Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First look

Lea Salonga in Rodgers & Hammerstein's “Cinderella.” July 2008, Cultural Central of the Philippines Main Theater. Direction by Bobby Garcia, costumes by Renato Balestra (yes, the Renato Balestra), produced by Broadway Asia Entertainment. “Cinderella” will tour the rest of Asia and North America after its four-week Manila run.

PLUS: Speaking of Lea Salonga, here's another musical and emotional high point from “Miss Saigon”-Manila: Kim's confrontation scene with Thuy (Robert Sena) and The Engineer (Leo Valdez) leading to “You Will Not Touch Him,” Thuy's death and “This Is the Hour.” Three incandescent Pinoy talents burning up the boards. Keep your hankies ready.

[video copyright © Saigon Company Philippines/Ang Bayang Makulay Foundation/Cameron Mackintosh]


P0ytee said...

Oooooh. I just watched Repertory Philippines' Cinderella at Greenbelt about a month ago and BOY am I looking forward to watching Lea Salonga give justice to Cinderella.

I was able to watch Miss Saigon's run here in Manila but not with Lea Salonga. Let's watch that DVD!

Anonymous said...

so, gibbs, is lea actually playing *gulp* cinderella?


stevie said...
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stevie said...

One big "gulp"!

Karla said...

I'm looking forward to watching this! (Fingers and toes crossed.)

Jap said...

The good thing about the stage is that you never see a close-up (unless you have it on exclusive video). It only takes a few fine notes off Lea's voice to suspend your disbelief =) (not that she has aged anyway, I think she still has that youthful glow).

Gibbs, thanks for this installment of Miss Saigon. I never realized how funny Leo Valdez' Engineer was, or how big Lea's mouth can stretch and I've forgotten how Kim loved Thuy in a way. Salamat po.

carlotta said...

man, i want to watch this!!!

snglguy said...

Same reaction here... huh??? Have we run out of younger stage actresses to fill the role?

mitsuru said...

actually, this is my "second time"
he-he. i saw this in bobby garcia's blog i think a month ago.

i saw cinderelLEA up close and personal at broadway last april and she's quite lovely and young-looking. in fact, she can give younger actresses a run for their beauty. ha-ha.

the bottomline: lea salonga is lea salonga.

gibo, ayan ang comment na ako. :) hey, where's your email?

hxero said...

ok ah

stevie said...

@mitsuru. lea salonga is indeed lea salonga. Once a diva, always a diva!

Jay said...

Great article, would you mind if I share this @ manilablend.blogspot.com

beektur said...

awww come on. give her -- no, not a break, but -- the respect she deserves. when she did fair lady ang napansin ang weight niya. when she did saigon in manila ang napansin ang laki ng buka ng bibig. now that she's doing cinderella ang pinapansin ang edad niya. whoa! most -- if not all -- of her detractors (and on what basis?) will never be able to achieve even a tenth of what she has achieved. that woman has talent. yes. she has intelligence. clearly. she has charisma. undeniably. she has class. definitely!

she has achieved a lot at a very young age and could have chosen to go the way of those who had too much too soon. yet she kept on working. hard. and never -- not once -- did she use her personal life to get attention. she is not a diva. she is, simply, proudly, lea!

o di ba?

Anonymous said...

Very well said beektur! Peanut gallery stuff from her detractors, eh? Civilized musical-watchers (like moi)appreciate
and respect this world-class talent who have been bringing honors to our country. And Lea is proud to be Pinoy herself! And she is my one and only CinderelLEA (thanks Mitsuru)!

stevie said...

@beektur. Once a fan, always a fan! Hehe.

gibbs cadiz said...

POYTEE, this one's a different cinderella, the rodgers & hammerstein version. rep's children's play uses the one based on the disney cartoon. :)

RYAN, yep, she is. kaya niya yun. :)

STEVIE, haha, what's the gulp for? :)

KARLA, siempre we'll watch it together! :)

JAP, ey, musta na? leo v. really went for a funnier, campier interpretation of the engineer. it worked too, i think. :)

CARLOTTA, stay tuned! :)

SNGLGUY, i think it's still good casting. lea looks and sounds much younger than her years, and besides, as the show producer said, the production is meant for an asian tour, and there's no bigger broadway star in asia than lea salonga. :)

MITS, haha! no. 1 fan ka talaga! e-mail coming up! :)

HXERO, thanks for your comment. :)

JAY, sure, just don't forget the attribution. :)

BEEKTUR, amen! especially on this one, which is what i most admire about her. 'she has achieved a lot at a very young age and could have chosen to go the way of those who had too much too soon. yet she kept on working. hard. and never -- not once -- did she use her personal life to get attention.'

ey ANONYMOUS, you too, huh? :)

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