)

MURIEL, isa ka pa, haha! let's see, i have to be careful here, need to look at the possibilities. but kung ako lang, naku, naserialize ko na siya kahapon pa, haha. thanks for the anniversary greeting, btw! :)

ian said...


yeah, it was really unfortunate for me. by the way, did you get my e-mail regarding DVD and Red Harvest? thanks. said...

Happy blog birthday Gibbs! More power to you and may you not tire from blogging. Cheers! =)

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